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Focusing on outcomes: Making the most of COPD interventions

Author(s): Noreen M Clark | Julia A Dodge | Martyn R Partridge | Fernando J Martinez
Primary care patient and provider preferences for diabetes care managers

Author(s): Ramona S DeJesus | Kristin S Vickers | Robert J Stroebel | et al
Antibiotic prophylaxis in variceal hemorrhage: Timing, effectiveness and Clostridium difficile rates

Author(s): Matthew RL Brown, Graeme Jones, Kathryn L Nash, Mark Wright, Indra Neil Guha
In-vitro model systems to study Hepatitis C Virus

Author(s): Ashfaq Usman | Khan Shaheen | Nawaz Zafar | Riazuddin Sheikh
Integration of healthcare rehabilitation in chronic conditions

Author(s): Anne Frølich | Dorte Høst | Helle Schnor | Annette Nørgaard | Cecilia Ravn-Jensen | Eva Borg | Carsten Hendriksen
Application of a theoretical model to evaluate COPD disease management

Author(s): Lemmens Karin | Nieboer Anna | Rutten-Van Mölken Maureen | van Schayck Constant | Asin Javier | Dirven Jos | Huijsman Robbert
An evaluation of gender equity in different models of primary care practices in Ontario

Author(s): Dahrouge Simone | Hogg William | Tuna Meltem | Russell Grant | Devlin Rose | Tugwell Peter | Kristjansson Elisabeth
Risk levels for suffering a traffic injury in primary health care. The LESIONAT* project

Author(s): Martín-Cantera Carlos | Prieto-Alhambra Daniel | Roig Lydia | Valiente Susana | Perez Katherine | Garcia-Ortiz Luis | Bel Jordi | Marques Fernando | Mundet Xavier | Bonafont Xavier | Birules Marti | Soldevila Núria | Briones Elena
Case management for patients with chronic systolic heart failure in primary care: The HICMan exploratory randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Peters-Klimm Frank | Campbell Stephen | Hermann Katja | Kunz Cornelia | Müller-Tasch Thomas | Szecsenyi Joachim
Designing an automated clinical decision support system to match clinical practice guidelines for opioid therapy for chronic pain

Author(s): Trafton Jodie | Martins Susana | Michel Martha | Wang Dan | Tu Samson | Clark David | Elliott Jan | Vucic Brigit | Balt Steve | Clark Michael | Sintek Charles | Rosenberg Jack | Daniels Denise | Goldstein Mary
The Chronic CARe for diAbeTes study (CARAT): a cluster randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Frei Anja | Chmiel Corinne | Schläpfer Hansueli | Birnbaum Beatrice | Held Ulrike | Steurer Johann | Rosemann Thomas
A pragmatic randomised controlled trial of the Welsh National Exercise Referral Scheme: protocol for trial and integrated economic and process evaluation

Author(s): Murphy Simon | Raisanen Larry | Moore Graham | Edwards Rhiannon | Linck Pat | Williams Nefyn | Ud Din Nafees | Hale Janine | Roberts Chris | McNaish Elaine | Moore Laurence
Validation of the "World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule, WHODAS-2" in patients with chronic diseases

Author(s): Garin Olatz | Ayuso-Mateos Jose | Almansa Josué | Nieto Marta | Chatterji Somnath | Vilagut Gemma | Alonso Jordi | Cieza Alarcos | Svetskova Olga | Burger Helena | Racca Vittorio | Francescutti Carlo | Vieta Eduard | Kostanjsek Nenad | Raggi Alberto | Leonardi Matilde | Ferrer Montse
Developing a clinically relevant classification to predict mortality in severe leptospirosis

Author(s): Rajapakse Senaka | Rodrigo Chaturaka | Haniffa Rashan
Evaluation of a system of structured, pro-active care for chronic depression in primary care: a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Buszewicz Marta | Griffin Mark | McMahon Elaine | Beecham Jennifer | King Michael
Risk factors and obstetric complications of large for gestational age births with adjustments for community effects: results from a new cohort study

Author(s): Ng Shu-Kay | Olog Adriana | Spinks Anneliese | Cameron Cate | Searle Judy | McClure Rod
Using a population-based approach to prevent hepatocellular cancer in New South Wales, Australia: effects on health services utilisation

Author(s): Robotin Monica | Kansil Melanie | George Jacob | Howard Kirsten | Tipper Steven | Levy Miriam | Phung Nghi | Penman Andrew
Effectiveness of the introduction of a Chronic Care Model-based program for type 2 diabetes in Belgium

Author(s): Sunaert Patricia | Bastiaens Hilde | Nobels Frank | Feyen Luc | Verbeke Geert | Vermeire Etienne | De Maeseneer Jan | Willems Sara | De Sutter An
The impact of different benefit packages of Medical Financial Assistance Scheme on health service utilization of poor population in Rural China

Author(s): Hao Yanhua | Wu Qunhong | Zhang Zhenzhong | Gao Lijun | Ning Ning | Jiao Mingli | Zakus David
Integration of healthcare rehabilitation in chronic conditions

Author(s): Anne Frølich | Dorte Høst | Helle Schnor | Annette Nørgaard | Cecilia Ravn-Jensen | Eva Borg | Carsten Hendriksen
Individual patient data meta-analysis of acupuncture for chronic pain: protocol of the Acupuncture Trialists' Collaboration

Author(s): Vickers Andrew | Cronin Angel | Maschino Alexandra | Lewith George | Macpherson Hugh | Victor Norbert | Sherman Karen | Witt Claudia | Linde Klaus
Effective population management practices in diabetes care - an observational study

Author(s): Frølich Anne | Bellows Jim | Nielsen Bo | Brockhoff Per | Hefford Martin
Development of a primary care-based complex care management intervention for chronically ill patients at high risk for hospitalization: a study protocol

Author(s): Freund Tobias | Wensing Michel | Mahler Cornelia | Gensichen Jochen | Erler Antje | Beyer Martin | Gerlach Ferdinand | Szecsenyi Joachim | Peters-Klimm Frank
Perception of seriousness and preventive health actions of patients with type 2 diabetes

Author(s): Susanna C.D. Wright | Jacoba J.M. Jansen van Rensburg | Johanna E. Maree
Exploration of transitional life events in individuals with Friedreich ataxia: Implications for genetic counseling

Author(s): White V Brook | Leib Jennifer | Farmer Jennifer | Biesecker Barbara
Assessment of Chronic Illness Care with the German version of the ACIC in different primary care settings in Switzerland

Author(s): Steurer-Stey Claudia | Frei Anja | Schmid-Mohler Gabriela | Malcolm-Kohler Sibylle | Zoller Marco | Rosemann Thomas
Measurement invariance of the kidney disease and quality of life instrument (KDQOL-SF) across Veterans and non-Veterans

Author(s): Saban Karen | Bryant Fred | Reda Domenic | Stroupe Kevin | Hynes Denise
Integrative care for the management of low back pain: use of a clinical care pathway

Author(s): Maiers Michele | Westrom Kristine | Legendre Claire | Bronfort Gert
Integrated management strategies for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): David A Sonetti | Angela C Hospenthal | Sandra G Adams
Socioeconomic gradients in tiotropium use among adults with COPD

Author(s): Paul D Blanc | Mark D Eisner | Edward H Yelin | Gillian Earnest | John R Balmes | et al
Development of the Lung Function Questionnaire (LFQ) to identify airflow obstruction

Author(s): Barbara P Yawn | Douglas W Mapel | David M Mannino | et al
A cost-effectiveness analysis of different therapies in patients with chronic hepatitis B in Italy

Author(s): Giorgio L Colombo | Giovanni B Gaeta | Mauro Viganò | et al
The Model of Quality of Life Improvement for Chronic Patients in Community by Using Social Support

Author(s): Amorn Suwannimitr | Kanokjun Kamenkan | Choochart Deeromram | Suwadee Jundeekrayom | Arun Leetong | Pornsawan Enkawan
Spiritual Needs of Patients with Chronic Diseases

Author(s): Arndt Büssing | Harold G. Koenig
The NKF-NUS hemodialysis trial protocol - a randomized controlled trial to determine the effectiveness of a self management intervention for hemodialysis patients

Author(s): Griva Konstadina | Mooppil Nandakumar | Seet Penny | Krishnan Deby | James Hayley | Newman Stanton
Differences in patient outcomes and chronic care management of oral anticoagulant therapy: an explorative study

Author(s): Drewes Hanneke | Lambooij Mattijs | Baan Caroline | Meijboom Bert | Graafmans Wilco | Westert Gert
The quality of care for adults with epilepsy: an initial glimpse using the QUIET measure

Author(s): Pugh Mary | Berlowitz Dan | Rao Jaya | Shapiro Gabriel | Avetisyan Ruzan | Hanchate Amresh | Jarrett Kelli | Tabares Jeffrey | Kazis Lewis
A theoretical decision model to help inform advance directive discussions for patients with COPD

Author(s): Hajizadeh Negin | Crothers Kristina | Braithwaite R Scott
Ethnographic study of ICT-supported collaborative work routines in general practice

Author(s): Swinglehurst Deborah | Greenhalgh Trisha | Myall Michelle | Russell Jill
Design of a case management model for people with chronic disease (Heart Failure and COPD). Phase I: modeling and identification of the main components of the intervention through their actors: patients and professionals (DELTA-icE-PRO Study)

Author(s): Morales-Asencio Jose | Martin-Santos Francisco | Morilla-Herrera Juan | Fernández-Gallego Magdalena | Celdrán-Mañas Miriam | Navarro-Moya Francisco | Rodríguez-Salvador Maria | Muñoz-Ronda Francisco | Gonzalo-Jiménez Elena | Carrasco Almudena
Ambivalent connections: a qualitative study of the care experiences of non-psychotic chronic patients who are perceived as 'difficult' by professionals

Author(s): Koekkoek Bauke | van Meijel Berno | van Ommen Joyce | Pennings Renske | Kaasenbrood Ad | Hutschemaekers Giel | Schene Aart

Author(s): Tirupathi Rao. P | Srinivasa Rao. K | Padmalatha. K
Barriers to adherence to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease guidelines by primary care physicians

Author(s): Gregory D Salinas | James C Williamson | Ravi Kalhan | et al
Extending the team component of the Latimer ethical decision-making model for palliative care

Author(s): Purkis ME | Borycki E | Kuziemsky C | Black F | Cloutier-Fisher D | Fox LA | Mackenzie P | Syme A | Tschanz C
Influenza vaccine uptake among community-dwelling Italian elderly: results from a large cross-sectional study

Author(s): Chiatti Carlos | Barbadoro Pamela | Lamura Giovanni | Pennacchietti Lucia | Di Stanislao Francesco | D'Errico Marcello | Prospero Emilia
Cardiovascular disease prevention in rural Nigeria in the context of a community based health insurance scheme: QUality Improvement Cardiovascular care Kwara-I (QUICK-I)

Author(s): Hendriks Marleen | Brewster Lizzy | Wit Ferdinand | Bolarinwa Oladimeji | Odusola Aina | Redekop William | Bindraban Navin | Vollaard Albert | Alli Shade | Adenusi Peju | Agbede Kayode | Akande Tanimola | Lange Joep | Schultsz Constance
Talking about depression: a qualitative study of barriers to managing depression in people with long term conditions in primary care

Author(s): Coventry Peter | Hays Rebecca | Dickens Chris | Bundy Christine | Garrett Charlotte | Cherrington Andrea | Chew-Graham Carolyn
Development of a real-time clinical decision support system upon the web mvc-based architecture for prostate cancer treatment

Author(s): Lin Hsueh-Chun | Wu Hsi-Chin | Chang Chih-Hung | Li Tsai-Chung | Liang Wen-Miin | Wang Jong-Yi
An intervention to promote physical activity and self-management in people with stable chronic heart failure The Home-Heart-Walk study: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Du Hui | Newton Phillip | Zecchin Robert | Denniss Robert | Salamonson Yenna | Everett Bronwyn | Currow David | Macdonald Peter | Davidson Patricia
Reciprocal learning and chronic care model implementation in primary care: results from a new scale of learning in primary care

Author(s): Leykum Luci | Palmer Ray | Lanham Holly | Jordan Michelle | McDaniel Reuben | Noël Polly | Parchman Michael
Medicina de Família e Comunidade e doenças gastroenterológicas Gastroenterological Diseases and Family and Community Medicine

Author(s): Bruno Brunelli | Mariana Eri Sato | Suzane Kioko Ono-Nita | Flair José Carrilho
Intervenção na adesão ao tratamento de doenças crônicas tendo como modelo um paciente adolescente HIV positivo Adherence to chronic disease treatment using an HIV positive adolescent as a model: a case study

Author(s): Larissa Matsumoto | Júlia Andrade de Oliveira | Camila Aparecida Moma | Telma Kenshima | Marília Martins Corrêa | Gustavo Tenório Cunha
Self-perceived health of adults users of Primary Health Care Services in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil Autopercepção da saúde entre usuários da Atenção Primária em Porto Alegre, RS

Author(s): Milena Rodrigues Agostinho | Mônica Celestina Oliveira | Maria Eugênia Bresolin Pinto | Giuliano Uhlein Balardin | Erno Harzheim
Treatment profiles and costs of patients with chronic pain in the population setting

Author(s): Sicras Mainar A | Navarro Artieda R | Villoria Morillo J | Esquivias Escobar A
Concept of the pathogenesis and treatment of cholelithiasis

Author(s): Vasiliy Ivanovich Reshetnyak
Antidepressant-Like Activity of Tetramethylpyrazine Measured by Chronic Experimental Method in Rat Model of Depression

Author(s): Mingneng Liao | Rundi Ma | Tingxi Yu | Lijian Yu | Xiaodan Jiang | Yongping Zhang
Modeling factors influencing the demand for emergency department services in ontario: a comparison of methods

Author(s): Moineddin Rahim | Meaney Christopher | Agha Mohammad | Zagorski Brandon | Glazier Richard Henry
Improved delivery of cardiovascular care (IDOCC) through outreach facilitation: study protocol and implementation details of a cluster randomized controlled trial in primary care

Author(s): Liddy Clare | Hogg William | Russell Grant | Wells George | Armstrong Catherine | Akbari Ayub | Dahrouge Simone | Taljaard Monica | Mayo-Bruinsma Liesha | Singh Jatinderpreet | Cornett Alex
The chronic care for age-related macular degeneration study (CHARMED): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Frei Anja | Woitzek Katja | Wang Mathyas | Held Ulrike | Rosemann Thomas
Comparison of primary care models in the prevention of cardiovascular disease - a cross sectional study

Author(s): Liddy Clare | Singh Jatinderpreet | Hogg William | Dahrouge Simone | Taljaard Monica
Older adults who persistently present to the emergency department with severe, non-severe, and indeterminate episode patterns

Author(s): Kaskie Brian | Obrizan Maksym | Jones Michael | Bentler Suzanne | Weigel Paula | Hockenberry Jason | Wallace Robert | Ohsfeldt Robert | Rosenthal Gary | Wolinsky Fredric
Pay-for-performance in disease management: a systematic review of the literature

Author(s): de Bruin Simone | Baan Caroline | Struijs Jeroen
Measuring organizational readiness for knowledge translation in chronic care

Author(s): Gagnon Marie-Pierre | Labarthe Jenni | Légaré France | Ouimet Mathieu | Estabrooks Carole | Roch Geneviève | Ghandour El Kebir | Grimshaw Jeremy
Development of a proxy-reported pulmonary outcome scale for preterm infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Author(s): Massie Sara | Tolleson-Rinehart Sue | DeWalt Darren | Laughon Matthew | Powell Leslie | Price Wayne
Pathways leading to coronary revascularisation among patients with diabetes in Finland: a longitudinal register-based study

Author(s): Vehko Tuulikki | Sund Reijo | Manderbacka Kristiina | Häkkinen Unto | Keskimäki Ilmo
Early and late mortality in elderly patients after hip fracture: a cohort study using administrative health databases in the Lazio region, Italy

Author(s): Castronuovo Esmeralda | Pezzotti Patrizio | Franzo Antonella | Di Lallo Domenico | Guasticchi Gabriella
Relationship between leukotriene-modifying agent prescriptions dispensed and rate of suicide deaths by county in the US

Author(s): Schumock GT | Gibbons RD | Lee TA | Joo MJ | Valuck RJ | Stayner LT
Screening for left ventricular hypertrophy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in the community

Author(s): Somaratne Jithendra | Whalley Gillian | Poppe Katrina | ter Bals Mariska | Wadams Gina | Pearl Ann | Bagg Warwick | Doughty Rob
Implementing a hypertension management programme in a rural area: local approaches and experiences from Ba-Vi district, Vietnam

Author(s): Nguyen Quang | Pham Son | Nguyen Viet | Wall Stig | Weinehall Lars | Bonita Ruth | Byass Peter
General practitioner advice on physical activity: Analyses in a cohort of older primary health care patients (getABI)

Author(s): Hinrichs Timo | Moschny Anna | Klaaßen-Mielke Renate | Trampisch Ulrike | Thiem Ulrich | Platen Petra
How the psychosocial context of clinical trials differs from usual care: A qualitative study of acupuncture patients

Author(s): Barlow Fiona | Scott Clare | Coghlan Beverly | Lee Philippa | White Peter | Lewith George | Bishop Felicity
The Chronic Kidney Disease Model: A General Purpose Model of Disease Progression and Treatment

Author(s): Orlando Lori | Belasco Eric | Patel Uptal | Matchar David
Did changing primary care delivery models change performance? A population based study using health administrative data

Author(s): Jaakkimainen R Liisa | Barnsley Jan | Klein-Geltink Julie | Kopp Alexander | Glazier Richard
The effectiveness of case management for comorbid diabetes type 2 patients; the CasCo study. Design of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Versnel Nathalie | Welschen Laura | Baan Caroline | Nijpels Giel | Schellevis François
Applicability of the assessment of chronic illness care (ACIC) instrument in Germany resulting in a new questionnaire: questionnaire of chronic illness care in primary care

Author(s): Steinhaeuser Jost | Goetz Katja | Ose Dominik | Glassen Katharina | Natanzon Iris | Campbell Stephen | Szecsenyi Joachim | Miksch Antje
Surveillance of hospitalizations with pandemic A(H1N1) 2009 influenza infection in Queensland, Australia

Author(s): Hai Phung | Frank Beard | Christine Selvey | Ranil Appuhamy | Frances Birrell
Outcomes associated with initiation of tiotropium or fluticasone/salmeterol in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Halpern R | Baker CL | Su J | Woodruff KB | Paulose-Ram R | Porter V | Shah H
Customer Care Management Model for Service Industry

Author(s): Muthuswamy Shanmugaraja | Muthusamy Nataraj | Nallasamy Gunasekaran
The role of Procalcitonin in the management of patients with sepsis and respiratory tract infections: from bench to bedside

Author(s): Alexis Papadopoulos MD, MSc | Konstantinos Bartziokas, MD | Konstantinos Kostikas MD, PhD, FCCP
Comparison of Charlson comorbidity index with SAPS and APACHE scores for prediction of mortality following intensive care

Author(s): Christensen S | Johansen M | Christiansen CF | Jensen R | Lemeshow S
Power in Old Age: A Qualitative Study

Author(s): Maryam Ravanipour | Shayesteh Salehi | Fariba Taleghani | Heidar Ali Abedi
A model of patient participation with chronic disease in nursing care

Author(s): Forough Rafii | Mohsen Soleimani | Naiemeh Seyedfatemi
Monks' Health: Holistic Health Care Model by Community Participation

Author(s): Decha Buates | Songkoon Chantachon | Kosit Paengsoi | Anongrit Kangrang
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