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Estimation of (Co) Variance Components for Type Traits in Charolais Cattle

Author(s): D. Norris | N.W. Selapa | C.B. Banga | J.W. Ngambi
Lower extremity joint kinetics and lumbar curvature during squat and stoop lifting

Author(s): Hwang Seonhong | Kim Youngeun | Kim Youngho
Flexible bronchoscopic management of benign tracheal stenosis: long term follow-up of 115 patients

Author(s): Rahman Nader | Fruchter Oren | Shitrit David | Fox Benjamin | Kramer Mordechai

Recurrence rate of different techniques for repair of coarctation of aorta: A 10 years experience

Author(s): Dehaki Maziar | Ghavidel Alireza | Givtaj Nader | Omrani Gholamreza | Salehi Shahyad
Is bisphosphonate therapy for benign bone disease associated with impaired dental healing? A case-controlled study

Author(s): Borromeo Gelsomina | Brand Caroline | Clement John | McCullough Michael | Thomson Wendy | Flitzanis Elly | Wark John
Venous oximetry

Author(s): Zaja, Josko
Design of the Endobronchial Valve for Emphysema Palliation Trial (VENT): a non-surgical method of lung volume reduction

Author(s): Strange Charlie | Herth Felix | Kovitz Kevin | McLennan Geoffrey | Ernst Armin | Goldin Jonathan | Noppen Marc | Criner Gerard | Sciurba Frank
Radical stereotactic radiosurgery with real-time tumor motion tracking in the treatment of small peripheral lung tumors

Author(s): Collins Brian | Erickson Kelly | Reichner Cristina | Collins Sean | Gagnon Gregory | Dieterich Sonja | McRae Don | Zhang Ying | Yousefi Shadi | Levy Elliot | Chang Thomas | Jamis-Dow Carlos | Banovac Filip | Anderson Eric
INvestigational Vertebroplasty Efficacy and Safety Trial (INVEST): a randomized controlled trial of percutaneous vertebroplasty

Author(s): Gray Leigh | Jarvik Jeffrey | Heagerty Patrick | Hollingworth William | Stout Lydia | Comstock Bryan | Turner Judith | Kallmes David
Analysis of in situ and ex vivo αVß3 integrin expression during experimental carotid atherogenesis

Author(s): Yao Y | Jiang Y | Sheng Z | Zhang Y | An Y | Yan F | Ma G | Liu N | Teng G | Cheng Z
Use of antiarrhythmic drugs in elderly patients

Author(s): Hon-Chi Lee | Kristin TL Huang | Win-Kuang Shen
Safety and caregiver satisfaction with gastrostomy in patients with Ataxia Telangiectasia

Author(s): Lefton-Greif Maureen | Crawford Thomas | McGrath-Morrow Sharon | Carson Kathryn | Lederman Howard
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