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Enamelled Steel Substrates for Printed Circuits

Author(s): R. Kužel | J. Broukal
New Thick-Film Microwave Elements for Microwave Integrated Circuits

Author(s): Janusz J. Gondek | Marek A. Wójcicki | Jan Cąber
Methods of Checking Printed Circuits

Author(s): I. Hajdu | P. Bánlaki | J. Pinkola | E. Tóth
Active Trimming of Hybrid Integrated Circuits

Author(s): P. Németh | P. Krémer
Analytical Study of Inductor Simulation Circuits

Author(s): Umesh Kumar | Sushil Kumar Shukla | Amiete
Electrical Modelling of Multilevel On-Chip Interconnections for High-Speed Integrated Circuits

Author(s): K. Z. Dimopoulos | J. N. Avaritsiotis | S. J. White
Reliability Prediction of Thick Film Hybrid Integrated Circuits

Author(s): Rumen Pranchov | Veneta Athanassova | Ruslan Georgiev | Stefan Pomakov
A New Statistical Method for Maximum Power Estimation in CMOS VLSI Circuits

Author(s): N. E. Evmorfopoulos | J. N. Avaritsiotis
Active-Only Sinusoidal Oscillator Circuits

Author(s): Muhammad Taher Abuelmaatti | Muhammad Ali Al-Qahtani
Novel Two-Dimensional (2-D) Defected Ground Array for Planar Circuits

Author(s): Haiwen Liu | Xiaowei Sun | Zhengfan Li
Active and Passive Microwave Devices and Circuits

Author(s): T. S. Kalkur | Tibor Berceli | Fahrettin Yakuphanoglu
Self-Calibrated Humidity Sensor in CMOS without Post-Processing

Author(s): Oleg Nizhnik | Kohei Higuchi | Kazusuke Maenaka
Dynamics of Closed-loop ADC-NOT-DAC Circuits

Author(s): Arthur E. Edang | Fredison A. Corminal | Felicito S. Caluyo
Delay Reduction in Optimized Reversible Multiplier Circuit

Author(s): Mohammad Assarian | Majid Haghparast | Keivan Navi
Non-Coding RNAs in Retinal Development

Author(s): Nicola A. Maiorano | Robert Hindges
Hysteresis Circuits and Their Realizations*

Author(s): A A Shinde | T S Rathore
Frontal Decision-Making System

Author(s): Dragan M. Pavlovic | Aleksandra M. Pavlovic
Implementation Analysis of adaptive Viterbi Decoder for High Speed Applications

Author(s): P. Subhashini | D. R. Mahesh Varma | Y. David Solomon Raju
Evolutionary design and optimization of digital Circuits using Imperialist Competitive Algorithm

Author(s): Mehdi Anjomshoa | Ali Mahani | Mostafa Esmaeil Beig
"A Survey of HighLevel Synthesis Techniques for Area, Delay and Power Optimization"

Author(s): S.M. Logesh | D. S. Harish Ram | M.C. Bhuvaneswari
Numerical Solution of Electrical Circuits Using Gauss Seidel Method with MATLAB Software

Author(s): NOVAC Mihaela | GRAVA Adriana | VLADU Ecaterina | NOVAC Ovidiu | MASTEI Daniela
Empirical Bounds on Fault Coverage LossDue to LFSR Aliasing

Author(s): Warren H. Debany | Mark J. Gorniak | Anthony R. Macera | Daniel E. Daskiewich | Kevin A. Kwiat | Heather B. Dussault
Division-Based Versus General Decomposition-Based Multiple-Level Logic Synthesis

Author(s): Frank Volf | Lech Jóźwiak | Mario Stevens
PGEN: A Novel Approach to Sequential Circuit Test Generation

Author(s): Wen-Ben Jone | Nigam Shah | Anita Gleason | Sunil R. Das
Switch-level Differential Fault Simulation of MOS VLSI Circuits

Author(s): Evstratios Vandris | Gerald Sobelman
Improving Path Sensitizability ofCombinational Circuits

Author(s): Bhanu Kapoor | V. S. S. Nair
A New Theory for Testability-Preserving Optimization ofCombinational Circuits

Author(s): Jiabi Zhu | Mostafa Abd-El-Barr | Carl McCrosky
Zener Zap Anti-Fuse Trim in VLSI Circuits

Author(s): Donald T. Comer
Effective Coupling Between Logic Synthesis and LayoutTools for Synthesis of Area and Speed-Efficient Circuits

Author(s): Mandalagiri S. Chandrasekhar | Robert H. McCharles | David E. Wallace
Application of Dynamic Supply Current Monitoring toTesting Mixed-Signal Circuits

Author(s): Mahmoud A. Al-Qutayri | Peter R. Shepherd
A New Full Adder Cell for Molecular Electronics

Author(s): Mehdi Ghasemi | Mohammad Hossein Moaiyeri | Keivan Navi
Design of Reversible Sequential Circuit Using Reversible Logic Synthesis

Author(s): Md. Belayet Ali | Md. Mosharof Hossin | Md. Eneyat Ullah
Single bit full adder design using 8 transistors with novel 3 transistors XNOR gate

Author(s): Manoj Kumar | Sandeep K. Arya | Sujata Pandey
Low Power Low Voltage Bulk Driven Balanced OTA

Author(s): Neha Gupta | Meenakshi Suthar | Sapna Singh | Priyanka Soni
Open innovation as an alternative for strategic development in the aerospace industry in Brazil

Author(s): Mariana de Freitas Dewes | Odair Lelis Gonçalez | Angelo Pássaro | Antonio Domingos Padula
Review on Micro- and Nanolithography Techniques and Their Applications

Author(s): Alongkorn Pimpin | Werayut Srituravanich
Sublogarithmic uniform Boolean proof nets

Author(s): Clément Aubert
Tumor-Promoting Circuits That Regulate a Cancer-Related Chemokine Cluster: Dominance of Inflammatory Mediators Over Oncogenic Alterations

Author(s): Tal Leibovich-Rivkin | Yosef Buganim | Hilla Solomon | Tsipi Meshel | Varda Rotter | Adit Ben-Baruch
Mucosal leishmaniasis: epidemiological and treatment considerations Leishmaniasis mucosa: consideraciones epidemiológicas y de tratamiento Leishmaniose mucosa: considerações epidemiológicas e de tratamento

Author(s): Caroline Sampaio Alves Nunes | Juliano Kazuo Yoshizawa | Rosangela Ziggiotti de Oliveira | Airton Pereira de Lima | Letícia Ziggiotti de Oliveira | Meiri Vanderlei Nogueira de Lima
Comparative study for delay & power dissipation of CMOS Inverter in UDSM range

Author(s): Jagannath Samanta | Bishnu Prasad De | Banibrata Bag | Raj Kumar Maity
Design of Digital Logic Circuits using Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors

Author(s): Subhajit Das | Sandip Bhattacharya | Debaprasad Das

Author(s): Mohale Deepak S. | Tripathi Alok S. | Wadhwani Paresh J. | Shrirao Abhijit V. | Chandewar Anil V.
Commutation Processes in Multiresonant ZVS Bridge Converter

Author(s): Miroslaw Luft | Elzbieta Szychta
New Nanocrystalline Materials for Power Electronics Applications

Author(s): Elemir Usak | Peter Svec | Jozef Kuchta | Jan Bydzovsky
Integral Solution of 3D Electric Field of a Disconnector

Author(s): Pavel Karban | Martina Donatova
Theoretical and Probability Analysis of Frequency Selective Circuits

Author(s): Galina Petkova Cherneva | Antonio Vladimirov Andonov
Experimental Analysis of Communitation Process of Power Semiconductor Transistor’s Structures

Author(s): Pavol Spanik | Branislav Dobrucky | Michal Frivaldsky | Peter Drgona | Ivan Lokseninec
Minigenerator - Analysis, Design and Tests

Author(s): Pavel Fiala | Tomas Vojtek | Ivo Behunek
Usign Planar Transformers in Soft Switching DC/DC Power Converters

Author(s): Pavol Spanik | Ivan Feno | Gabriel Kacor
Ecologically Optimal Solution of Power Semiconductors Converters

Author(s): Pavol Spanik | Ivan Feno | Gabriel Kacsor | Ivan Lokseninec
Instantaneous Switching Processes in Quasi-Linear Circuits

Author(s): Rositsa Angelova | Todor Gichev
Equivalent Lumped Element Network Synthesis for Distributed Passive Microwave Circuits

Author(s): Johannes Russer | Nebojša Dončov | Farooq Mukhtar | Biljana Stošić | Tatjana Asenov | Bratislav Milovanović | Peter Russer
Implementation Of Low Power And Low Energy Synchronous Sapt Logic

Author(s): Chitambara Rao.K | Nagendra.K | Sreenivasa Rao.Ijjada
Test Generation for Crosstalk-Induced Delay Faults in VLSI Circuits Using Modified FAN Algorithm

Author(s): S. Jayanthy | M. C. Bhuvaneswari | Keesarapalli Sujitha
Partial Finite-Time Synchronization of Switched Stochastic Chua's Circuits via Sliding-Mode Control

Author(s): Zhang-Lin Wan | Yi-You Hou | Teh-Lu Liao | Jun-Juh Yan
Synchronization of Integrated Systems on a Chip

Author(s): Linares-Aranda M. | González-Díaz O. | Salim-Maza M

Author(s): Hamed Sheidaeian | Behrouz Zolfaghari
A Shared-cube Approach to ESOP-based Synthesis of Reversible Logic

Author(s): Noor M. Nayeem | Jacqueline E. Rice
The EXOR Gate Under Uncertainty: A Case Study

Author(s): Svetlana N. Yanushkevich | An Hong Tran | Golam Tangim | Vladimir P. Shmerko | Elena N. Zaitseva | Vitaly Levashenko
Phase-Synchronizer based on gm-C All-Pass Filter Chain

Author(s): JOVANOVIC, G. S. | MITIC, D. B. | STOJCEV, M. K. | ANTIC, D. S.
Novel Approach for Electromagnetic Actuators Analysis in Transient Behavior


Author(s): B. Sathiyabama | Dr. S. Malarkkan
Integrated Biophotonics with CYTOP

Author(s): Kristjan Leosson | Björn Agnarsson
Current Conveyor Equivalent Circuits

Author(s): Tejmal S. Rathore | Uday P. Khot
Os circuitos dos jovens urbanos

Author(s): José Guilherme Cantor Magnani
Switching Optimization for Class-G Audio Amplifiers with Two Power Supplies

Author(s): Sophie Taupin | Nacer Abouchi | Gael Pillonnet | Patrice Russo | Firas Yengui
Design of a Low Loss RF Mixer in Ku-Band (12 - 18 GHz)

Author(s): Lalit Pandey | Sandeep Singh | Sanjay Singh | Sanjeev Kumar Shah | Rudra Pratap Singh Chauhan
A New Model for Transmission Network Expansion and Reactive Power Planning in a Deregulated Environment

Author(s): Majid Zeinaddini-Maymand | Masoud Rashidinejad | Amin Mahmoudabadi
A New Model for Transmission Network Expansion and Reactive Power Planning in a Deregulated Environment

Author(s): Majid Zeinaddini-Maymand | Masoud Rashidinejad | Amin Mahmoudabadi
Technical Study on Low Power VLSI methods

Author(s): T.Kapilachander | I.Hameem Shanavas | V.Venkataraman

Author(s): Branislav Hadzima | Michal Bukovina | Pavel Doležal
The flow lattice of oriented matroids

Author(s): Robert Nickel | Winfried Hochstättler
Single Precision Floating Point FFT

Author(s): Ujwal S. Ghate
High Performance Op Amp Design Review

Author(s): Rajashri Deshmukh | Deepak Dandekar
TFET based Ternary Logic Gates & Arithmetic Circuits

Author(s): Rashmi Deshpande | Pravin K. Dakhole | Sonali Dhobale
Approach for Switching Automatic Protection using Mobile Signal

Author(s): Kanchan V. Gawande | Jayant Y. Hande
Noise deduction using Quantum check Bits

Author(s): T.Godhavari | N.R.Alamelu
Modeling of Optically Tailored Noise Parameters of MOSFET

Author(s): Gaytri M Phade | B. K. Mishra | Prerna Jain
Graphene on β-Si3N4: An ideal system for graphene-based electronics

Author(s): Ming Yang | Chun Zhang | Shijie Wang | Yuanping Feng | Ariando
Antenna-coupled terahertz radiation from joule-heated single-wall carbon nanotubes

Author(s): M. Muthee | E. Carrion | J. Nicholson | S. K. Yngvesson
Ambipolar organic field effect transistors and inverters with the natural material Tyrian Purple

Author(s): Eric Daniel Głowacki | Lucia Leonat | Gundula Voss | Marius-Aurel Bodea | Zeynep Bozkurt | Alberto Montaigne Ramil | Mihai Irimia-Vladu | Siegfried Bauer | Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci
Performance Evaluation of Traffic Permutations for Mesh On-Chip Networks

Author(s): Naveen Choudhary | Dharm Singh | Abhilasha Sharma

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