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Cleaner metallurgical industry in Serbia: a road to the sustainable development

Author(s): N. Radović | Ž. Kamberović | D. Panias
Introduction of the CP concept in a factory for the production of welding electrodes – Piva, Plužine

Author(s): M. Vukčević | D. Blečić | Ž. Blečić | D. Čabarkapa

Author(s): Leontina BETIANU | Sorin BRICIU
Production of biodiesel from vegetable oils

Author(s): Cerveró, José María | Coca, José | Luque, Susana
Life Cycle Based Design and Product Development: Application of LCA to Lithuanian Industry

Author(s): Jurgis Kazimieras STANIŠKIS | Visvaldas VARŽINSKAS
Design for Sustainability: Current Trends in Sustainable Product Design and Development

Author(s): Garrette Clark | Justin Kosoris | Long Nguyen Hong | Marcel Crul
Valuation of companies activity on sustainability level

Author(s): R. Nowosielski | S. Nadolski
Recycling's technology

Author(s): R. Nowosielski | A. Zajdel
Methodology and tools of ecodesign

Author(s): R. Nowosielski | M. Spilka | A. Kania
Sustainable technology as a basis of cleaner production

Author(s): R. Nowosielski | R. Babilas | W. Pilarczyk
Modelling of the filter-adsorber type air cleaner by using neural network

Author(s): Raos Miomir | Živković Ljiljana | Đorđević Amelija | Todorović Branislav
Aerosol flux measurements above a mixed forest at Borden, Ontario

Author(s): M. Gordon | R. M. Staebler | J. Liggio | A. Vlasenko | S.-M. Li | K. Hayden
Recycling as an important element of engineering design

Author(s): R. Nowosielski | A. Kania | M. Spilka
El sector empresarial y la contaminación urbana en Colombia

Author(s): Carlos Manuel Herrera Santos
An on-farm investigation of beef suckler herds using an animal welfare index (AWI)

Author(s): Mazurek Mickael | Prendiville Daniel | Crowe Mark | Veissier Isabelle | Earley Bernadette
Biotechnology in Biofuels-A Cleaner Technology

Author(s): Kenthorai Raman Jegannathan | Eng-Seng Chan | Pogaku Ravindra
Isolation of Plasmodium berghei ookinetes in culture using Nycodenz density gradient columns and magnetic isolation

Author(s): Carter Victoria | Cable Hazel | Underhill B Ann | Williams Jackie | Hurd Hilary
Respiratory symptoms in relation to residential coal burning and environmental tobacco smoke among early adolescents in Wuhan, China: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Salo Päivi | Xia Jiang | Johnson C Anderson | Li Yan | Kissling Grace | Avol Edward | Liu Chunhong | London Stephanie
Evaluation of Significant Environmental Aspects in Grain Processing

Author(s): Irina Kliopova | Violeta Petraškienė
Studies on Aluminum-Iron Ore in-Situ Particulate Composite

Author(s): Akhilesh Singh | S. Sarkar
Vantagens econômicas e ambientais na reciclagem de poliuretano em uma empresa de fabricação de borracha

Author(s): Geraldo Cardoso de Oliveira Neto | Luiz Eduardo de Carvalho Chaves | Oduvaldo Vendrametto

Author(s): De Silva R.H.S.K. | Jayawardhane N.D.N. | Narasimha Murthy K.H.H.V.S.S | Tripathi J.S.
Evidences of the sustainable innovation in the cashew agribusiness context in Ceará –Brazil.

Author(s): Leonel Gois Lima Oliveira | Ana Sílvia Rocha Ipiranga
Nature protection measures when mineral deposits development

Author(s): Nailya S. Tazhetdinova | Mikhail M. Iolin
La evolución y el futuro de la producción más limpia en Colombia

Author(s): Bart Van Hoof | Carlos Manuel Herrera
Cleaner Production Assessment of Fast Bordeaux GP Base

Author(s): Mausumi Mukhopadhyay | Rashmita D. Patel
Aerosol flux measurements above a mixed forest at Borden, Ontario

Author(s): M. Gordon | R. M. Staebler | J. Liggio | A. Vlasenko | S.-M. Li | K. Hayden
Analyzing the key factors affecting the green supply chain management: A case study of steel industry

Author(s): Hamideh Shekari | Skandar Shirazi | Mohamad Ali Afshari | Said Mehdi Veyseh
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