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Medical Student’s Use of Time During Clinical Clerkships and theCredits Based System

Author(s): Andrés Isaza Restrepo | Isabel Pérez-Olmos | Luis Eduardo Martínez | Alejandro Velásquez | Mario Andrés Mercado
E-Learning in family medicine education: faculty support in a community clerkship

Author(s): Gensichen, Jochen | Bischoff, Michael | Gerlach, Ferdinand M.
Improving integration of clinical clerkship didactic curriculum

Author(s): Lindsay A. Mazotti | Bridget C. O'Brien | Heidi E. Kirsch
Evaluation of Problem-Based Learning Education after Clerkship at the Chang Gung University School of Medicine

Author(s): Yung-Chang Chen | Ji-Tseng Fang | Jen-Der Lin | Wen-Jin Cherng
Ready or not? Expectations of faculty and medical students for clinical skills preparation for clerkships

Author(s): Marjorie Wenrich | Molly B. Jackson | Albert J. Scherpbier | Ineke H. Wolfhagen | Paul G. Ramsey | Erika A. Goldstein
The implementation of a mobile problem-specific electronic CEX for assessing directly observed student–patient encounters

Author(s): Gary S. Ferenchick | Jami Foreback | Basim Towfiq | Kevin Kavanaugh | David Solomon | Asad Mohmand
Visiting medical student elective and clerkship programs: a survey of US and Puerto Rico allopathic medical schools

Author(s): Mueller Paul | McConahey Linda | Orvidas Laura | Lee Mark | Bowen Juan | Beckman Thomas | Kasten Mary
Interest in neurology during medical clerkship in three Nigerian medical schools

Author(s): Sanya Emmanuel | Ayodele Olugbenga | Olanrewaju Timothy
Influence of Assigned Reading on Senior Medical Student Clinical Performance

Author(s): Hoffman, Lance | Bott, Kristine | Puumala, Susan | Shostrom, Valerie
Development of a longitudinal integrated clerkship at an academic medical center

Author(s): Ann Poncelet | Seth Bokser | Brook Calton | Karen E. Hauer | Heidi Kirsch | Tracey Jones | Cindy J. Lai | Lindsay Mazotti | William Shore | Arianne Teherani | Lowell Tong | Maria Wamsley | Patricia Robertson
Faculty verbal evaluations reveal strategies used to promote medical student performance

Author(s): Karen E. Hauer | Lindsay Mazotti | Bridget O'Brien | Paul A. Hemmer | Lowell Tong
Using a formative simulated patient exercise for curriculum evaluation

Author(s): Solomon David | Laird-Fick Heather | Keefe Carole | Thompson Margaret | Noel Mary
Student evaluation of an OSCE in paediatrics at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica

Author(s): Pierre Russell | Wierenga Andrea | Barton Michelle | Branday J Michael | Christie Celia
Learning while evaluating: the use of an electronic evaluation portfolio in a geriatric medicine clerkship

Author(s): Duque Gustavo | Finkelstein Adam | Roberts Ayanna | Tabatabai Diana | Gold Susan | Winer Laura
Can standardized patients replace physicians as OSCE examiners?

Author(s): McLaughlin Kevin | Gregor Laura | Jones Allan | Coderre Sylvain
Simulation in Medical School Education: Review for Emergency Medicine

Author(s): Bharath Chakravarthy | Elizabeth ter Haar | Srinidhi Subraya Bhat | Christopher Erik McCoy | T. Kent Denmark | Shahram Lotfipour
Feedback in the Emergency Medicine Clerkships

Author(s): Aaron W Bernard | Nicholas E Kman | Sorabh Khandelwal
Design and implementation of a longitudinal ambulatory clerkship in the first-year curriculum at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Author(s): Rosalyn Stewart | Sharon Dlhosh | Christine Marino | Patricia Thomas | Maura J. McGuire
Endotracheal intubation skill acquisition by medical students

Author(s): Paul G. Tarasi MD | Michael P. Mangione MD | Sara S. Singhal | Henry E. Wang MD MS
Nursing students’ valuation on their clinical clerkship

Author(s): Ascensión Cuñado Barrio | Félix Sánchez Vicario | María Jesús Muñoz Lobo | Ana R. Rodríguez Gonzalo | Isabel Gómez García
The experience of physician supervisors with clerkship students: a qualitative study

Author(s): Charlotte Silén | Anna Kiessling | Jonas Spaak | Peter Henriksson

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