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Study of RSA and Proposed Variant against Wiener’s Attack

Author(s): Justin Jose | Siddharth Raina | Sushant Pawar | Shriket Pai
A Generalization of the RSA Elatrash Scheme

Author(s): Fayik Ramadan EL-Naowk
A Block Cipher Involving Interlacing and Decomposition

Author(s): S. Udaya Kumar | V.U.K. Sastry | A. Vinaya babu
General Group Oriented ID-based Cryptosystems with Chosen Plaintext Security

Author(s): Chunxiang Xu | Junhui Zhou | Guozhen Xiao
Information System with Interlacing, key dependent Permutation and rotation

Author(s): Prasad Reddy. P.V.G.D, K.R.Sudha, P Sanyasi Naidu
Stream Ciphers Encript Transformation

Author(s): Md Tanwir Uddin Haider, | Rajesh Kumar Sinha
A Secured Smart Card Using a Pseudorandom Affine Transformation Based Cipher and a Secured LIRKES

Author(s): Ehab Mahmoud Mohamed | Yasien Mahmoud | Hiroshi Furukawa
A Framework for Encrypting the Huffman Algorithm

Author(s): O. Folorunso | H.O.D. Longe | A.C. Ikekwere | S.K. Sharma
Accelerating RSA Encryption Using Random Precalculations

Author(s): Loránd Szőllősi | Tamás Marosits | Gábor Fehér
An Improved Image Encryption Algorithm based on Chaotic System

Author(s): Shubo Liu | Jing Sun | Zhengquan Xu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad S. Obaidat | Joaquim Filipe
A New Data Encryption Algorithm Based on the Location of Mobile Users

Author(s): Hsien- Chou Liao | Yun -Hsiang Chao
Constructing Efficient Certificateless Public Key Encryption with Pairing

Author(s): Yijuan Shi | Jianhua Li | Jianjun Shi
A Study on the Security of Privacy Homomorphism

Author(s): Yu Yu | Jussipekka Leiwo | Benjamin Premkumar
Receiver-deniable Public-Key Encryption

Author(s): Maged Hamada Ibrahim
Verifiable Attribute Based Encryption

Author(s): Qiang Tang | Dongyao Ji
Secure Chaotic Map Based Block Cryptosystem with Application to Camera Sensor Networks

Author(s): Xianfeng Guo | Jiashu Zhang | Muhammad Khurram Khan | Khaled Alghathbar
A Comparative study of Forward Secure Publickey Method Using HIBE and BTE

Author(s): G.Appa Rao | Srinivasan.Nagaraj, | B.Prakash | Dr.V.Valli Kumari, | Dr KVSVN Raju
A Modified Location-Dependent Image Encryption for Mobile Information System

Author(s): Prasad Reddy.P.V.G.D | K.R.Sudha | P Sanyasi Naidu
An Improved Visual Cryptography Scheme for Secret Hiding

Author(s): G. Prasanna Lakshmi | J.A.Chandulal | KTV Reddy
Cryptanalysis of a New Signal Security System for Multimedia Data Transmission

Author(s): Chengqing Li | Shujun Li | Guanrong Chen | Gang Chen | Lei Hu

Author(s): Arash Karimi | Hadi Shahriar Shahhoseini
Cryptanalysis of a New Signal Security System for Multimedia Data Transmission

Author(s): Li Chengqing | Li Shujun | Chen Guanrong | Chen Gang | Hu Lei
Maxi-linear Deviation Searching Algorithm Based on Improved Pyramid Filter

Author(s): Lizhao Liu | Ying Wang | Maoqing Li | Yufeng Chen | Tianhua Zhang
Generalized Hierarchical Identity-Based Signcryption

Author(s): Hao Wang | Qiuliang Xu | Xiufeng Zhao
A Novel Enhancement Technique of the Hill Cipher for Effective Cryptographic Purposes

Author(s): A. F.A. Abidin | O. Y. Chuan | M. R.K. Ariffin
Attack of Against Simplified Data Encryption Standard Cipher System Using Neural Networks

Author(s): Khaled M. Alallayah | Waiel F.A. El-Wahed | Mohamed Amin | Alaa H. Alhamami
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