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Identifying the Customer Profiles for 3C-prpduct Retailers: A Data Mining Approach

Author(s): Pei Chao | Hsin-Pin Fu | Hung-Hsuan Lee | Ya-Cheng Chang
Clinical parameters predicting failure of empirical antibacterial therapy in early onset neonatal sepsis, identified by classification and regression tree analysis

Author(s): Metsvaht Tuuli | Pisarev Heti | Ilmoja Mari-Liis | Parm Ülle | Maipuu Lea | Merila Mirjam | Müürsepp Piia | Lutsar Irja
Evaluation of Oil-Palm Fungal Disease Infestation with Canopy Hyperspectral Reflectance Data

Author(s): Camille C. D. Lelong | Jean-Michel Roger | Simon Brégand | Fabrice Dubertret | Mathieu Lanore | Nurul A. Sitorus | Doni A. Raharjo | Jean-Pierre Caliman
Chronology of prescribing error during the hospital stay and prediction of pharmacist's alerts overriding: a prospective analysis

Author(s): Caruba Thibaut | Colombet Isabelle | Gillaizeau Florence | Bruni Vanida | Korb Virginie | Prognon Patrice | Bégué Dominique | Durieux Pierre | Sabatier Brigitte
Predictive model of biliocystic communication in liver hydatid cysts using classification and regression tree analysis

Author(s): El Malki Hadj | El Mejdoubi Yasser | Souadka Amine | Mohsine Raouf | Ifrine Lahcen | Abouqal Redouane | Belkouchi Abdelkader
Role of tumor size in the pre-operative management of rectal cancer patients

Author(s): Zlobec Inti | Minoo Parham | Karamitopoulou Eva | Peros George | Patsouris Efstratios | Lehmann Frank | Lugli Alessandro
Genome-wide identification of new Wnt/β-catenin target genes in the human genome using CART method

Author(s): Hödar Christian | Assar Rodrigo | Colombres Marcela | Aravena Andrés | Pavez Leonardo | González Mauricio | Martínez Servet | Inestrosa Nibaldo | Maass Alejandro
Analysis of factors associated with traffic injury severity on rural roads in Iran

Author(s): Ali Tavakoli Kashani | Afshin Shariat Mohaymany | Andishe Ranjbari
Identification of early changes in specific symptoms that predict longer-term response to atypical antipsychotics in the treatment of patients with schizophrenia

Author(s): Ruberg Stephen | Chen Lei | Stauffer Virginia | Ascher-Svanum Haya | Kollack-Walker Sara | Conley Robert | Kane John | Kinon Bruce
Identification of novel biomarker candidates by proteomic analysis of cerebrospinal fluid from patients with moyamoya disease using SELDI-TOF-MS

Author(s): Araki Yoshio | Yoshikawa Kazuhiro | Okamoto Sho | Sumitomo Masaki | Maruwaka Mikio | Wakabayashi Toshihiko
Assessment of Stand Structural Elements on the Basis of Spectral Reflectance Values of an IKONOS Satellite Image

Author(s): Ante Seletković | Renata Pernar | Mario Ančić | Jelena Sučić
A genome-wide scan using tree-based association analysis for candidate loci related to fasting plasma glucose levels

Author(s): Chen Chien-Hsiun | Chang Chee | Yang Wei-Shiung | Chen Chun-Liang | Fann Cathy
Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer Using Decision Tree Classification of Mass Spectral Data

Author(s): Vlahou Antonia | Schorge John O. | Gregory Betsy W. | Coleman Robert L.
Pretest probability assessment derived from attribute matching

Author(s): Kline Jeffrey | Johnson Charles | Pollack Charles | Diercks Deborah | Hollander Judd | Newgard Craig | Garvey J Lee
Development of appropriateness explicit criteria for cataract extraction by phacoemulsification

Author(s): Ma Quintana José | Escobar Antonio | Aróstegui Inmaculada
Validation of a screening questionnaire for hip and knee osteoarthritis in old people

Author(s): Quintana José | Arostegui Inmaculada | Escobar Antonio | Lafuente Iratxe | Arenaza Juan | Garcia Isidoro | Aguirre Urko
Malaria in central Vietnam: analysis of risk factors by multivariate analysis and classification tree models

Author(s): Thang Ngo | Erhart Annette | Speybroeck Niko | Hung Le | Thuan Le | Hung Cong | Ky Pham | Coosemans Marc | D'Alessandro Umberto
Vegetation Cover Analysis of Hazardous Waste Sites in Utah and Arizona Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Author(s): Jungho Im | John R. Jensen | Ryan R. Jensen | John Gladden | Jody Waugh | Mike Serrato
Effects of radiation therapy on tissue and serum concentrations of tumour associated trypsin inhibitor and their prognostic significance in rectal cancer patients

Author(s): Gaber Alexander | Stene Christina | Hotakainen Kristina | Nodin Björn | Palmquist Ingrid | Bjartell Anders | Stenman Ulf-Håkan | Jeppsson Bengt | Johnson Louis | Jirström Karin
Association between physical activity and metabolic syndrome in middle-aged Japanese: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Kim Junghoon | Tanabe Kai | Yokoyama Noriko | Zempo Hirofumi | Kuno Shinya
Optimizing the diagnostic power with gastric emptying scintigraphy at multiple time points

Author(s): Hou Qingjiang | Lin Zhiyue | Dusing Reginald | Gajewski Byron | McCallum Richard | Mayo Matthew
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