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A Fault Tolerance Management Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Iman Salehy | Mohamed Eltoweissy | Adnan Agbariax | Hesham El-Sayed

Author(s): Hung-Tzu Huang | Hsien-Chin Liou
Strategic Intervention of ODL in Bangladesh

Author(s): A. Q. M. Bazlur RASHID | M. Rokibur RAHMAN
Addressing the Challenge of Defining Valid Proteomic Biomarkers and Classifiers

Author(s): Dakna Mohammed | Harris Keith | Kalousis Alexandros | Carpentier Sebastien | Kolch Walter | Schanstra Joost | Haubitz Marion | Vlahou Antonia | Mischak Harald | Girolami Mark
An Improved Multiperceptron Neural Network Model To Classify Software Defects

Author(s): M.V.P. Chandra Sekhara Rao | Aparna Chaparala | B. Raveendra Babu | A. Damodaram
Improving integration of clinical clerkship didactic curriculum

Author(s): Lindsay A. Mazotti | Bridget C. O'Brien | Heidi E. Kirsch

Author(s): Ciprian CEOBANU | Roxana CRIU | Laura ASANDULUI

Author(s): Ricardo Gentil Peixoto da Costa | Henrique Pazos Siqueira Boclin | Luiz Alberto Nascimento Campos Filho
Contributions of the physical education area of core competence «Learning to learn»

Author(s): Dolores Cañabate Ortíz | Mª Luisa Zagalaz
Predicting phenotypic traits of prokaryotes from protein domain frequencies

Author(s): Lingner Thomas | Mühlhausen Stefanie | Gabaldón Toni | Notredame Cedric | Meinicke Peter

Author(s): Ricardo Gentil Peixoto da Costa | Henrique Pazos Siqueira Boclin | Luiz Alberto Nascimento Campos Filho
Creating a Positive Attitude towards e-learning at Work Posts

Author(s): Julija Lapuh Bele | Matjaz Debevc | Irena Morel | David Rozman
Comparative analysis of module-based versus direct methods for reverse-engineering transcriptional regulatory networks

Author(s): Michoel Tom | De Smet Riet | Joshi Anagha | Van de Peer Yves | Marchal Kathleen
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
From editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Towards a Standardized e-Assessment System: Motivations, Challenges and First Findings

Author(s): Mohammad AL-Smadi | Christian Gütl | Denis Helic
Unsupervised statistical clustering of environmental shotgun sequences

Author(s): Kislyuk Andrey | Bhatnagar Srijak | Dushoff Jonathan | Weitz Joshua

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
The resident-as-teacher educational challenge: a needs assessment survey at the National Autonomous University of Mexico Faculty of Medicine

Author(s): Sánchez-Mendiola Melchor | Graue-Wiechers Enrique | Ruiz-Pérez Leobardo | García-Durán Rocío | Durante-Montiel Irene
Machine learning methods for metabolic pathway prediction

Author(s): Dale Joseph | Popescu Liviu | Karp Peter
Predicting gene function using hierarchical multi-label decision tree ensembles

Author(s): Schietgat Leander | Vens Celine | Struyf Jan | Blockeel Hendrik | Kocev Dragi | Džeroski Sašo
Reconstructing nonlinear dynamic models of gene regulation using stochastic sampling

Author(s): Mazur Johanna | Ritter Daniel | Reinelt Gerhard | Kaderali Lars

Author(s): Luca Spalazzi | Ratan Guha
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Syed Mahfuzul Aziz | Vijayan K. Asari | M. Alamgir Hossain | Mohammad A. Karim | Mariofanna Milanova
Analysis of X-ray Structures of Matrix Metalloproteinases via Chaotic Map Clustering

Author(s): Giangreco Ilenia | Nicolotti Orazio | Carotti Angelo | De Carlo Francesco | Gargano Gianfranco | Bellotti Roberto
Palliative care for the elderly - developing a curriculum for nursing and medical students

Author(s): Just Johannes | Schulz Christian | Bongartz Maren | Schnell Martin
Knowledge Management in Vocational Training - A Case Study of the EU Project RELOAD

Author(s): Florian Welter | Thomas Thiele | Olivier Pfeiffer | Anja Richert | Sabina Jeschke
Integrating Self-Access into the Curriculum: Our Experience

Author(s): Gene Thompson | Lee Atkinson
Immune Multiagent System for Network Intrusion Detection using Non-linear Classification Algorithm

Author(s): Muna Elsadig Mohamed | Brahim Belhaouari Samir | Azween Abdullah
gStudy traces of children’s self-regulated learning in the Lifecycles Learning Kit

Author(s): Nancy E. Perry | Carolyn Thauberger | Lynda Hutchinson
Engineering of activity indicators using modelled traces for Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.

Author(s): Tarek Djouad | Alain Mille | Christophe Reffay | Mohamed BenMohamed
Physician participation in clinical research and trials: issues and approaches

Author(s): Sayeeda Rahman | Md Anwarul Azim Majumder | Sami F Shaban | et al
Towards an Adaptive competency-based learning System using assessment

Author(s): Noureddine El Faddouli | Brahim El Falaki | Mohammed Khalidi Idrissi | Samir Bennani
Repensar o aprender: desafio do 3º milênio

Author(s): Ana Bianca Rocha Miranda | Maridelma de Sousa Pourbaix
Recovering the Power Inside: A Qualitative Study of Critical Reading in an Iranian University

Author(s): Sue-san Ghahremani Ghajar | Masoumeh Kafshgarsouteh
A classification scoring schema to validate protein interactors

Author(s): Prashanth Suravajhala* | Vijayaraghava Seshadri Sundararajan
A Flexible Approach to Modelling Adaptive Course Sequencing based on Graphs implemented using XLink

Author(s): Rachid ELOUAHBI | Driss BOUZIDI | Noreddine ABGHOUR | Mohammed Adil NASSIR
Moving towards Personalized Geospatial Queries

Author(s): Giorgos Mountrakis | Anthony Stefanidis
The gene normalization task in BioCreative III

Author(s): Lu Zhiyong | Kao Hung-Yu | Wei Chih-Hsuan | Huang Minlie | Liu Jingchen | Kuo Cheng-Ju | Hsu Chun-Nan | Tsai Richard | Dai Hong-Jie | Okazaki Naoaki | Cho Han-Cheol | Gerner Martin | Solt Illes | Agarwal Shashank | Liu Feifan | Vishnyakova Dina | Ruch Patrick | Romacker Martin | Rinaldi Fabio | Bhattacharya Sanmitra | Srinivasan Padmini | Liu Hongfang | Torii Manabu | Matos Sergio | Campos David | Verspoor Karin | Livingston Kevin | Wilbur W
Paying health workers for performance in Battagram district, Pakistan

Author(s): Witter Sophie | Zulfiqur Tehzeeb | Javeed Sarah | Khan Amanullah | Bari Abdul
Mining FDA drug labels using an unsupervised learning technique - topic modeling

Author(s): Bisgin Halil | Liu Zhichao | Fang Hong | Xu Xiaowei | Tong Weida
Titan: An Enabling Framework for Activity-Aware "Pervasive Apps" in Opportunistic Personal Area Networks

Author(s): Roggen Daniel | Lombriser Clemens | Rossi Mirco | Tröster Gerhard
La noción de familia de niñas y niños preescolares costarricenses y centroamericanos, en Costa Rica

Author(s): Doris Rocío Arce Villalobos | Alejandra Carballo León | Karla Alejandra Castro Castro | Zulay Pereira Pérez
Neuroimaging in Epilepsy

Author(s): Mahmoud Motamedi
The Application of Bayesian Classification Theories in Distance Education System

Author(s): Ma Da | Wei Wei | Hu Hai-guang | Guan Jian-he
A New Classification Algorithm for Data Stream

Author(s): Li Su | Hong-yan Liu | Zhen-Hui Song
Physical activity and body composition outcomes of the GreatFun2Run intervention at 20 month follow-up

Author(s): Gorely Trish | Morris John | Musson Hayley | Brown Susie | Nevill Alan | Nevill Mary
Expression cartography of human tissues using self organizing maps

Author(s): Wirth Henry | Löffler Markus | von Bergen Martin | Binder Hans
Student Modelling in Adaptive E-Learning Systems

Author(s): Vatcharaporn Esichaikul | Supaporn Lamnoi | Clemens Bechter
Disseminating quality improvement: study protocol for a large cluster-randomized trial

Author(s): Quanbeck Andrew | Gustafson David | Ford James | Pulvermacher Alice | French Michael | McConnell K | McCarty Dennis
Creating a public space and dialogue on sexuality and rights: a case study from Bangladesh

Author(s): Rashid Sabina | Standing Hilary | Mohiuddin Mahrukh | Ahmed Farah
A SOM-Based Document Clustering Using Frequent Max Substrings for Non-Segmented Texts

Author(s): Todsanai Chumwatana | Kok Wai Wong | Hong Xie
Work in Multidisciplinary Teams: a Study about Mobilization of Knowledge and Learning in an Organization of Complex Products

Author(s): Melissa Lucchi | Mônica de Fátima Bianco | Paulo Tadeu de Mello Lourenção
Proffering Task oriented Grid Resource Discovery based on Learning Automata

Author(s): Ali Sarhadi | Hosein Zohrevand | Ebad Zohrevandi | Rasoul Rostaei
Feature Selection for High Dimensional Data: An Evolutionary Filter Approach

Author(s): A. A. Yahya | A. Osman | A. R. Ramli | A. Balola
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