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Serum VEGFR-3 and survival of advanced gastric cancer patients treated with FOLFOX

Author(s): Xue-Feng Ni, Chang-Ping Wu, Jing-Ting Jiang
Use of chemiluminescence for the serological diagnosis of bovine and ovine brucellosis with indirect and competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays

Author(s): Manuela Tittarelli | Barbara Bonfini | Romolo Salini | Maria Magliulo | Massimo Guardigli | Aldo Roda
A high-throughput and sensitive method to measure Global DNA Methylation: Application in Lung Cancer

Author(s): Anisowicz Anthony | Huang Hui | Braunschweiger Karen | Liu Ziying | Giese Heidi | Wang Huajun | Mamaev Sergey | Olejnik Jerzy | Massion Pierre | Del Mastro Richard
Enzyme Chemiluminescence Immuno Assay of Free hCGβ in Serum Based on Superparamagnetic Polymer Microbeads

Author(s): Xiaoying Guo | Yueping Guan | Bin Yang | Yongning Wang | Hualong Lan | Wentang Shi | Zhenghui Yang | Zuhong Lu
Development of an Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Biosensor using Carboxylic acid-functionalized MWCNT and Au Nanoparticles

Author(s): Ming-Hua Piao | Dae-Soo Yang | Kuk-Ro Yoon | Seung-Ho Lee | Seong-Ho Choi
The chemiluminescence based Ziplex® automated workstation focus array reproduces ovarian cancer Affymetrix GeneChip® expression profiles

Author(s): Quinn Michael | Wilson Daniel | Young Fiona | Dempsey Adam | Arcand Suzanna | Birch Ashley | Wojnarowicz Paulina | Provencher Diane | Mes-Masson Anne-Marie | Englert David | Tonin Patricia
Serum Homocysteine and Lipoprotein(a) Levels in Preeclamptic Pregnants

Author(s): Murat Yaşar IŞILDAK | Sembol TÜRKMEN YILDIRMAK | Serkan DOĞAN | Mustafa ÇAKMAK | Ekrem ÖZAKIN
Chemical Constituents with Free-Radical-Scavenging Activities from the Stem of Microcos paniculata

Author(s): Hua Fan | Guang-Zhong Yang | Tong Zheng | Zhi-Nan Mei | Xiang-Ming Liu | Yu Chen | Su Chen
Vascular relaxation of canine visceral arteries after ischemia by means of supraceliac aortic cross-clamping followed by reperfusion

Author(s): Ciscato José | Capellini Verena | Celotto Andrea | Baldo Caroline | Joviliano Edwaldo | Evora Paulo | Dalio Marcelo | Piccinato Carlos
Effects of Aronia melanocarpa polyphenols on oxidative metabolism and apoptosis of neutrophils from obese and non-obese individuals

Author(s): Małgorzata Zielińska-Przyjemska | Anna Olejnik | Agnieszka Dobrowolska-Zachwieja | Włodzimierz Grajek
A High-Throughput Enzyme Assay for Organophosphate Residues in Milk

Author(s): Rupesh K. Mishra | Kanchanmala Deshpande | Sunil Bhand
Serum oxidizability potential of ischemic heart disease patients is associated with exercise test results and disease severity

Author(s): Allah Shanati | Yelena Rivlin | Sergei Shnizer | Uri Rosenschein | Ehud Goldhammer
Screening compounds against HCV based on MAVS/IFN-β pathway in a replicon model

Author(s): Qiu-Xia Fu, Li-Cui Wang, Shuai-Zheng Jia, Bo Gao, Yong Zhou, Juan Du, Ying-Li Wang, Xiao-Hui Wang, Jian-Chun Peng, Lin-Sheng Zhan
Total IgE detection in paired cerebrospinal fluid and serum samples from patients with neurocysticercosis

Author(s): BUENO Ednéia Casagranda | VAZ Adelaide José | MACHADO Luís dos Ramos | LIVRAMENTO José Antônio

Author(s): Lima Francisca Lúcia de | Farias Flávio Furtado de | Campos Patrícia Cota | Totola Antônio Helvécio | Tavares Carlos Alberto Pereira | Costa José Eustáquio da | Farias Luiz de Mácêdo | Carvalho Maria Auxiliadora Roque de
The effect of CpG-ODN on antigen presenting cells of the foal

Author(s): Flaminio M Julia | Borges Alexandre | Nydam Daryl | Horohov David | Hecker Rolf | Matychak Mary
Reactive oxygen species and p47phox activation are essential for the Mycobacterium tuberculosis-induced pro-inflammatory response in murine microglia

Author(s): Yang Chul-Su | Lee Hye-Mi | Lee Ji-Yeon | Kim Jeong-Ah | Lee Sung Joong | Shin Dong-Min | Lee Young-Ho | Lee Dong-Seok | El-Benna Jamel | Jo Eun-Kyeong
Effect of Byrsonima crassa and Phenolic Constituents on Helicobacter pylori-Induced Neutrophils Oxidative Burst

Author(s): Cibele Bonacorsi | Maria Stella G. Raddi | Luiz Marcos da Fonseca | Miriam Sannomiya | Wagner Vilegas
Telomerase activity and telomere length in AML-M3 patients

Author(s): Hamidollah Ghaffari | Abdol H. Jamialahmadi | Nilofar Shayan-Asl | Kamran Alimoghaddam | Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh
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