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Biotechnological and clinical outcome of in vitro fertilization in non-obese patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Author(s): Przemyslaw Ciepiela | Tomasz Baczkowski | Pawel Brelik | Anna Antonowicz | Krzysztof Safranow | Rafal Kurzawa
An optimization of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell isolation for scientific and clinical purposes by the application of a new parameter determining the hematopoietic graft efficacy.

Author(s): B Baumert | K Grymuła | D Pietruszka | M Kotowski | M Mielczarek | V Dziedziejko | M Hałasa | B Czerny | M Walczak | B Machaliński
Vitrification vs. slow cooling protocol using embryos cryopreserved in the 5th or 6th day after oocyte retrieval and IVF outcomes.

Author(s): Paweł Kuć | Agnieszka Kuczyńska | Bozena Stankiewicz | Piotr Sieczyński | Joanna Matysiak | Waldemar Kuczyński

Author(s): Ivan Stefanović | Aleksandar Kostić | Miša Radisavljević | Slađana Filipović | Petar Bošnjaković
Effect of trimetazidine and glucose- insulin-potassium use on myocard during beating heart coronary artery bypass surgery

Author(s): Abdulkadir Ercan | Yusuf Velioğlu | Arzu Ercan | Orçun Gürbüz | Hakan Özkan | İlker Hasan Karal | Murat Biçer | Serdar Ener
Isolation of human umbilical cord blood-derived osteoprogenitor cells: a promising candidate for cell-based therapy for bone repair

Author(s): Igor Iuco Castro-Silva | Letícia de Oliveira Castro | Janaína José dos Santos Machado | Maria Helena Alves Nicola | José Mauro Granjeiro
Isolated central nervous system relapse of systemic lymphoma (SCNSL): clinical features and outcome of a retrospective analysis

Author(s): Patrij, Katrin | Reiser, Marcel | Wätzel, Luise | Pels, Hendrik | Kowoll, Annika | Herrlinger, Ulrich | Engert, Andreas | Linnebank, Michael | Schackert, Gabriele | Vogt-Schaden, Marlies | Egerer, Gerlinde | Lamprecht, Monika | Batchelor, Tracy T. | Schlegel, Uwe | Schmidt-Wolf, Ingo G. H. | International Primary CNS Lymphoma Collaborative Group (IPCG)

Author(s): S. Patrascu | V. Surlin | E. Georgescu | A. Olaru | I. Georgescu
Ultrasonographic assessment of the cutaneous changes induced by topical flavonoid therapy

Author(s): Crisan D | Crisan M | Moldovan M | Lupsor M | Badea R
Mithramycin encapsulated in polymeric micelles by microfluidic technology as novel therapeutic protocol for beta-thalassemia

Author(s): Capretto L | Mazzitelli S | Brognara E | Lampronti I | Carugo D | Hill M | Zhang X | Gambari R | Nastruzzi C
Clinical Quality of Life and Manometric Findings in Newly Diagnosed Achalasia Patients

Author(s): Srđan Kostić | Magnus Ruth | Ann Kjellin | Lars Lundell | Erik Svartholm | Mats Andersson | Hans Lönroth
Does Regular Ergometeric Training Have Any Effect On The Pregnancy Outcome?

Author(s): P Sedaghati | A Ardjmand | N Sedaghati
Clinical Profile and Outcome in Children of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in North India

Author(s): Gurdeep S. Dhooria | Deepak Bhat | Harmesh S. Bains
Wide Spectrum of Traumatic Rhabdomyolysis in Earthquake Victims

Author(s): Hosseini Mostafa | Safari Saeed | Sharifi Ali | Amini Manuchehr | Farokhi Farin Rashid | Sanadgol Houshang | Seirafian Shiva | Mooraki Ahmad | Samimagham Hamidreza | Pourfarziani Vapid | Atabak Shahnaz | Osareh Shahrzad | Boroumand Behrouz | Najafi Iraj
Mobilization of stem cell with granulocyte-colony stimulating factor promotes recovery after traumatic brain injury in rat

Author(s): Mohsen Marzban | Mehrdad Bakhtiary | Mehdi Mehdizadeh | Mohamad Taghi Joghataei | Samideh Khoei | Vahid Pirhajati Mahabadi | Asghar Ebrahimi
Development of a Standardized Clinical Protocol for Ranking Foods and Meals Based on Postprandial Triglyceride Responses: The Lipemic Index

Author(s): Erin M. O'Reilly | Bruce J. Holub | Maggie Laidlaw | Colin Garrioch | Mike G Wlodek

Author(s): Ola Khorshid | Amira Diaa | Mohamed Abd El Moaty | Rafat Abd El Fatah | Ihab El Dessouk | Maha Abd El Hamid | Essam El Noshokaty | Ghada El Saied | Tamer M Fouad | Safaa M Ramadan
Transient small bowel angioedema due to intravenous iodinated contrast media

Author(s): Xiu-Hua Hu | Xiang-Yang Gong | Peng Hu
The role of cryopreservation in the biomechanical properties of the intervertebral disc

Author(s): SKL Lam | SCW Chan | VYL Leung | WW Lu | KMC Cheung | KDK Luk
Designing and Evaluation of Reliability and Validity of Five Visual Cue-induced Craving Tasks for Different Groups of Opiate Abusers

Author(s): Hamed Ekhtiari | Hanie Edalati | Arian Behzadi | Hooman Safaei | Mehri Noori | Azarakhsh Mokri
Anti-tubercular activity of eleven aromatic and medicinal plants occurring in Colombia Actividad antituberculosa de plantas colombianas

Author(s): Juan Gabriel Bueno-Sánchez | Jairo René Martínez-Morales | Elena E. Stashenko | Wellman Ribón
Burning Mouth Syndrome in Zahedan; the Southeast of Islamic Republic of Iran

Author(s): Z. Heidari | HR. Mahmoudzadeh-Sagheb | MH. Noori Mugahi
Leczenie zachowawcze placenta increta – przegląd piśmiennictwa

Author(s): Anna Kwaśniewska | Aleksandra Stupak
Sentinel lymph node biopsy in endometrial cancer: description of the technique and preliminary results

Author(s): Oğuzhan Kuru | Samet Topuz | Serhat Şen | Cem İyibozkurt | Sinan Berkman
Operative link for gastritis assessment vs operative link on intestinal metaplasia assessment

Author(s): Massimo Rugge | Matteo Fassan | Marco Pizzi | Fabio Farinati | Giacomo Carlo Sturniolo | Mario Plebani | David Y Graham
Continuous infusion versus bolus injection of furosemide in critically ill patients. A systematic review and meta-analysis

Study protocol of cost-effectiveness and cost-utility of a biopsychosocial multidisciplinary intervention in the evolution of non-specific sub-acute low back pain in the working population: cluster randomised trial

Author(s): Berenguera Anna | Pujol-Ribera Enriqueta | Rodriguez-Blanco Teresa | Violan Concepció | Casajuana Marc | de Kort Nelleke | Trapero-Bertran Marta
Collaborative care for patients with bipolar disorder: a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): van der Voort Trijntje | van Meijel Berno | Goossens Peter | Renes Janwillem | Beekman Aartjan | Kupka Ralph
Repeated treatment of recurrent uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Senegal with fixed-dose artesunate plus amodiaquine versus fixed-dose artemether plus lumefantrine: a randomized, open-label trial

Author(s): Ndiaye Jean-Louis | Faye Babacar | Gueye Ali | Tine Roger | Ndiaye Daouda | Tchania Corinne | Ndiaye Ibrahima | Barry Aichatou | Cissé Badara | Lameyre Valérie | Gaye Oumar
Treatment of acute diverticulitis laparoscopic lavage vs. resection (DILALA): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Thornell Anders | Angenete Eva | Gonzales Elisabeth | Heath Jane | Jess Per | Läckberg Zoltan | Ovesen Henrik | Rosenberg Jacob | Skullman Stefan | Haglind Eva
Mesenchymal stem cell transplantation ameliorates motor function deterioration of spinocerebellar ataxia by rescuing cerebellar Purkinje cells

Author(s): Chang You-Kang | Chen Ming-Hsiang | Chiang Yi-Hung | Chen Yu-Fan | Ma Wei-Hsien | Tseng Chian-You | Soong Bin-Wen | Ho Jennifer | Lee Oscar
A randomised controlled trial to prevent hospital readmissions and loss of functional ability in high risk older adults: a study protocol

Author(s): Courtney Mary | Edwards Helen | Chang Anne | Parker Anthony | Finlayson Kathleen | Hamilton Kyra
South Yorkshire Cohort: a 'cohort trials facility' study of health and weight - Protocol for the recruitment phase

Author(s): Relton Clare | Bissell Paul | Smith Christine | Blackburn Joanna | Cooper Cindy | Nicholl Jon | Tod Angela | Copeland Rob | Loban Amanda | Chater Tim | Thomas Kate | Young Tracy | Weir Carol | Harrison Gill | Millbourn Alison | Manners Rachel
Framework and indicator testing protocol for developing and piloting quality indicators for the UK quality and outcomes framework

Author(s): Campbell Stephen | Kontopantelis Evangelos | Hannon Kerin | Burke Martyn | Barber Annette | Lester Helen
Antibiotic prescribing pattern in paediatric in patients with first time wheezing

Author(s): Patra Soumya | Singh Varinder | Pemde Harish | Chandra Jagdish
Simultaneous use of traditional Chinese medicine (Si-Ni-Tang) to treat septic shock patients: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Chen Huang-Chi | Chen Wen-Chi | Lin Kai-Huang | Chen Yung-Hsiang | Lo Lun-Chien | Lee Tsung-Chieh | Hsia Te-Chun | Wang Chu-Hsien | Wu Shin-Hwar | Hsu Hsin-Whae | Chang Yu-Jun | Huang Yu-Chuen | Ku Tien-Hsiung | Horng Ming-Hwarng
Enzymatic synthesis of long double-stranded DNA labeled with haloderivatives of nucleobases in a precisely pre-determined sequence

Author(s): Sobolewski Ireneusz | Polska Katarzyna | Żylicz-Stachula Agnieszka | Jeżewska-Frąckowiak Joanna | Rak Janusz | Skowron Piotr
The clinical assessment study of the foot (CASF): study protocol for a prospective observational study of foot pain and foot osteoarthritis in the general population

Author(s): Roddy Edward | Myers Helen | Thomas Martin | Marshall Michelle | D'Cruz Deborah | Menz Hylton | Belcher John | Muller Sara | Peat George
Hwangryunhaedoktang in adult patients with Atopic Dermatitis: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, two-centre trial - study protocol

Author(s): Kim Nam-Kwen | Lee Dong-Hyo | Seo Hyung-Sik | Sun Seung-Ho | Oh Yong-Leol | Kim Ji-Eun | Yoon In-Hwan | Seo Eun-Sung | Shim Gye-Seon | Zaslawski Christopher
Methyl-binding domain protein-based DNA isolation from human blood serum combines DNA analyses and serum-autoantibody testing

Author(s): Wielscher Matthias | Pulverer Walter | Peham Johannes | Hofner Manuela | Rappaport Christine | Singer Christian | Jungbauer Christof | Nöhammer Christa | Weinhäusel Andreas
Infarctions in the vascular territory of the posterior cerebral artery: clinical features in 232 patients

Author(s): Arboix Adrià | Arbe Guillermo | García-Eroles Luis | Oliveres Montserrat | Parra Olga | Massons Joan
EARLYDRAIN- outcome after early lumbar CSF-drainage in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Bardutzky Jürgen | Witsch Jens | Jüttler Eric | Schwab Stefan | Vajkoczy Peter | Wolf Stefan
Effect of selenium supplementation on CD4 T-cell recovery, viral suppression, morbidity and quality of life of HIV-infected patients in Rwanda: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Kamwesiga Julius | Mutabazi Vincent | Kayumba Josephine | Tayari Jean-Claude | Smyth Richard | Fay Heather | Umurerwa Alice | Baziruwiha Marcel | Ntizimira Christian | Murebwayire Antoinette | Haguma Jean | Nyiransabimana Julienne | Habarurema Donatille | Mukarukundo Veneranda | Nzabandora Jean | Nzamwita Pascal | Mukazayire Ernestine | Mills Edward | Seely Dugald | McCready Douglas | Warren Don
Rationale, design, and implementation protocol of an electronic health record integrated clinical prediction rule (iCPR) randomized trial in primary care

Author(s): Mann Devin | Kannry Joseph | Edonyabo Daniel | Li Alice | Arciniega Jacqueline | Stulman James | Romero Lucas | Wisnivesky Juan | Adler Rhodes | McGinn Thomas
Effects of TLR agonists on maturation and function of 3-day dendritic cells from AML patients in complete remission

Author(s): Beck Barbara | Dörfel Daniela | Lichtenegger Felix | Geiger Christiane | Lindner Lysann | Merk Martina | Schendel Dolores | Subklewe Marion
Randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial of Swedish snus for smoking reduction and cessation

Author(s): Joksić Gordana | Spasojević-Tišma Vera | Antić Ruza | Nilsson Robert | Rutqvist Lars
The sydney playground project: popping the bubblewrap - unleashing the power of play: a cluster randomized controlled trial of a primary school playground-based intervention aiming to increase children's physical activity and social skills

Author(s): Bundy Anita | Naughton Geraldine | Tranter Paul | Wyver Shirley | Baur Louise | Schiller Wendy | Bauman Adrian | Engelen Lina | Ragen Jo | Luckett Tim | Niehues Anita | Stewart Gabrielle | Jessup Glenda | Brentnall Jennie
Assessing the impact of a food supplement on the nutritional status and body composition of HIV-infected Zambian women on ARVs

Author(s): Zulu Rodah | Byrne Nuala | Munthali Grace | Chipeta James | Handema Ray | Musonda Mofu | Hills Andrew
Foreign children with cancer in Italy

Author(s): Rondelli Roberto | Dini Giorgio | De Rosa Marisa | Quarello Paola | Bisogno Gianni | Aricò Maurizio | Vasconcelos Carivaldo | Tamaro Paolo | Casazza Gabriella | Zecca Marco | De Laurentis Clementina | Porta Fulvio | Pession Andrea
Protocol for a double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial of lithium carbonate in patients with amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (LiCALS) [Eudract number: 2008-006891-31]

Author(s): Al-Chalabi Ammar | Shaw Pamela | Young Carolyn | Morrison Karen | Murphy Caroline | Thornhill Marie | Kelly Joanna | Steen I Nicholas | Leigh P Nigel
Stimulant Reduction Intervention using Dosed Exercise (STRIDE) - CTN 0037: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Trivedi Madhukar | Greer Tracy | Grannemann Bruce | Church Timothy | Somoza Eugene | Blair Steven | Szapocznik Jose | Stoutenberg Mark | Rethorst Chad | Warden Diane | Ring Kolette | Walker Robrina | Morris David | Kosinski Andrzej | Kyle Tiffany | Marcus Bess | Crowell Becca | Oden Neal | Nunes Edward
The updating of clinical practice guidelines: insights from an international survey

Author(s): Alonso-Coello Pablo | Martínez García Laura | Carrasco Gimeno José Miguel | Solà Ivan | Qureshi Safia | Burgers Jako
Moxibustion for cephalic version: a feasibility randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Do Carole | Smith Caroline | Dahlen Hannah | Bisits Andrew | Schmied Virginia
Meropenem vs standard of care for treatment of late onset sepsis in children of less than 90 days of age: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Lutsar Irja | Trafojer Ursula | Heath Paul | Metsvaht Tuuli | Standing Joseph | Esposito Susanna | de Cabre Vincent | Oeser Clarissa | Aboulker Jean-Pierre
Comparison of two modes of vitamin B12 supplementation on neuroconduction and cognitive function among older people living in Santiago, Chile: a cluster randomized controlled trial. a study protocol [ISRCTN 02694183]

Author(s): Sánchez Hugo | Albala Cecilia | Lera Lydia | Castillo José | Verdugo Renato | Lavados Manuel | Hertrampf Eva | Brito Alex | Allen Lindsay | Uauy Ricardo
Protocol for Northern Ireland Caries Prevention in Practice Trial (NIC-PIP) trial: a randomised controlled trial to measure the effects and costs of a dental caries prevention regime for young children attending primary care dental services

Author(s): Tickle Martin | Milsom Keith | Donaldson Michael | Killough Seamus | O'Neill Ciaran | Crealey Grainne | Sutton Matthew | Noble Solveig | Greer Margaret | Worthington Helen
DIABRISK - SL Prevention of cardio-metabolic disease with life style modification in young urban Sri Lankan's - study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Wijesuriya Mahen | Gulliford Martin | Vasantharajah Laksha | Viberti Giancarlo | Gnudi Luigi | Karalliedde Janaka
Design, rationale, and baseline characteristics of a cluster randomized controlled trial of pay for performance for hypertension treatment: study protocol

Author(s): Petersen Laura | Urech Tracy | Simpson Kate | Pietz Kenneth | Hysong Sylvia | Profit Jochen | Conrad Douglas | Dudley R Adams | Lutschg Meghan | Petzel Robert | Woodard LeChauncy
Primitive neuroectodermal tumor of the cervix: a case report

Author(s): Farzaneh Farah | Rezvani Hamidreza | Boroujeni Parisa | Rahimi Farzaneh
Effect of herbal extract granules combined with probiotic mixture on irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Ko Seok-Jae | Ryu Bongha | Kim Jinsung | Hong Beom-Gi | Yeo Inkwon | Lee Beom-Joon | Lee Jin-Moo | Park Jae-Woo
Randomized controlled trial of mailed Nicotine Replacement Therapy to Canadian smokers: study protocol

Author(s): Cunningham John | Leatherdale Scott | Selby Peter | Tyndale Rachel | Zawertailo Laurie | Kushnir Vladyslav
Protocol for implementation of family health history collection and decision support into primary care using a computerized family health history system

Author(s): Orlando Lori | Hauser Elizabeth | Christianson Carol | Powell Karen | Buchanan Adam | Chesnut Blair | Agbaje Astrid | Henrich Vincent | Ginsburg Geoffrey
Reduction of surgical site infection using a novel intervention (ROSSINI): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Pinkney Thomas | Bartlett David | Hawkins William | Mak Tony | Youssef Haney | Futaba Kaori | Harrison Gareth | Gheorghe Adrian | Bradbury Jennifer | Calvert Melanie | Dowswell George | Magill Laura | Redman Val | Wilson Sue | Leaper David | Morton Dion
Methadone adverse reaction presenting with large increase in plasma methadone binding: a case series

Author(s): Lu Wenjie | Zhou Weidong | Kreutz Yvonne | Flockhart David
A phase I trial of PR-104, a pre-prodrug of the bioreductive prodrug PR-104A, given weekly to solid tumour patients

Author(s): McKeage Mark | Gu Yongchuan | Wilson William | Hill Andrew | Amies Karen | Melink Teresa | Jameson Michael
Effect of a conventional energy-restricted modified diet with or without meal replacement on weight loss and cardiometabolic risk profile in overweight women

Author(s): Metzner Christine | Folberth-Vögele Anke | Bitterlich Norman | Lemperle Martin | Schäfer Sandy | Alteheld Birgit | Stehle Peter | Siener Roswitha
Multi-professional clinical medication reviews in care homes for the elderly: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial with cost effectiveness analysis

Author(s): Desborough James | Houghton Julie | Wood John | Wright David | Holland Richard | Sach Tracey | Ashwell Sue | Shaw Val
Combined STN/SNr-DBS for the treatment of refractory gait disturbances in Parkinson's disease: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Weiss Daniel | Wächter Tobias | Meisner Christoph | Fritz Melanie | Gharabaghi Alireza | Plewnia Christian | Breit Sorin | Krüger Rejko
Efficacy and tolerance of the topical application of potassium hydroxide (10% and 15%) in the treatment of molluscum contagiosum: Randomized clinical trial: Research protocol

Author(s): Marsal Josep | Cruz Ines | Teixido Concepcio | Diez Olga | Martinez Mireia | Galindo Gisela | Real Jordi | Schoenenberger Joan | Pera Helena
Site-specific endometrial injury improves implantation and pregnancy in patients with repeated implantation failures

Author(s): Huang Shang | Wang Chin-Jung | Soong Yung-Kuei | Wang Hsin-Shih | Wang Mei | Lin Chieh | Chang Chia
Stem cell therapy for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: a protocol proposal

Author(s): Tzouvelekis Argyris | Koliakos George | Ntolios Paschalis | Baira Irene | Bouros Evangelos | Oikonomou Anastasia | Zissimopoulos Athanassios | Kolios George | Kakagia Despoina | Paspaliaris Vassilis | Kotsianidis Ioannis | Froudarakis Marios | Bouros Demosthenes
Alzheimer's disease - input of vitamin D with mEmantine assay (AD-IDEA trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Annweiler Cédric | Fantino Bruno | Parot-Schinkel Elsa | Thiery Samuel | Gautier Jennifer | Beauchet Olivier
Prolonged-release melatonin versus placebo for benzodiazepine discontinuation in patients with schizophrenia: a randomized clinical trial - the SMART trial protocol

Author(s): Baandrup Lone | Fagerlund Birgitte | Jennum Poul | Lublin Henrik | Hansen Jane | Winkel Per | Gluud Christian | Oranje Bob | Glenthoj Birte
SCOPE1: a randomised phase II/III multicentre clinical trial of definitive chemoradiation, with or without cetuximab, in carcinoma of the oesophagus

Author(s): Hurt Christopher | Nixon Lisette | Griffiths Gareth | Al-Mokhtar Ruby | Gollins Simon | Staffurth John | Phillips Ceri | Blazeby Jane | Crosby Tom
Development of quality indicators for monitoring outcomes of frail elderly hospitalised in acute care health settings: Study Protocol

Author(s): Brand Caroline | Martin-Khan Melinda | Wright Olivia | Jones Richard | Morris John | Travers Catherine | Tropea Joannne | Gray Leonard
A longitudinal, multi-level comparative study of quality and safety in European hospitals: the QUASER study protocol

Author(s): Robert Glenn | Anderson Janet | Burnett Susan | Aase Karina | Andersson-Gare Boel | Bal Roland | Calltorp Johan | Nunes Francisco | Weggelaar Anne-Marie | Vincent Charles | Fulop Naomi
Molecular targets and oxidative stress biomarkers in hepatocellular carcinoma: an overview

Author(s): Marra Monica | Sordelli Ignazio | Lombardi Angela | Lamberti Monica | Tarantino Luciano | Giudice Aldo | Stiuso Paola | Abbruzzese Alberto | Sperlongano Rossella | Accardo Marina | Agresti Massimo | Caraglia Michele | Sperlongano Pasquale
Sleep study, respiratory mechanics, chemosensitive response and quality of life in morbidly obese patients undergoing bariatric surgery: a prospective, randomized, controlled trial

Author(s): Oliveira Luis | Aguiar Isabella | Hirata Raquel | Faria Junior Newton | Reis Israel | Sampaio Luciana | Oliveira Claudia | Carvalho Paulo | Leitao Filho Fernando | Giannasi Lilian | Pinto Lia | Malheiros Carlos | Freitas Wilson
Comparison of standard fusion with a "topping off" system in lumbar spine surgery: a protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Siewe Jan | Otto Christina | Knoell Peter | Koriller Marco | Stein Gregor | Kaulhausen Thomas | Eysel Peer | Zarghooni Kourosh | Franklin Jeremy | Sobottke Rolf
The chronic care for age-related macular degeneration study (CHARMED): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Frei Anja | Woitzek Katja | Wang Mathyas | Held Ulrike | Rosemann Thomas
Protocol for the OUTREACH trial: a randomised trial comparing delivery of cancer systemic therapy in three different settings - patient's home, GP surgery and hospital day unit

Author(s): Corrie Pippa | Moody Margaret | Wood Victoria | Bavister Linda | Prevost Toby | Parker Richard | Sabes-Figuera Ramon | McCrone Paul | Balsdon Helen | McKinnon Karen | O'Sullivan Brendan | Tan Ray | Barclay Stephen
Identification of the calcitonin receptor in osteoarthritic chondrocytes

Author(s): Segovia-Silvestre Toni | Bonnefond Caroline | Sondergaard Bodil | Christensen Tjorbjoern | Karsdal Morten | Bay-Jensen Anne
Cost-effectiveness of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in infants (IPTi) for averting anaemia in Gabon: a comparison between intention to treat and according to protocol analyses

Author(s): Sicuri Elisa | Biao Prosper | Hutton Guy | Tediosi Fabrizio | Menendez Clara | Lell Bertrand | Kremsner Peter | Conteh Lesong | Grobusch Martin
Which dressing do donor site wounds need?: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Eskes Anne | Brölmann Fleur | Gerbens Louise | Ubbink Dirk | Vermeulen Hester
Limiting weight gain in overweight and obese women during pregnancy to improve health outcomes: the LIMIT randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Dodd Jodie | Turnbull Deborah | McPhee Andrew | Wittert Gary | Crowther Caroline | Robinson Jeffrey
Predictors of long-term pain and disability in patients with low back pain investigated by magnetic resonance imaging: A longitudinal study

Author(s): McNee Philip | Shambrook James | Harris E Clare | Kim Miranda | Sampson Madeleine | Palmer Keith | Coggon David
Implementing collaborative care for depression treatment in primary care: A cluster randomized evaluation of a quality improvement practice redesign

Author(s): Chaney Edmund | Rubenstein Lisa | Liu Chuan-Fen | Yano Elizabeth | Bolkan Cory | Lee Martin | Simon Barbara | Lanto Andy | Felker Bradford | Uman Jane
Development of standardized laboratory methods and quality processes for a phase III study of the RTS, S/AS01 candidate malaria vaccine

Author(s): Swysen Christine | Vekemans Johan | Bruls Myriam | Oyakhirome Sunny | Drakeley Chris | Kremsner Peter | Greenwood Brian | Ofori-Anyinam Opokua | Okech Brenda | Villafana Tonya | Carter Terrell | Savarese Barbara | Duse Adriano | Reijman Andrea | Ingram Charlotte | Frean John | Ogutu Bernhards
Effect of one session resistance exercise on skin sensibility in hypertensive and normotensive physically-active older woman. 10.5007/1980-0037.2011v13n6p409

Author(s): Marilia Ceccato | Sandra Aires Ferreira | José Claudio Jambassi Filho | André Luiz Demantova Gurjão | Luiza Herminia Gallo | Alexandre Konig Garcia Prado | Sebastião Gobbi
Cystic fibrosis-related liver disease: a single-center experience

Author(s): Paula Catarino Costa | Celeste Canha Barreto | Luisa Pereira | Maria Luisa Lobo | Maria Adília Costa | Ana Isabel Gouveia Lopes
Assessment of the efficacy of first-line antimalarial drugs after 5 years of deployment by the National Malaria Control Programme in Côte d'Ivoire

Author(s): Offianan AT | Assi SB | Coulibaly A | N'guessan LT | Ako AA | Kadjo FK | San MK | Penali LK
Case Based Medical Diagnosis of Occupational Chronic Lung Diseases From Their Symptoms and Signs

Author(s): Prempal Singh Tomar, Ranjit Singh, P K Saxena, Jeetu Sharma
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