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Monogenic Functions in Conformal Geometry

Author(s): Michael Eastwood | John Ryan
Some Sharp L^2 Inequalities for Dirac Type Operators

Author(s): Alexander Balinsky | John Ryan
Explicit isomorphisms of real Clifford algebras

Author(s): N. Değırmencı | Ş. Karapazar
Hochschild Cohomology and Deformations of Clifford-Weyl Algebras

Author(s): Ian M. Musson | Georges Pinczon | Rosane Ushirobira
Remarks on Q-oscillators representation of Hopf-type boson algebras

Author(s): Anna Maria Paolucci | Ioannis Tsohantjis
Quantizations and classical non-commutative non-associative algebras

Author(s): Hilja Lisa Huru | Valentin Lychagin
Um engano matemático repetido por 100 anos

Author(s): Ruggeri Elysio R. F.
Generalized Moisil-Théodoresco Systems and Cauchy Integral Decompositions

Author(s): Ricardo Abreu Blaya | Juan Bory Reyes | Richard Delanghe | Frank Sommen
Clifford algebra-valued orthogonal polynomials in the open unit ball of Euclidean space

Author(s): Fred Brackx | Nele De Schepper | Frank Sommen
Target Detection in Three-Dimension Sensor Networks Based on Clifford Algebra

Author(s): Tiancheng HE | Weixin XIE | Wenming CAO
Periodicity of the Clifford Algebras

Author(s): B. Askari | F. Fattahi

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