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VP shunts – what is the commonest complication?

Author(s): Sri Paran T | Koenigs I | Fitzgerald R
In-vivo assessment of shunts inserted for the treatment of hydrocephalus

Author(s): Petrella GianPaolo | Czosnyka Zofia | Czosnyka Marek | Smielewski Piotr | Pickard John
Controversies about adjustable shunts

Author(s): Miethke Christoph
Evaluation of CSF flow in shunts using a non-invasive thermal technique

Author(s): Abazi Gani | Fleming Laurel | Swoboda Marek | Anor Tomer | Madsen Joseph
A survey of people with ventriculoperitoneal shunts in the community

Author(s): Bayston Roger | Batchelor Rosemary
A simple method to reduce infection of ventriculoperitoneal shunts

Author(s): Rehman Tausif | Rehman Atiq-ur | Bashir Hassaan | Gupta Vikas
Ventriculoperitoneal shunt infections

Author(s): Sarguna P | Lakshmi V
Epidural hematoma after ventriculoperitoneal shunt surgery: report of two cases

Shunt migration into a Dandy Walker cyst.

Author(s): Gupta P | Mann K
Midbrain venous angioma with obstructive hydrocephalus.

Author(s): Bannur U | Korah I | Chandy M
Laparoscopic management of complicated ventriculoperitoneal shunts

Author(s): Jain S | Bhandarkar D | Shah R | Vengsarkar U
A survey of people with ventriculoatrial shunts in the community

Author(s): Bayston Roger | Batchelor Rosemary
Laboratory study on "intracranial hypotension" created by pumping the chamber of a hydrocephalus shunt

Author(s): Bromby Adam | Czosnyka Zofia | Allin David | Richards Hugh | Pickard John | Czosnyka Marek
Cerebrospinal Fluid Shunt Infections and Treatment

Author(s): Ümit Çelik | Emre Alhan
CSF Ascites: Review of articles and a case presentation

Author(s): R Pourkhalili | A Mirhosseini | H Khalili
An experimental in-vivo canine model for adult shunt infection

Author(s): Bayston Roger | Brant Christine | Dombrowski Stephen | Hall Geraldine | Tuohy Marion | Procop Gary | Luciano Mark
A review of the current treatment methods for posthaemorrhagic hydrocephalus of infants

Author(s): Shooman David | Portess Howard | Sparrow Owen
The morphology and biochemistry of nanostructures provide evidence for synthesis and signaling functions in human cerebrospinal fluid

Author(s): Harrington Michael | Fonteh Alfred | Oborina Elena | Liao Patricia | Cowan Robert | McComb Gordon | Chavez Jesus | Rush John | Biringer Roger | Hühmer Andreas
Lumbar peritoneal shunt

Author(s): Yadav Yad | Parihar Vijay | Sinha Mallika
Evolution of surgical interventions for hydrocephalus: patient preferences and the need for proper information

Author(s): Dr. P. O. Eghwrudjakpor MBBS, DMS, FICS | Dr. A. B. Allison MBBS, FRCS, FICS
Etiologic and Prognostic Assessment of Children with Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Infections

Author(s): Leyla Telhan | Fatma Çavuşoğlu | Murat Müslüman | Osman Türkmenoğlu | Feyzullah Çetinkaya
Protective effect of rifampicin and clindamycin impregnated devices against Staphylococcus spp. infection after cerebrospinal fluid diversion procedures

Author(s): Gutiérrez-González Raquel | Boto Gregorio | Fernández-Pérez Cristina | del Prado Náyade
Cerebrospinal Fluid Shunt Infections

Author(s): Serkan Öncü
A retrospective study of central nervous system shunt infections diagnosed in a university hospital during a 4-year period

Author(s): Sacar Suzan | Turgut Huseyin | Toprak Semra | Cirak Bayram | Coskun Erdal | Yilmaz Ozlem | Tekin Koray
In vitro hydrodynamic properties of the Miethke proGAV hydrocephalus shunt

Author(s): Allin David | Czosnyka Zofia | Czosnyka Marek | Richards Hugh | Pickard John
A Survey in Parents of The Patients With Shunted Hydrocephalus

Author(s): Gülbin YILMAZ | Yusuf ERŞAHİN | Tuncer TURHAN
Investigation of the hydrodynamic properties of a new MRI-resistant programmable hydrocephalus shunt

Author(s): Allin David | Czosnyka Marek | Richards Hugh | Pickard John | Czosnyka Zofia
Hepatic cerebrospinal fluid pseudocyst mimicking hydatid liver disease: a case report

Author(s): Faraj Walid | Ahmad Houssein | Mukherji Deborah | Khalife Mohamed
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