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Sympathetic-correlated c-Fos expression in the neonatal rat spinal cord in vitro

Author(s): Su Chun-Kuei | Ho Chiu-Ming | Kuo Hsiao-Hui | Wen Yu-Chuan | Chai Chok-Yung
Developmental and neurochemical features of cholinergic neurons in the murine cerebral cortex

Author(s): Consonni Silvia | Leone Silvia | Becchetti Andrea | Amadeo Alida
Choline acetyltransferase-containing neurons in the human parietal neocortex

Author(s): V Benagiano | D Virgintino | P Flace | F Girolamo | M Errede | L Roncali
Double labelling immunohistochemical characterization of autonomic sympathetic neurons innervating the sow retractor clitoridis muscle

Author(s): L Ragionieri | M Botti | F Gazza | L Bo Minelli | F Acone | R Panu | G Palmieri
Effects of protein deprivation and re-feeding on P2X receptors in enteric neurons

Author(s): Rúbia Misawa, Priscila Azevedo Girotti, Márcia Sanae Mizuno, Edson Aparecido Liberti, John Barton Furness, Patricia Castelucci
Evidence that urocortin is absent from neurons of the Edinger-Westphal nucleus in pigeons

Author(s): Cavani J.A. | Reiner A. | Cuthbertson S.L. | Bittencourt J.C. | Toledo C.A.B.
Dicholine salt of succinic acid, a neuronal insulin sensitizer, ameliorates cognitive deficits in rodent models of normal aging, chronic cerebral hypoperfusion, and beta-amyloid peptide-(25–35)-induced amnesia

Author(s): Storozheva Zinaida | Proshin Andrey | Sherstnev Vladimir | Storozhevykh Tatiana | Senilova Yana | Persiyantseva Nadezhda | Pinelis Vsevolod | Semenova Natalia | Zakharova Elena | Pomytkin Igor
Time course effects of lithium administration on spatial memory acquisition and cholinergic marker expression in rats

Author(s): M H Karimfar | K Tabrizian | K Azami | A Hosseini-Sharifabad | A Hoseini | M Pourghorban | M Aghsami | S Gholizadeh | M Abdollahi | A Roghani | M Sharifzadeh
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