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Routes to Nanoparticle-Polymer Superlattices

Author(s): Sara Mehdizadeh Taheri | Steffen Fischer | Stephan Förster
Foreign Exchange and Inflation in Pakistan: Evidence from ARDL Modelling Approach

Author(s): Imran Sharif Chaudhry | Mohammad Hanif Akhtar | Khalid Mahmood | Muhammad Zahir Faridi
Co-Integration Analysis of Economic Development and Democracy: The Case of Turkey

Author(s): Dogan Uysal | M.C. ÖzÕahin and Ô. ÖzÕahin
Whole genome co-expression analysis of soybean cytochrome P450 genes identifies nodulation-specific P450 monooxygenases

Author(s): Guttikonda Satish | Trupti Joshi | Bisht Naveen | Chen Hui | An Yong-Qiang | Pandey Sona | Xu Dong | Yu Oliver
Dynamic functional modules in co-expressed protein interaction networks of dilated cardiomyopathy

Author(s): Lin Chen-Ching | Hsiang Jen-Tsung | Wu Chia-Yi | Oyang Yen-Jen | Juan Hsueh-Fen | Huang Hsuan-Cheng
Upper Limb Portable Motion Analysis System Based on Inertial Technology for Neurorehabilitation Purposes

Author(s): Rodrigo Pérez | Úrsula Costa | Marc Torrent | Javier Solana | Eloy Opisso | César Cáceres | Josep M. Tormos | Josep Medina | Enrique J. Gómez
Fabrication of a Flexible Micro CO Sensor for Micro Reformer Applications

Author(s): Chi-Yuan Lee | Chi-Chung Chang | Yi-Man Lo
Co-constructing Understanding of Self Access through Conversational Narrative

Author(s): John Adamson | Howard Brown | Naoki Fujimoto-Adamson
Plant genetic and molecular responses to water deficit

Author(s): Stefania Grillo | Antonio Blanco | Luigi Cattivelli | Immacolata Coraggio | Antonella Leone | Silvio Salvi
Plant genetic and molecular responses to water deficit

Author(s): Stefania Grillo | Antonio Blanco | Luigi Cattivelli | Immacolata Coraggio | Antonella Leone | Silvio Salvi
Improving yeast strains using recyclable integration cassettes, for the production of plant terpenoids

Author(s): Ignea Codruta | Cvetkovic Ivana | Loupassaki Sofia | Kefalas Panagiotis | Johnson Christopher | Kampranis Sotirios | Makris Antonios
BiologicalNetworks - tools enabling the integration of multi-scale data for the host-pathogen studies

Author(s): Kozhenkov Sergey | Sedova Mayya | Dubinina Yulia | Gupta Amarnath | Ray Animesh | Ponomarenko Julia | Baitaluk Michael
The burden and treatment of HIV in tuberculosis patients in Papua Province, Indonesia: a prospective observational study

Author(s): Pontororing Gysje | Kenangalem Enny | Lolong Dina | Waramori Govert | Sandjaja | Tjitra Emiliana | Price Ric | Kelly Paul | Anstey Nicholas | Ralph Anna
BiologicalNetworks 2.0 - an integrative view of genome biology data

Author(s): Kozhenkov Sergey | Dubinina Yulia | Sedova Mayya | Gupta Amarnath | Ponomarenko Julia | Baitaluk Michael
A powerful transgenic tool for fate mapping and functional analysis of newly generated neurons

Author(s): Zhang Jingzhong | Giesert Florian | Kloos Karina | Vogt Weisenhorn Daniela | Aigner Ludwig | Wurst Wolfgang | Couillard-Despres Sebastien
The Role of Exports, Inflation and Investment on Economic Growth in Pakistan -(1980-2009)

Author(s): Khalid Zama | Aisha Ismail | Rao Muhammad Atif | Abida Jadoon | Rabia Seemab
Dynamic Impact Mechanism of Birth Rate and GDP in Liaoning Province

Author(s): Fei-xue HUANG | Jing-qin SU | Cheng LI
Predictive integration of gene functional similarity and co-expression defines treatment response of endothelial progenitor cells

Author(s): Azuaje Francisco | Wang Haiying | Zheng Huiru | Léonard Frédérique | Rolland-Turner Magali | Zhang Lu | Devaux Yvan | Wagner Daniel
Exploration of plant genomes in the FLAGdb++ environment

Author(s): Dèrozier Sandra | Samson Franck | Tamby Jean-Philippe | Guichard Cécile | Brunaud Véronique | Grevet Philippe | Gagnot Séverine | Label Philippe | Leplé Jean-Charles | Lecharny Alain | Aubourg Sébastien
Interaction of legionella pneumophila and helicobacter pylori with bacterial species isolated from drinking water biofilms

Author(s): Gião Maria | Azevedo Nuno | Wilks Sandra | Vieira Maria | Keevil Charles
Development of new material for the environmental-friendly energy generation processes

Author(s): Ristic S. | Jovicevic A. | Kocic S. | Spasojevic M. | Maricic A.
The Role of Exports, Inflation and Investment on Economic Growth in Pakistan -(1980-2009)

Author(s): Khalid Zama | Aisha Ismail | Rao Muhammad Atif | Abida Jadoon | Rabia Seemab

Author(s): Furrukh Bashir | Shahbaz Nawaz | Rahat Ullah | Muhammad Ramzan Arshad | Munwar Bagum | Muhammad Asif Sandila | Jawad Raza
Designing a compatible model of share issue privatization for Tehran stock exchange (TSE) development

Author(s): Mohammad Aram Bonyar | Fatemeh Pousti | Corynne Jaffeux
Arbitrage Price Theory (APT) and Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE)

Author(s): Sulaiman D. Mohammad | Syed Iqbal Hussain Naqvi | Irfan Lal | Saba Zehra

Author(s): Amadou Maiga Ousseini | Professor Xiaojuan Hu | Badamassi Aboubacar
Co-movements of Oil, Gold, the U.S. Dollar, and Stocks

Author(s): Ali H. M. Zadeh | Subarna K. Samanta
Efficient Hardware/Software Implementation of LPC Algorithm in Speech Coding Applications

Author(s): Wajdi Elhamzi | Rached Tourki | Mohamed Atri | Fatma Sayadi
Efficient Hardware/Software Implementation of LPC Algorithm in Speech Coding Applications

Author(s): Wajdi Elhamzi | Rached Tourki | Mohamed Atri | Fatma Sayadi
Multi-sensor Aerosol Products Sampling System (MAPSS)

Author(s): M. Petrenko | C. Ichoku | G. Leptoukh
Public Capital and Regional Economic Growth: a SVAR Approach for the Spanish Regions

Author(s): Miguel A. Márquez | Julián Ramajo | Geoffrey J. D. Hewings

Author(s): S.Vyshali | M.V.Subramanyam | Dr.K.Soundara Rajan
Estimating the Effect of Carbon Tax on CO2 Emissions of Coal in China

Author(s): Kezhong Zhang | Juan Wang | Yongming Huang
Causal Relationships between Financial Development, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth the Case of Nigeria

Author(s): Philip Ifeakachukwu Nwosa | Ajibola Mary Agbeluyi | Olufemi Muibi Saibu
Uncovering Tacit Knowledge: A Pilot Study to Broaden the Concept of Knowledge in Knowledge Translation

Author(s): Kothari Anita | Bickford Julia | Edwards Nancy | Dobbins Maureen | Meyer Mechthild
Simple Shared Motifs (SSM) in conserved region of promoters: a new approach to identify co-regulation patterns

Author(s): Gruel Jérémy | LeBorgne Michel | LeMeur Nolwenn | Théret Nathalie
Recent trends in bioethanol production

Author(s): Semenčenko Valentina V. | Mojović Ljiljana V. | Petrović Slobodan D. | Ocić Ozren
Hardware/Software Co-design of Global Cloud System Resolving

Author(s): Michael Wehner | Leonid Oliker | John Shalf | David Donofrio | Leroy A. Drummond | Ross Heikes | Shoaib Kamil | Celal Konor | Norman Miller | Huiro Miura | Marghoob Mohiyuddin | David Randall | Woo-Sun Yang
Private and Public Investment in Malaysia: A Panel Time-series Analysis

Author(s): Sallahuddin Hassan | Zalila Othman | Mohd Zaini Abd Karim
Non-Retroviral Fossils in Vertebrate Genomes

Author(s): Masayuki Horie | Keizo Tomonaga

Author(s): Furrukh Bashi | Shahbaz Nawaz | Kalsoom Yasi | Usman Khursheed | Jahanzeb Khan | Muhammad Junaid Qureshi
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Richard Chbeir | Youakim Badr
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad Al-Rousan | Wei Li | Ahmed Al-Dubai
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Devaluation and Output Growth: Evidence from Pakistan

Author(s): Muhammad Asif | Syed Qasim Shah | Khalid Zaman | Kashif Rashid
A Wnt1 regulated Frizzled-1/β-Catenin signaling pathway as a candidate regulatory circuit controlling mesencephalic dopaminergic neuron-astrocyte crosstalk: Therapeutical relevance for neuron survival and neuroprotection

Author(s): L'Episcopo Francesca | Serapide Maria | Tirolo Cataldo | Testa Nunzio | Caniglia Salvatore | Morale Maria | Pluchino Stefano | Marchetti Bianca
Syntenic relationships between cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) and melon (C. melo L.) chromosomes as revealed by comparative genetic mapping

Author(s): Li Dawei | Cuevas Hugo | Yang Luming | Li Yuhong | Garcia-Mas Jordi | Zalapa Juan | Staub Jack | Luan Feishi | Reddy Umesh | He Xiaoming | Gong Zhenhui | Weng Yiqun
Ten years integrated care for mental disorders in the Netherlands

Author(s): Christina M van der Feltz-Cornelis
Monetary Policy Reaction Function and Sterilization of Capital Inflows: An Analysis of Asian Countries

Author(s): Muhammad Saim Hashmi | Changsheng Xu | Muhammad Mahroof Khan | Mohsin Bashir | Faheem Ghazanfar
Determination of Import Demand in Pakistan: The Role of Expenditure Components

Author(s): Muhammad Irfan CHANI | Zahid PERVAIZ | Amatul R. CHAUDHARY
Statistical Test of Expression Pattern (STEPath): a new strategy to integrate gene expression data with genomic information in individual and meta-analysis studies

Author(s): Martini Paolo | Risso Davide | Sales Gabriele | Romualdi Chiara | Lanfranchi Gerolamo | Cagnin Stefano
Women in post-trafficking services in moldova: diagnostic interviews over two time periods to assess returning women's mental health

Author(s): Ostrovschi Nicolae | Prince Martin | Zimmerman Cathy | Hotineanu Mihai | Gorceag Lilia | Gorceag Viorel | Flach Clare | Abas Melanie
Assessing the functional coherence of modules found in multiple-evidence networks from Arabidopsis

Author(s): Lysenko Artem | Defoin-Platel Michael | Hassani-Pak Keywan | Taubert Jan | Hodgman Charlie | Rawlings Christopher | Saqi Mansoor
Air Quality Modeling for the Urban Jackson, Mississippi Region Using a High Resolution WRF/Chem Model

Author(s): Anjaneyulu Yerramilli | Venkata B. Dodla | Srinivas Desamsetti | Srinivas V. Challa | John H. Young | Chuck Patrick | Julius M. Baham | Robert L. Hughes | Sudha Yerramilli | Francis Tuluri | Mark G. Hardy | Shelton J. Swanier
Ten years of integrated care in Switzerland

Author(s): Peter Berchtold | Isabelle Peytremann-Bridevaux

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