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The care for the surgical client: a guide act to reach welfare. A bibliographic review

Author(s): Élissa Jôse E. R. Cruz | Luciana Ranauro Assumpção | Keila Suellen de Moura Nunes | Fabiana Maia Morgado | Norma Valéria Dantas de Oliveira Souza | Maristela Freitas Silva
Diagnosis and evaluation of clients with injuries - a prospective study

Author(s): Beatriz Guitton RB Oliveira | Fernanda FS Lima
Nursing assessment: Research/Care through the sensible listening in the heart failure clinic.

Author(s): Liana Amorim Corrêa | Iraci dos Santos | Denilson Campos de Albuquerque
PRISMA: a new model of integrated service delivery for the frail older people in Canada

Author(s): Réjean Hébert | Pierre J. Durand | Nicole Dubuc | André Tourigny
The Effectiveness of Bumiputra SME Food Product Packaging in the Malaysian Customers’ Perception

Author(s): Maznah Wan Omar | Mohd Ikhmal Fadzil | Mohd Noor Mohd Ali | Mohd Rizaimy Shaharudin
The acceptability and feasibility of peer worker support role in community based HCV treatment for injecting drug users

Author(s): Norman Josephine | Walsh Nick | Mugavin Janette | Stoové Mark | Kelsall Jenny | Austin Kirk | Lintzeris Nick
El modelo canadiense del proceso del desempeño ocupacional

Author(s): Simó Algado, S | Urbanowski, R
Trichotillomania: Behavioral Assessment and Treatment Interventions

Author(s): Brandy L. Kelly | Victoria E. Kress
Cuestiones metodológicas en la evaluación de las psicoterapias

Author(s): Alvaro Sanín | Luis Dragunsky

Author(s): Ciprian Marcel POP | Andrei Mircea SCRIDON | Dan Cristian DABIJA
Lessons learned from a peri-urban needle exchange

Author(s): Knittel Andrea | Wren Patricia | Gore Lemont
Translation Quality Assessment

Author(s): Malcolm Williams
Nursing assessment: Research/Care through the sensible listening in the heart failure clinic.

Author(s): Liana Amorim Corrêa | Iraci dos Santos | Denilson Campos de Albuquerque
The applicability of the tetraclass model to the management of the patient satisfaction in the pharmacies

Author(s): Petrova G | Clerfeuille F | Vakrilova M | Mitkov C | Poubanne Y
Conflicting priorities: evaluation of an intervention to improve nurse-parent relationships on a Tanzanian paediatric ward

Author(s): Manongi Rachel | Nasuwa Fortunata | Mwangi Rose | Reyburn Hugh | Poulsen Anja | Chandler Clare
Moving to Genuine: Credible Cultural Competence and Stakeholder Believability

Author(s): Stephanie D. H. Evergreen | Anne Cullen
A Practitioners’ Perspective on Developmental Models, Metrics and Community

Author(s): Chad Stewart | Zach Smith | Norio Suzuki
Factors influencing implementation of the Ministry of Health-led private medicine retailer programmes on malaria in Kenya

Author(s): Rowa Yvonne | Abuya Timothy | Mutemi Wilfred | Ochola Sam | Molyneux Sassy | Marsh Vicki
Learning to predict expression efficacy of vectors in recombinant protein production

Author(s): Chan Wen-Ching | Liang Po-Huang | Shih Yan-Ping | Yang Ueng-Cheng | Lin Wen-chang | Hsu Chun-Nan
An Overview of VeryIDX - A Privacy-Preserving Digital Identity Management System for Mobile Devices

Author(s): Federica Paci | Elisa Bertino | Sam Kerr | Anna Squicciarini | Jungha Woo
Clients of sex workers in Switzerland: it makes sense to counsel and propose rapid test for HIV on the street, a preliminary report

Author(s): Diserens Esther-Amélie | Bodenmann Patrick | N'Garambe Chantal | Ansermet-Pagot Anne | Vannotti Marco | Masserey Eric | Cavassini Matthias
Process evaluation of a community-based intervention promoting multiple maternal and neonatal care practices in rural Nepal

Author(s): McPherson Robert | Tamang Jyotsna | Hodgins Stephen | Pathak Laxmi | Silwal Ram | Baqui Abdullah | Winch Peter
Importance of strategic management in the implementation of private medicine retailer programmes: case studies from three districts in Kenya

Author(s): Abuya Timothy | Amin Abdinasir | Molyneux Sassy | Akhwale Willis | Marsh Vicki | Gilson Lucy
EMMNet: Sensor Networking for Electricity Meter Monitoring

Author(s): Zhi-Ting Lin | Jie Zheng | Yu-Sheng Ji | Bao-Hua Zhao | Yu-Gui Qu | Xu-Dong Huang | Xiu-Fang Jiang
Scaling up integration: development and results of a participatory assessment of HIV/TB services, South Africa

Author(s): Scott Vera | Chopra Mickey | Azevedo Virginia | Caldwell Judy | Naidoo Pren | Smuts Brenda
The experience of nursing students in home visits to elderly people living with dementia

Author(s): Geilsa Soraia Cavalcanti Valente, Carla Reis Manso, Anna Flávia Cavalcanti Barbosa Maia, Ana Barbara Cerff de Ornelas, Selma Petra de Sá, Mirian da Costa Lindolpho
Evaluation of Calypte AWARE HIV-1/2 OMT antibody test as a screening test in an Indian setting

Author(s): Ingole N | Mehta P | Bande R | Paranjpe S | Wanjare S
Cognitive behavior therapy for Stuttering: A case series

Author(s): Reddy R | Sharma M | Shivashankar N
Multi-centred mixed-methods PEPFAR HIV care & support public health evaluation: study protocol

Author(s): Harding Richard | Simms Victoria | Penfold Suzanne | McCrone Paul | Moreland Scott | Downing Julia | Powell Richard | Mwangi-Powell Faith | Namisango Eve | Fayers Peter | Curtis Siân | Higginson Irene
Efficacy of psychosocial rehabilitation program: The RFS experience

Author(s): Chowdur Rupasri | Dharitri Ramaprasad | Kalyanasundaram S | Suryanarayana Rao N
Medical nutrition therapy planning

Author(s): Novaković Budimka | Jovičić Jelena | Pavlović-Trajković Ljiljana | Grujičić Maja | Torović Ljilja | Balać Dragana
An evaluation of the effectiveness of a community mentoring service for socially isolated older people: a controlled trial

Author(s): Dickens Andy | Richards Suzanne | Hawton Annie | Taylor Rod | Greaves Colin | Green Colin | Edwards Rachel | Campbell John
Penile Tumescence Assessment Used for a Diagnosis of Paraphilia: A Pedophilia Case Report

Author(s): Ker-Li Hsueh | Ching-Kuan Wu | Chi-Fa Hung | Chun-Chien Hsu | Jung-Kwang Wen
Who sleeps under bednets in Ghana? A doer/non-doer analysis of malaria prevention behaviours

Author(s): De La Cruz Natalie | Crookston Benjamin | Dearden Kirk | Gray Bobbi | Ivins Natasha | Alder Stephen | Davis Robb
Public telesurveillance service for frail elderly living at home, outcomes and cost evolution: a quasi experimental design with two follow-ups

Author(s): Vincent Claude | Reinharz Daniel | Deaudelin Isabelle | Garceau Mathieu | Talbot Lise
Image Factors Which Determine the Choice of the Bank

Author(s): Aldona Jagelavičienė | Jurgita Stravinskienė | Aušra Rūtelionė
The use of nursing assistance systematization for diabetic patients in health unities of coronel Fabriciano, Minas Gerais

Author(s): Paula Lage Barreto | Flávia Márcia Oliveira | Ricardo Coelho Perez da Silva
A Mobile Framework for Competence Evaluation: Innovation Assessment Using Mobile Information Systems

Author(s): Marcos Ruano Mayoral | Ricardo Colomo Palacios | Ángel García Crespo
Which doctors and with what problems contact a specialist service for doctors? A cross sectional investigation

Author(s): Garelick Antony | Gross Samantha | Richardson Irene | von der Tann Matthias | Bland Julia | Hale Rob
Police and public health partnerships: Evidence from the evaluation of Vancouver's supervised injection facility

Author(s): DeBeck Kora | Wood Evan | Zhang Ruth | Tyndall Mark | Montaner Julio | Kerr Thomas
Supported housing programs for persons with serious mental illness in rural northern communities: A mixed method evaluation

Author(s): Montgomery Phyllis | Forchuk Cheryl | Duncan Craig | Rose Don | Bailey Patricia | Veluri Ramamohan
Empowerment interventions, knowledge translation and exchange: perspectives of home care professionals, clients and caregivers

Author(s): Tribble Denise | Gallagher Frances | Bell Linda | Caron Chantal | Godbout Pierre | Leblanc Jeannette | Morin Pascale | Xhignesse Marianne | Voyer Louis | Couture Mélanie
Efficacy of Organized Curriculum for Husbands about Menopause on the Menopausal Depression and Anxiety

Author(s): Narges Bahri | Ali Delshad | Fatemeh Haddizadeh Talasaz
Personality Patterns in Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Patients

Author(s): M.F. Ghalehbandi | A. Afkham Ebrahimi
The Measels-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination from a health political and economical point of view

Author(s): Rosian-Schikuta, Ingrid | Fröschl, Barbara | Habl, Claudia | Stürzlinger, Heidi
Psycho-education with problem solving (PEPS) therapy for adults with personality disorder: A pragmatic multi-site community-based randomised clinical trial

Author(s): McMurran Mary | Crawford Mike | Reilly Joseph | McCrone Paul | Moran Paul | Williams Hywel | Adams Clive | Duggan Conor | Delport Juan | Whitham Diane | Day Florence
A descriptive survey of types, spread and characteristics of substance abuse treatment centers in Nigeria

Author(s): Onifade Peter | Somoye Edward | Ogunwobi Olorunfemi | Ogunwale Adegboyega | Akinhanmi Akinwande | Adamson Taiwo
Paying health workers for performance in Battagram district, Pakistan

Author(s): Witter Sophie | Zulfiqur Tehzeeb | Javeed Sarah | Khan Amanullah | Bari Abdul

Author(s): Ban Olimpia | Popa Luminita | Silaghi Simona
Screening of women for intimate partner violence: a pilot intervention at an outpatient department in Tanzania

Author(s): Rose M. Laisser | Lennarth Nyström | Gunilla Lindmark | Helen I. Lugina | Maria Emmelin
Development of a Screening Tool to Improve Management of the Welfare Caseload in Kentucky

Author(s): Ramona Stone | Stacy Deck | Gerard Barber | Teresa Donovan
Impact of targeted interventions on heterosexual transmission of HIV in India

Author(s): Kumar Rajesh | Mehendale Sanjay | Panda Samiran | Venkatesh S | Lakshmi PVM | Kaur Manmeet | Prinja Shankar | Singh Tarundeep | Virdi Navkiran | Bahuguna Pankaj | Sharma Arun | Singh Samiksha | Godbole Sheela | Risbud Arun | Manna Boymkesh | Thirumugal V | Roy Tarun | Sogarwal Ruchi | Pawar Nilesh
Feasibility and acceptability of point of care HIV testing in community outreach and GUM drop-in services in the North West of England: A programmatic evaluation

Author(s): MacPherson Peter | Chawla Anu | Jones Kathy | Coffey Emer | Spaine Vida | Harrison Ian | Jelliman Pauline | Phillips-Howard Penelope | Beynon Caryl | Taegtmeyer Miriam
What Works for Patients in Outpatient Treatment for Alcohol Addiction? An Explorative Study into Clients' Evaluation of Subjective Factors and Therapy Satisfaction

Author(s): Katrin M. Frick | Barbara Loessl | Rigo K. Brueck | Levente Kriston | Andreas Jaehne | Dieter Riemann | Horst Gann | Anil Batra | Norbert Wodarz | Karl F. Mann | Michael M. Berner
Performance Evaluation of 802.11 WLAN Scenarios in OPNET Modeler

Author(s): Kritika Sharma | Nitin Bhatia | Namarta Kapoor
Microcredit Impact Assessment: The Brazilian and Chilean Cases

Author(s): Patricio Aroca | Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
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