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Sustainable Land Use Evaluation in Wanzhou District

Author(s): Lei Wang | Changquan Wang | Bing Li | Wanqiu Wang
The Sample Distribution and Hypothesis Test of Coefficient of Variation

Author(s): ZHAO Yan-hui | ZHANG Shui-ruo | XING Rui-fang
A Characterization for r-Preinvex Function

Author(s): ZHAO Ke-quan | LONG Pu-jun | WAN Xuan
Eco-tourism Destination Competitiveness Evaluation Index System

Author(s): HUANG Zhong-hao | FANG Xu-hong | ZHANG Ning | ZHANG Yi
A Model for Web Service Discovery with QoS Constraint

Author(s): HOU Qing | ZHANG Guang-quan
Research on the Relationship Between Level of Urbanization and Ecological Pressure in Chongqing

Author(s): CAO Xiao-yi | LIN Tian-ying | DONG Zhi-bao | LIU Xin-yan
Evaluation of Rural Economic and Social Development Level in Chongqing

Author(s): DEN Guang-shan | SU Wei-ci | ZHAO Guo-jun
Establishment and Analysis of Life Table and Matrix Model for Experimental Population of Delia antiqua

Author(s): ZHOU Xin | CHEN Bin | DU Xiang-dong | HE Zheng | LI Ting-jing
Spatial distribution patterns of anorectal atresia/stenosis in China: Use of two-dimensional graph-theoretical clustering

Author(s): Ping Yuan, Liang Qiao, Li Dai, Yan-Ping Wang, Guang-Xuan Zhou, Ying Han, Xiao-Xia Liu, Xun Zhang, Yi Cao, Juan Liang, Jun Zhu
High intensity focused ultrasound ablation: A new therapeutic option for solid tumors

Author(s): Orsi Franco | Arnone Paolo | Chen Wenzhi | Zhang Lian
The effect of health insurance reform on the number of cataract surgeries in Chongqing, China

Author(s): Chen Xiaofan | Chen Chunlin | Zhang Yao | Yuan Rongdi | YE Jian
Therapeutic hypertension system based on a microbreathing pressure sensor system

Author(s): Diao Z | Liu H | Zhu L | Gao X | Zhao S | Pi X | Zheng X
Single-machine Scheduling Problems with Learning Effects in Intermittent Batch Production

Author(s): YANG Ming-ming | ZHANG Shu-juan | HAN Xiang-ling
The effects of Exercise Training on the Morphological Parameter of Juvenile Common Carp

Author(s): YAN Guan-jie | GAO Zhen-dong | PENG Jiang-lan | FU Shi-jian
A Research on the Land Use Change Spatial Differentiation in the Main Districts of Chongqing

Author(s): LI Yang-bin | FENG Yong-li | FAN Ke-hong | ZHANG Yang-yang
Wetland Soil Seed Bank Features in the Littoral Zone of Pengxi River of the Three Gorges Reservoir

Author(s): CHEN Zhong-li | LIU Hong | SUN Rong | ZHANG Yue-wei | YUAN Xing-zhong
Bifurcations in a Delayed Predator-prey Model

Author(s): XU Chang-jin | CHEN Da-xue
Advances in Research of Fibrinolytic Enzyme from Microorganism

Author(s): WEN Hao-ping | HE Qi-yi | DENG Jiang-yu | LI Jin-bo | YU Xiao-dong
A Preliminary Production of Disabled Person Mental Health Scale

Author(s): LI Zuo-shan | HUANG Xiao-qin | YE Mei | REN Neng-jun
Novel multi-biotin grafted poly(lactic acid) and its self-assembling nanoparticles capable of binding to streptavidin

Author(s): Yan H | Jiang W | Zhang Y | Liu Y | Wang B | Yang L | Deng L | Singh GK | Pan J
Assessment of Human Exposure to Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in China

Author(s): REN Zhong-yuan | MENG Xiang-zhou | CHEN Ling
A Case Study on the Experience Quality Evaluation of Virtual Tour

Author(s): YANG Wen-juan | WANG Xin | HU Chuan-dong
Screening and Identification of Microorganisms for Degrading Essence and Spice

Author(s): WANG Liang | CAI Jia-li | DUAN Yun-xia | LV Jing-hua
Changes of Protective Enzyme Activities in Male Sterile Line 160S During Fertility Transformation

Author(s): SHEN Liang-yu | LI Rong-chong | WANG Rui-xue | ZOU Yan | ZHANG Tao | GONG Hui-ming
The Cloning of Nattokinase Gene and Its Expression in E. coli

Author(s): LI Ying | CHEN Bin | JING Jun-feng | HE Zheng-bo
The Research on WO3 Nano-Materials' Gas-Sensing

Author(s): ZHANG Xue-zhon | YANG Xiao-hong | HU Ya-ping | DENG Quan
Centrosymmetry of the Contrary Orthogonal Matrix

Author(s): JIA Shu-wei | HE Cheng-yuan
Study on the Movement of Population and Economic Gravity Center in Chongqing Form 1999 to 2010

Author(s): CAO Xiao-yi | LIN Tian-ying | ZHANG Yan-fang | DONG Zhi-bao
The Effects of Land Use Changes on Carbon Emission C:Take Chongqing as an Example

Author(s): XIAO Hong-yan | YUAN Xing-zhong | LI Bo | YAN Wen-tao
SDS-PAGE Analysis of the Eggs of Bombyx mori

Author(s): JIANG Chun-bao | WANG Lin-ling | WANG Yu | WANG Li-jun
Investigation and Fauna Analysis of the Subfamily Larrinae in Chongqing

Author(s): WU Zhen-hu | LI Ting-jing | CHEN Bin
Spectral Analysis and Calculations of 1-Ethy1-3-Methyl Imidazole Tetrafluoroborate

Author(s): GU Ming-xin | HE Guo-tian | LI Ming | DAI Peng-fei | JIANG He-lun
The Density Functional Study on Lonic Liquid 1-Ethyl-3-Methyl Imodazolium Tetrafluoroborate

Author(s): DAI Peng-fei | HE Guo-tian | GU Ming-xin | JIANG He-lun
Research on Development and Space Mechanism of Inter-city Tourism

Author(s): WU Guang | ZHANG Hai-long | CHEN Lu | ZHANG You-ming
The Influencing Factor Analysis of the Locational Choice of

Author(s): LI Hong-feng | YANG Xiao-xia
The Crystal Structure of Coordination Compound Ag ( PPh3) 3 ( CN )·(DMF) · 0.5(H20)

Author(s): LIU Xi | WANG Chun-hai | CHEN Xin | HUANG Kun-lin
Strongly G-Preinvex Functions

Author(s): PENG Zai-yun | FANG Xiao-liang | ZHAO Yong
A Note on Nonsmooth Pseudoinvexity

Author(s): ZHAO Jie | WAN Xuan | LONG Pu-jun
The Taxonomic Research Progress of Eumeninae (Hymenoptera:Vespidae)

Author(s): ZHOU xin | LI Ting-jing | CHEN Bin
Research on the Leading Industry Selection of Ecological Environment:Take Cheng-Yu Economic Zone as an Example

Author(s): XIAO Hong-yan | YUAN Xingzhong | LI Bo | CAO Hui | LIAO zhengjun
Global Continuous Curve Fitting Method of Piecewise Least Square Fitting with Global Continuity

Author(s): HOU Chao-jun | CENG Yan-shan | WU Dong-qing | YANG Zhi-wei
The Contruction and Application of Question Bank Management System in Teaching Hospital

Author(s): LI You | LIU Guang-qiong | Xiang Guo-chun | Tan Qiong | LIU Gang
The prevalence of hyperuricemia in China: a meta-analysis

Author(s): B Liu | T Wang | HN Zhao | WW Yue | HP Yu | CX Liu | J Yin | RY Jia | HW Nie
A Novel Speech/Noise Discrimination Method for Embedded ASR System

Author(s): Wu Bian | Ren Xiaolin | Liu Chongqing | Zhang Yaxin
Microsatellite Analysis in Multistage Carcinogenesis of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma from Chongqing in Southern China

Author(s): Ming Liu | Feng Zhang | Shen Liu | Wen Zhao | Jing Zhu | Xiaoli Zhang
Some Application of Operations Research in Emergency Logistics

Author(s): HAN Ji-ye | LIU De-gang | ZHU Jian-ming
Optimization of Saccharification of Corn Stalks by Ammonia-Pretreatment

Author(s): LI Jing | YAN Fei-lai | XU Jing-jing | LIU Xin | JIN Chun-yi | LIN Sheng-lan | YANG Li | MA Xue-jiao
The Theory and Application of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Fiber

Author(s): WEI Jia-ju | LIANG Yi-ping | DAI Te-li
The Trend Analysis of Annual Runoff Time Series in the Jialing River

Author(s): ZHANG Yue-hua | XU Gang | ZHANG Zhong-xun | YANG Hai-yan
Some Characterizations of Semilocal n-Pseudolinear Functions

Author(s): LONG Pu-jun | CHEN Lin | ZHAO Jie
Soil chemical properties and growth characteristics of mixed plantation of Pinus massoniana and Cinnamomum camphora in the acid rain region of Chongqing, China

Author(s): LI Zhi-Yong | WANG Yan-Hui | YU Peng-Tao | ZHANG Zhi-Jun | DU Shi-Cai | HE Ping | WANG Xiang | DUAN Jian | LI Zhen-Hua
In-vivo imaging of oral squamous cell carcinoma by EGFR monoclonal antibody conjugated near-infrared quantum dots in mice

Author(s): Yang K | Zhang FJ | Tang H | Zhao C | Cao YA | Lv XQ | Chen D | Li YD
The F-G Generalized Convex and F quasi Convex Functions

Author(s): HUANG Jin-ying | ZHAO Yu | FANG Xiu-nan
The Effect of Exhaustive Exercise Training on the Anaerobic Metabolism for Juvenile Crucian Carp

Author(s): XIA Wei | FU Shi-jian | PENG Jiang-lan | CAO Zhen-dong
The Effect of Acute Hypoxia on Blood Parameters of Juvenile Crucian Carp

Author(s): ZHANG Xi | FU Shi-jian | PENg Jiang-lan | CAO Zhen-dong
On the Eco-friendly Utilization of Littoral Weland of Three Gorges Reservoir

Author(s): YUAN Xing-zhong | XIONG Sen | LI Bo | XU Jing-bo | LIU Hong | WANG Qiang
Research of the Characteristics of Fiber Bragg Grating as the Cavity Mirror in All-fiber Laser

Author(s): DU Liang | DAI Te-li | LIANG Yi-ping | YANG Wen-tao | WEI Jia-ju
Research on the Simplified Model for Fine Stripes of Filarnet Piffraction

Author(s): YANG Wen-tao | NI Yan-hai | LIANG Yi-ping | DU Liang | WEI Jia-ju | WU Yu
An Analysis on Niche and Degree of Spatial Association of Paeonia decomposita Community

Author(s): MA Xin | XIA Ying | MA Qing-qing | SONG Hui-xing
The Actual State and Improvement Countermeasures for Geo-park Website Construction in China

Author(s): YANG Qian-jin | FU Hai-long | ZHOU Shan-yi | ZHAO Yong-bin
Study on Rural Landscape Features and Spatial Difference in Fuzhou Suburbs

Author(s): CHEN Juan | DAI Wen-yuan | Bao Zhan-xiong | LIN Hui-hua
Study on Measuring Methods of Real Estate Speculative Bubble

Author(s): Yifei Lai | Huawei Xu | Junping Jia
Analysis of Material Metabolism of Eco-Economic System in Chongqing Based on the Emergy Theory

Author(s): Xue-song Gao | Xiao-jiao Luo | Liang-ji Deng | Min Zeng
China Internet Based Academic Journals Digital Publishing Models Study

Author(s): Xiangxing Shen | Xiangdong Li | Yuan Yang | Chong Shen | Kae Hsiang Kwong
Ripple Effect of Housing Prices Fluctuations among Nine Cities of China

Author(s): Fei-xue HUANG | Yun ZHOU | Cheng LI
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