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The robust methods for calculation of irregular waveguides

Author(s): Kurayev A. A. | Popkova T. L. | Rak A. O.
Plasmonic Nanolayer Composites: Coupled Plasmon Polaritons, Effective-Medium Response, and Subdiffraction Light Manipulation

Author(s): Justin Elser | Alexander A. Govyadinov | Ivan Avrutsky | Ildar Salakhutdinov | Viktor A. Podolskiy
Compact mode-matched excitation structures for radar distance measurements in overmoded circular waveguides

Author(s): G. Armbrecht | E. Denicke | I. Rolfes | N. Pohl | T. Musch | B. Schiek
Array antennas design in dependence of element-phasing

Author(s): R. Zichner | M. Chandra
Wave Propagation in Lossy and Superconducting Circular Waveguides

Author(s): K. H. Yeap | C. Y. Tham | K. C. Yeong | H. J. Woo
Computing modal dispersion characteristics of radially asymmetric Bragg fiber

Author(s): Y.K. Prajapati | V. Singh | J. P. Saini
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