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Histone acetylation and its role in embryonic stem cell differentiation

Author(s): Naiara Z Saraiva | Clara S Oliveira | Joaquim M Garcia
Bright/ARID3A contributes to chromatin accessibility of the immunoglobulin heavy chain enhancer

Author(s): Lin Danjuan | Ippolito Gregory | Zong Rui-Ting | Bryant James | Koslovsky Janet | Tucker Philip
RNF168, a new RING finger, MIU-containing protein that modifies chromatin by ubiquitination of histones H2A and H2AX

Author(s): Pinato Sabrina | Scandiuzzi Cristina | Arnaudo Nadia | Citterio Elisabetta | Gaudino Giovanni | Penengo Lorenza
New insights into two distinct nucleosome distributions: comparison of cross-platform positioning datasets in the yeast genome

Author(s): Feng Jihua | Dai Xianhua | Xiang Qian | Dai Zhiming | Wang Jiang | Deng Yangyang | He Caisheng
Effect of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex on HIV-1 Tat activated transcription

Author(s): Agbottah Emmanuel | Deng Longwen | Dannenberg Luke | Pumfery Anne | Kashanchi Fatah
Site-specific acetylation of ISWI by GCN5

Author(s): Ferreira Roger | Eberharter Anton | Bonaldi Tiziana | Chioda Mariacristina | Imhof Axel | Becker Peter
Physical properties of naked DNA influence nucleosome positioning and correlate with transcription start and termination sites in yeast

Author(s): Deniz Özgen | Flores Oscar | Battistini Federica | Pérez Alberto | Soler-López Montserrat | Orozco Modesto
Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors and Mithramycin A Impact a Similar Neuroprotective Pathway at a Crossroad between Cancer and Neurodegeneration

Author(s): Sama F. Sleiman | Jill Berlin | Manuela Basso | Saravanan S.Karuppagounder | Jürgen Rohr | Rajiv R. Ratan
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