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Xiphodynia: A diagnostic conundrum

Author(s): Simpson J Keith | Hawken Erin
Rehabilitation program for traumatic chronic cervical pain associated with unsteadiness: a single case study

Author(s): Lafond Danik | Champagne Annick | Cadieux Rosalie | Descarreaux Martin
A Chiropracticness Test

Author(s): Charlton Keith
Intra-professional and inter-professional referral patterns of chiropractors

Author(s): Smith Monica | Greene Barry | Haas Mitchell | Allareddy Veerasathpurush
Accuracy of spinal orthopaedic tests: a systematic review

Author(s): Simpson Rob | Gemmell Hugh
A case report of bilateral synovial chondromatosis of the ankle

Author(s): Shearer Heather | Stern Paula | Brubacher Andrew | Pringle Tania
Acupuncture, chiropractic and osteopathy use in Australia: a national population survey

Author(s): Xue Charlie | Zhang Anthony | Lin Vivian | Myers Ray | Polus Barbara | Story David
Lung cancer metastasis to the scapula and spine: a case report

Author(s): Demetrious James | Demetrious Gregory
An epidemiological examination of the subluxation construct using Hill's criteria of causation

Author(s): Mirtz Timothy | Morgan Lon | Wyatt Lawrence | Greene Leon
Chiropractic care for children: too much, too little or not enough?

Author(s): French Simon | Walker Bruce | Perle Stephen
Chiropractic: 'Backing' Itself into Mainstream Healthcare

Author(s): B. Carney Kilian | Vikram Venkatesh
How can chiropractic become a respected mainstream profession? The example of podiatry

Author(s): Murphy Donald | Schneider Michael | Seaman David | Perle Stephen | Nelson Craig
The Nordic back pain subpopulation program: predicting outcome among chiropractic patients in Finland

Author(s): Malmqvist Stefan | Leboeuf-Yde Charlotte | Ahola Tuomo | Andersson Olli | Ekström Kristian | Pekkarinen Harri | Turpeinen Markku | Wedderkopp Niels

Author(s): Mr Keyur V Shastri | Dr. Vishal Vijay Pande | Prof. Jain Brijendra Brajmohan | Bincy Thomas | Prof. Avinash R. Tekade | Prof. Rajendra D Patankar
The Nordic Maintenance Care Program: when do chiropractors recommend secondary and tertiary preventive care for low back pain?

Author(s): Axén Iben | Jensen Irene | Eklund Andreas | Halasz Laszlo | Jørgensen Kristian | Lange Fredrik | Lövgren Peter | Rosenbaum Annika | Leboeuf-Yde Charlotte
The clinical aspects of the acute facet syndrome: results from a structured discussion among European chiropractors

Author(s): Hestbaek Lise | Kongsted Alice | Jensen Tue | Leboeuf-Yde Charlotte
A demographic and epidemiological study of a Mexican chiropractic college public clinic

Author(s): Martinez Daniel | Rupert Ronald | Ndetan Harrison
How to select a chiropractor for the management of athletic conditions

Author(s): Hoskins Wayne | Pollard Henry | Garbutt Peter
Cervical spondylosis with spinal cord encroachment: should preventive surgery be recommended?

Author(s): Murphy Donald | Coulis Christopher | Gerrard Jonathan
The Nordic Subpopulation Research Programme: prediction of treatment outcome in patients with low back pain treated by chiropractors - does the psychological profile matter?

Author(s): Leboeuf-Yde Charlotte | Rosenbaum Annika | Axén Iben | Lövgren Peter | Jørgensen Kristian | Halasz Laszlo | Eklund Andreas | Wedderkopp Niels
Effectiveness of manual therapies: the UK evidence report

Author(s): Bronfort Gert | Haas Mitch | Evans Roni | Leininger Brent | Triano Jay
Work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the automotive industry due to repetitive work - implications for rehabilitation

Author(s): Spallek Michael | Kuhn Walter | Uibel Stefanie | van Mark Anke | Quarcoo David
The Nordic Maintenance Care Program - Time intervals between treatments of patients with low back pain: how close and who decides?

Author(s): Sandnes Kjerstin | Bjørnstad Charlotte | Leboeuf-Yde Charlotte | Hestbaek Lise
Neck pain and anxiety do not always go together

Author(s): Myburgh Corrie | Roessler Kirsten | Larsen Anders | Hartvigsen Jan
Chiropractic management of patients post-disc arthroplasty: eight case reports

Author(s): O'Shaughnessy Julie | Drolet Marc | Roy Jean-François | Descarreaux Martin
Practice patterns of doctors of chiropractic with a pediatric diplomate: a cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Pohlman Katherine | Hondras Maria | Long Cynthia | Haan Andrea
A within-subjects trial to test the equivalence of online and paper outcome measures: the Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire

Author(s): Bishop Felicity | Lewis Graham | Harris Scott | McKay Naomi | Prentice Philippa | Thiel Haymo | Lewith George
Chiropractic and children: Is more research enough?

Author(s): Leboeuf-Yde Charlotte | Hestbæk Lise
Chiropractic approach to the management of children

Author(s): Vallone Sharon | Miller Joyce | Larsdotter Annica | Barham-Floreani Jennifer
A longitudinal study of chiropractic use among older adults in the United States

Author(s): Weigel Paula | Hockenberry Jason | Bentler Suzanne | Obrizan Maksym | Kaskie Brian | Jones Michael | Ohsfeldt Robert | Rosenthal Gary | Wallace Robert | Wolinsky Fredric
Sports chiropractic management at the World Ice Hockey Championships

Author(s): Julian Chris | Hoskins Wayne | Vitiello Andrew
Interprofessional education through shadowing experiences in multi-disciplinary clinical settings

Author(s): Riva John | Lam Jessica | Stanford Elizabeth | Moore Ainsley | Endicott Andrea | Krawchenko Iris
Deficient crisis-probing practices and taken-for-granted assumptions in health organisations

Author(s): Deon V. Canyon | Ashmita Adhikari | Thomas Cordery | Philippe Giguère-Simmonds | Jessica Huang | Helen Nguyen | Michael Watson | Daniel Yang
Low back pain risk factors in a large rural Australian Aboriginal community. An opportunity for managing co-morbidities?

Author(s): Vindigni Dein | Walker Bruce | Jamison Jennifer | Da Costa Cliff | Parkinson Lynne | Blunden Steve
An online survey of chiropractors' opinions of continuing education

Author(s): Stuber Kent | Grod Jaroslaw | Smith Dean | Powers Paul
Assessment of balance and risk for falls in a sample of community-dwelling adults aged 65 and older

Author(s): Hawk Cheryl | Hyland John | Rupert Ronald | Colonvega Makasha | Hall Stephanie
Referral patterns and attitudes of Primary Care Physicians towards chiropractors

Author(s): Greene Barry | Smith Monica | Allareddy Veerasathpurush | Haas Mitchell
Head repositioning errors in normal student volunteers: a possible tool to assess the neck's neuromuscular system

Author(s): Owens Edward | Henderson Charles | Gudavalli M Ram | Pickar Joel
Increased multiaxial lumbar motion responses during multiple-impulse mechanical force manually assisted spinal manipulation

Author(s): Keller Tony | Colloca Christopher | Moore Robert | Gunzburg Robert | Harrison Deed
Amount of health care and self-care following a randomized clinical trial comparing flexion-distraction with exercise program for chronic low back pain

Author(s): Cambron Jerrilyn | Gudavalli M Ram | McGregor Marion | Jedlicka James | Keenum Michael | Ghanayem Alexander | Patwardhan Avinash | Furner Sylvia
Review conclusions by Ernst and Canter regarding spinal manipulation refuted

Author(s): Bronfort Gert | Haas Mitchell | Moher David | Bouter Lex | van Tulder Maurits | Triano John | Assendelft Willem | Evans Roni | Dagenais Simon | Rosner Anthony
Chiropractic manipulation in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: a pilot study

Author(s): Rowe Dale | Feise Ronald | Crowther Edward | Grod Jaroslaw | Menke J Michael | Goldsmith Charles | Stoline Michael | Souza Thomas | Kambach Brandon
Journal publications by Australian chiropractic academics: are they enough?

Author(s): Hoskins Wayne | Pollard Henry | Reggars John | Vitiello Andrew | Bonello Rod
Chiropractic and CAM Utilization: A Descriptive Review

Author(s): Lawrence Dana | Meeker William
Postural development in school children: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Lafond Danik | Descarreaux Martin | Normand Martin | Harrison Deed
Mathematical modeling of the socalled Allis test: a field study in orthopedic confusion

Author(s): Cooperstein Robert | Haneline Michael | Young Morgan
Efficacy of manipulation for non-specific neck pain of recent onset: design of a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Leaver Andrew | Refshauge Kathryn | Maher Christopher | Latimer Jane | Herbert Rob | Jull Gwendolen | McAuley James
CAM therapies among primary care patients using opioid therapy for chronic pain

Author(s): Fleming Sara | Rabago David | Mundt Marlon | Fleming Michael
Complementary and alternative medical therapy utilization by people with chronic fatiguing illnesses in the United States

Author(s): Jones James | Maloney Elizabeth | Boneva Roumiana | Jones Ann-Britt | Reeves William
Assessment and risk reduction of infectious pathogens on chiropractic treatment tables

Author(s): Evans Marion | Breshears Jennell | Campbell Alan | Husbands Chris | Rupert Ronald
Australian chiropractic sports medicine: half way there or living on a prayer?

Author(s): Pollard Henry | Hoskins Wayne | McHardy Andrew | Bonello Rod | Garbutt Peter | Swain Mike | Dragasevic George | Pribicevic Mario | Vitiello Andrew
The use of chiropractors by older adults in the United States

Author(s): Wolinsky Fredric | Liu Li | Miller Thomas | Geweke John | Cook Elizabeth | Greene Barry | Wright Kara | Chrischilles Elizabeth | Pavlik Claire | An Hyonggin | Ohsfeldt Robert | Richardson Kelly | Rosenthal Gary | Wallace Robert
Chiropractic and exercise for seniors with low back pain or neck pain: the design of two randomized clinical trials

Author(s): Maiers Michele | Hartvigsen Jan | Schulz Craig | Schulz Karen | Evans Roni | Bronfort Gert
Three dimensional evaluation of posture in standing with the PosturePrint: an intra- and inter-examiner reliability study

Author(s): Normand Martin | Descarreaux Martin | Harrison Donald | Harrison Deed | Perron Denise | Ferrantelli Joseph | Janik Tadeusz
Severe aberrant glenohumeral motor patterns in a young female rower: A case report

Author(s): Stark Timothy | Seebauer Jessica | Walker Bruce | McGurk Neal | Cooley Jeff
Breast size, bra fit and thoracic pain in young women: a correlational study

Author(s): Wood Katherine | Cameron Melainie | Fitzgerald Kylie
Diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal chest pain: design of a multi-purpose trial

Author(s): Stochkendahl Mette | Christensen Henrik | Vach Werner | Høilund-Carlsen Poul | Haghfelt Torben | Hartvigsen Jan
Enhancement of in vitro interleukin-2 production in normal subjects following a single spinal manipulative treatment

Author(s): Teodorczyk-Injeyan Julita | Injeyan H Stephen | McGregor Marion | Harris Glen | Ruegg Richard
Maintenance care in chiropractic – what do we know?

Author(s): Leboeuf-Yde Charlotte | Hestbæk Lise
The Nordic maintenance care program – case management of chiropractic patients with low back pain: A survey of Swedish chiropractors

Author(s): Axén Iben | Rosenbaum Annika | Eklund Andreas | Halasz Laszlo | Jørgensen Kristian | Lövgren Peter | Lange Fredrik | Leboeuf-Yde Charlotte

Author(s): Memon Shakeel | Pathan Dilnawaz | Ziyaurrrahman | Kamal Safura | Bora Chanderprakash
Neurophysiologic effects of spinal manipulation in patients with chronic low back pain

Author(s): Clark Brian | Goss David | Walkowski Stevan | Hoffman Richard | Ross Andrew | Thomas James
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