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Reflective Optical Chopper Used in NIST High-Power Laser Measurements

Author(s): Li, Xiaoyu | Scott, Thomas | Cromer, Chris | Hadler, Joshua
Analysis of Input and Output Ripples of PWM AC Choppers

Author(s): Pekik Argo Dahono | Dessy Amirudin | Arwindra Rizqiawan | Deni
Bi-level Control and Chopper Control Methods for Improving the Dynamic Performance of Stepper Motor

Author(s): Dr. Walid Emar, Eng. Ziad Sobih, Dr. Musbah Aqel & Dr. Mahmoud Awad
Energetic Macroscopic Representation Applied To An Electrical Urban Transport System

Author(s): Ioan Serban POPA | Mihai Octavian POPESCU | Claudia POPESCU
Nucleodissecção & facoemulsificação

Author(s): Freitas Marcelo Siqueira de
Chopper Stabilized Low Resistance Comparator

Author(s): Radojle M. Radetic | Dragan R. Milivojevic
The Effect of a Brief Salivary α-Amylase Exposure During Chewing on Subsequent in Vitro Starch Digestion Curve Profiles

Author(s): James W. Woolnough | Anthony R. Bird | John A. Monro | Charles S. Brennan
Mechanical isolation of capuchin monkey (Cebus apella) preantral ovarian follicles

Author(s): Domingues S.F.S. | Ferreira H.S. | Muniz J.A.P.C. | Lima A.K.F. | Ohashi O.M. | Figueiredo J.R. | Silva L.D.M.
Fermentation and epiphytic microflora dynamics in sugar cane silage

Author(s): Pedroso André de Faria | Nussio Luiz Gustavo | Paziani Solidete de Fátima | Loures Daniele Rebouças Santana | Igarasi Mauricio Scoton | Coelho Rodrigo Michelini | Packer Irineu Humberto | Horii Jorge | Gomes Luiz Humberto
Procesamiento postraduccional de la porción no opioide de la proencefalina (Synencefalina) en el cerebro de la rata

Author(s): Agustín , Pablo | Asai , Miguel | Linares , Gabriel | Matamoros Trejo, Gilberto
Chopper Is Prodeath Regardless of the Effect of p75ICD on Sensitivity to Oxidative Stress

Author(s): Alliya Qazi | Marc W. Halterman | Zhiping Mi | Tong Zhang | Nina F. Schor

Neural network based PWM AC chopper fed induction motor drive

Author(s): Venkatesan Jamuna | Sathi Reddy Rama
Synchronous machine parameter identification in frequency and time domain

Author(s): Hasni M. | Djema S. | Touhami O. | Ibtiouen R. | Fadel M. | Caux S.
Rational management of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) crop residues to obtain organic compostManejo racional de resíduos da cultura do fumo (Nicotiana tabacum L.) para obtenção de composto orgânico

Author(s): Dário Costa Primo | Francisco de Souza Fadigas | José Carlos Ribeiro Carvalho | Carlos Daniel Seifert Schmidt | Antonio Carlos Souza Borges Filho
"Suure tamme" laul - süntees

Author(s): Matej Goršič
Electronic Load Controller for a Parallel Operated Isolated Asynchronous Generator Feeding Various Loads

Author(s): Bhim Singh | Gaurav Kumar Kasal | Ambrish Chandra | Kamal-Al Haddad
Speed Control of Separately Excited DC Motor

Author(s): Moleykutty George
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