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Total Phenolic Contents and Antioxidant Capacities of Selected Chinese Medicinal Plants

Author(s): Feng-Lin Song | Ren-You Gan | Yuan Zhang | Qin Xiao | Lei Kuang | Hua-Bin Li
Withanolides: Phytoconstituents with significant pharmacological activities

Author(s): Singh Amritpal | Duggal Sanjeev | Singh Harmanpreet | Singh Jaswinder | Katekhaye Shankar
Physio-ecological properties of continuous cropping Rehmannia glutinosa

Author(s): ZHANG Zhong-Yi | YIN Wen-Jia | LI Juan | DU Jia-Fang | Yang Yan-Hui | CHEN Xin-Jian | LIN Wen-Xiong
The Estrogenic-Like Activity of Four Chinese Medicinal Plants in Vitex

Author(s): Yuan Hu | Ting-Ting Hou | Hai-Liang Xin | Qiao-Yan Zhang | Han-Chen Zheng | Khalid Rahman | Lu-Ping Qin
Antidiabetic Components Contained in Vegetables and Legumes

Author(s): Guang-Yan Tang | Xue-Juan Li | Hong-Yu Zhang
Five prevalent antiprotozoal herbal drugs

Author(s): Mohammad Azadbakht1 | Masoud Azadbakht2
Inhibition of HIV-1 entry by extracts derived from traditional Chinese medicinal herbal plants

Author(s): Park In-Woo | Han Changri | Song Xiaoping | Green Linden | Wang Ting | Liu Ying | Cen Changchun | Song Xinming | Yang Biao | Chen Guangying | He Johnny
International market scenario of traditional Indian herbal drugs - India declining...

Author(s): Aneesh T | Hisham Mohamed | Sekhar M | Madhu Manjusree | Deepa T
Impacts of recent cultivation on genetic diversity pattern of a medicinal plant, Scutellaria baicalensis (Lamiaceae)

Author(s): Yuan Qing-Jun | Zhang Zhi-Yong | Hu Juan | Guo Lan-Ping | Shao Ai-Juan | Huang Lu-Qi
An integrated web medicinal materials DNA database: MMDBD (Medicinal Materials DNA Barcode Database)

Author(s): Lou Shao-Ke | Wong Ka-Lok | Li Ming | But Paul | Tsui Stephen | Shaw Pang-Chui
Neuroprotective Herbs and Foods from Different Traditional Medicines and Diets

Author(s): Marcello Iriti | Sara Vitalini | Gelsomina Fico | Franco Faoro
Ethnobotany of Medicinal Plants from Tian Mu Shan Biosphere Reserve, Zhejiang-Province, China

Author(s): Muhammad Ishtiaq Chaudhary | Q. He | Y.Y. Cheng | P.G. Xiao
Screening of Natural Antioxidants from Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plants Associated with Treatment of Rheumatic Disease

Author(s): Ren-You Gan | Lei Kuang | Xiang-Rong Xu | Yuan Zhang | En-Qin Xia | Feng-Lin Song | Hua-Bin Li
Insecticidal Activity of Essential Oil of Carum Carvi Fruits from China and Its Main Components against Two Grain Storage Insects

Author(s): Rui Fang | Cai Hong Jiang | Xiu Yi Wang | Hai Ming Zhang | Zhi Long Liu | Ligang Zhou | Shu Shan Du | Zhi Wei Deng
Herbaceous Peony (Paeonia lactiflora Pall.) as an Alternative Source of Oleanolic and Ursolic Acids

Author(s): Chunhua Zhou | Ying Zhang | Yanle Sheng | Daqiu Zhao | Sansan Lv | Yue Hu | Jun Tao
Components and Insecticidal Activity against the Maize Weevils of Zanthoxylum schinifolium Fruits and Leaves

Author(s): Cheng Fang Wang | Kai Yang | Hai Ming Zhang | Jie Cao | Rui Fang | Zhi Long Liu | Shu Shan Du | Yong Yan Wang | Zhi Wei Deng | Ligang Zhou
Ethnoveterinary medicines used for horses in Trinidad and in British Columbia, Canada

Author(s): Lans Cheryl | Turner Nancy | Brauer Gerhard | Lourenco Grant | Georges Karla
Nutraceuticals Use among the Inhabitants of Penang, Malaysia

Author(s): Tahir M Khan | Mohamed A Hassali | Mahmoud S Mohammad Al-Haddad
The Artemisia L. Genus: A Review of Bioactive Essential Oils

Author(s): María José Abad | Luis Miguel Bedoya | Luis Apaza | Paulina Bermejo
Evaluation of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plants for Anti-MRSA Activity with Reference to the Treatment Record of Infectious Diseases

Author(s): Guo-Ying Zuo | Xin-Juan Zhang | Cui-Xian Yang | Jun Han | Gen-Chun Wang | Zhong-Qi Bian
Observations on Traditional Phytotherapy among the Inhabitants of Lahaul Valley through Amchi System of Medicine—A Cold Desert Area of Himachal Pradesh in North Western Himalayas, India

Author(s): Parveen Kumar Sharma | Surender Kumar Thakur | S. Manuja | R. K. Rana | Pardeep Kumar | Sanjay Sharma | Jagdish Chand | Ashok Singh | Krishan Kumar Katoch
The Effect of Aqueous Extract of Cecropia glazioui Snethlage (Embauba) in the Rat Fetal Development

Author(s): Priscila Randazzo-Moura | Magali Glauzer Silva | Yoko Oshima-Franco | Francisco Carlos Groppo | Marli Gerenutti
Diversity of Pharmacological Properties in Chinese and European Medicinal Plants: Cytotoxicity, Antiviral and Antitrypanosomal Screening of 82 Herbal Drugs

Author(s): Florian Herrmann | Marta R. Romero | Alba G. Blazquez | Dorothea Kaufmann | Mohamed L. Ashour | Stefan Kahl | Jose J.G. Marin | Thomas Efferth | Michael Wink
Toxicity of Rhododendron anthopogonoides Essential Oil and Its Constituent Compounds towards Sitophilus zeamais

Author(s): Kai Yang | Yu Xin Zhou | Cheng Fang Wang | Shu Shan Du | Zhi Wei Deng | Qi Zhi Liu | Zhi Long Liu

Author(s): Meena A K | Kandale Ajit | Rao M M | Panda P | Reddy Govind
Array-based techniques for fingerprinting medicinal herbs

Author(s): Niu Linhai | Mantri Nitin | Li Chun | Xue Charlie | Pang Edwin
Antiproliferation and cell apoptosis inducing bioactivities of constituents from Dysosma versipellis in PC3 and Bcap-37 cell lines

Author(s): Xu Xiaoqiang | Gao Xiuhong | Jin Linhong | Bhadury Pinaki | Yuan Kai | Hu Deyu | Song Baoan | Yang Song
In Vitro Studies on Sida Cordifolia Linn for Anthelmintic and Antioxidant Properties

Author(s): Rajesh Singh Pawar | Ankit Jain | Preeti Sharma | Pradeep Kumar Chaurasiya | Pradeep Kumar Singour

Author(s): Velayudem Ravichandiran | Haja Nazeer ahamed | Sankaradoss Nirmala*

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