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Infectrons and coevolution

Author(s): Tosta Carlos Eduardo
Phylotree – a toolkit for computing experiments with distance-based methods for genome coevolution

Author(s): Arnaoudova Elissaveta | Jaromczyk Jerzy | Moore Neil | Schardl Christopher | Yoshida Ruriko
Palaearctic origin of Leishmania

Author(s): Kerr Sara F
Sustainability and sacred values

Author(s): John Cairns Jr.
Is host-schistosome coevolution going anywhere?

Author(s): Webster Joanne | Shrivastava Jaya | Johnson Paul | Blair Lynsey
Coevolution of exploiter specialization and victim mimicry can be cyclic and saltational

Author(s): Niclas Norrström | Wayne M. Getz | Noél M.A. Holmgren
Feeling manipulated: cytomegalovirus immune manipulation

Author(s): Miller-Kittrell Mindy | Sparer Tim
Reseña de ¿The geographic mosaic of coevolution¿ de John N. Thompson

Author(s): Agustina Novillo | Cecilia Lanzone | Jorge Valdez | Pablo Asprelli
A review of protective ant-plant interaction and its mediation mechanism

Author(s): ZHANG Shuang | ZHANG Yu-Xin | MA Ke-Ming
Coevolution Based Adaptive Monte Carlo Localization (CEAMCL)

Author(s): Luo Ronghua | Hong Bingrong
Male sexual ornament size is positively associated with reproductive morphology and enhanced fertility in the stalk-eyed fly Teleopsis dalmanni

Author(s): Rogers David | Denniff Matthew | Chapman Tracey | Fowler Kevin | Pomiankowski Andrew
The evolution of TEP1, an exceptionally polymorphic immunity gene in Anopheles gambiae

Author(s): Obbard Darren | Callister Deborah | Jiggins Francis | Soares Dinesh | Yan Guiyun | Little Tom
Evolution of the parasitic wasp subfamily Rogadinae (Braconidae): phylogeny and evolution of lepidopteran host ranges and mummy characteristics

Author(s): Zaldívar-Riverón Alejandro | Shaw Mark | Sáez Alberto | Mori Miharu | Belokoblylskij Sergey | Shaw Scott | Quicke Donald
Detecting coevolution without phylogenetic trees? Tree-ignorant metrics of coevolution perform as well as tree-aware metrics

Author(s): Caporaso J Gregory | Smit Sandra | Easton Brett | Hunter Lawrence | Huttley Gavin | Knight Rob
Tracking costs of virulence in natural populations of the wheat pathogen, Puccinia striiformis f.sp.tritici

Author(s): Bahri Bochra | Kaltz Oliver | Leconte Marc | de Vallavieille-Pope Claude | Enjalbert Jérôme
RNA Relics and Origin of Life

Author(s): Jacques Demongeot | Nicolas Glade | Andrés Moreira | Laurent Vial
Including RNA secondary structures improves accuracy and robustness in reconstruction of phylogenetic trees

Author(s): Keller Alexander | Förster Frank | Müller Tobias | Dandekar Thomas | Schultz Jörg | Wolf Matthias
A parameter-adaptive dynamic programming approach for inferring cophylogenies

Author(s): Merkle Daniel | Middendorf Martin | Wieseke Nicolas
Building Self-Configuring Data Centers with Cross Layer Coevolution

Author(s): Paskorn Champrasert | Junichi Suzuki
BioPhysConnectoR: Connecting Sequence Information and Biophysical Models

Author(s): Hoffgaard Franziska | Weil Philipp | Hamacher Kay
Chiropteran types I and II interferon genes inferred from genome sequencing traces by a statistical gene-family assembler

Author(s): Kepler Thomas | Sample Christopher | Hudak Kathryn | Roach Jeffrey | Haines Albert | Walsh Allyson | Ramsburg Elizabeth
Coevolution of Cooperation, Response to Adverse Social Ties and Network Structure

Author(s): Sven Van Segbroeck | Francisco C. Santos | Jorge M. Pacheco | Tom Lenaerts
Redes Interorganizacionais Horizontais Vistas como Sistemas Adaptativos Complexos Coevolutivos: o Caso de uma Rede de Supermercados

Author(s): Aline Lourenço de Oliveira | Daniel Carvalho de Rezende | Cleber Castro de Carvalho
Species-specificity and coevolution of figs and their pollinating wasps

Author(s): Yan Chen | Hongqing Li | Min Liu | Xiaoyong Chen
Molecular evolution of a gene cluster of serine proteases expressed in the Anopheles gambiae female reproductive tract

Author(s): Mancini Emiliano | Tammaro Federica | Baldini Francesco | Via Allegra | Raimondo Domenico | George Phillip | Audisio Paolo | Sharakhov Igor | Tramontano Anna | Catteruccia Flaminia | Torre Alessandra della
Further support for a palaearctic origin of Leishmania

Author(s): Kerr Sara F | Merkelz Robert | MacKinnon Christy
Paleoparasitology and the antiquity of human host-parasite relationships

Author(s): Araújo Adauto | Ferreira Luiz Fernando
The evolution of pathogenic trypanosomes

Author(s): Stevens Jamie R. | Gibson Wendy C.
SARS Transmission Pattern in Singapore Reassessed by Viral Sequence Variation Analysis

Author(s): Liu Jianjun | Lim Siew Lan | Ruan Yijun | Ling Ai Ee | Ng Lisa F. P | Drosten Christian | Liu Edison T | Stanton Lawrence W | Hibberd Martin L
Deep mtDNA divergences indicate cryptic species in a fig-pollinating wasp

Author(s): Haine Eleanor | Martin Joanne | Cook James
Complex host-pathogen coevolution in the Apterostigma fungus-growing ant-microbe symbiosis

Author(s): Gerardo Nicole | Mueller Ulrich | Currie Cameron
Analyses of carnivore microsatellites and their intimate association with tRNA-derived SINEs

Author(s): López-Giráldez Francesc | Andrés Olga | Domingo-Roura Xavier | Bosch Montserrat
Differential impact of simultaneous migration on coevolving hosts and parasites

Author(s): Morgan Andrew | Brockhurst Michael | Lopez-Pascua Laura | Pal Csaba | Buckling Angus
Pair of lice lost or parasites regained: the evolutionary history of anthropoid primate lice

Author(s): Reed David | Light Jessica | Allen Julie | Kirchman Jeremy
Diversifying selection and host adaptation in two endosymbiont genomes

Author(s): Brownlie Jeremy | Adamski Marcin | Slatko Barton | McGraw Elizabeth
Protein Coevolution and Isoexpression in Yeast Macromolecular Complexes

Author(s): Laurence Ettwiller | Reiner A. Veitia
Why Should We Care About Molecular Coevolution?

Author(s): Francisco M. Codoñer | Mario A. Fares
Reducing the false positive rate in the non-parametric analysis of molecular coevolution

Author(s): Codoñer Francisco | O'Dea Shirley | Fares Mario
On the Coevolution of Transposable Elements and Plant Genomes

Author(s): Peter Civáň | Miroslav Švec | Pavol Hauptvogel
Protein Coevolution and Isoexpression in Yeast Macromolecular Complexes

Author(s): Laurence Ettwiller | Reiner A. Veitia
Synthesis of Time-to-Amplitude Converter by Mean CoeVolution with Adaptive Parameters

Author(s): Yerbol A. Sapargaliyev | Tatiana G. Kalganova
Ecopathology of Ranaviruses Infecting Amphibians

Author(s): Debra Miller | Matthew Gray | Andrew Storfer
Identification of specificity determining residues in peptide recognition domains using an information theoretic approach applied to large-scale binding maps

Author(s): Yip Kevin | Utz Lukas | Sitwell Simon | Hu Xihao | Sidhu Sachdev | Turk Benjamin | Gerstein Mark | Kim Philip
Coevolution of amino acid residues in the key photosynthetic enzyme Rubisco

Author(s): Wang Mingcong | Kapralov Maxim | Anisimova Maria
El concepto de desarrollo sustentable treinta años después

Author(s): Guillermo Foladori | Humberto Tommasino
Functional co-evolutionary study of glucosamine-6-phosphate synthase in mycoses causing fungi

Author(s): Kamalika Banerjee | Sanjay Gupta | Sanjeev Kumar Sharma | Utkarsh Gupta | Chakresh Kumar Jain*
New methods to measure residues coevolution in proteins

Author(s): Gao Hongyun | Dou Yongchao | Yang Jialiang | Wang Jun
A late origin of the extant eukaryotic diversity: divergence time estimates using rare genomic changes

Author(s): Chernikova Diana | Motamedi Sam | Csürös Miklós | Koonin Eugene | Rogozin Igor
Molecular evolution of rbcL in three gymnosperm families: identifying adaptive and coevolutionary patterns

Author(s): Sen Lin | Fares Mario | Liang Bo | Gao Lei | Wang Bo | Wang Ting | Su Ying-Juan
A comprehensive transcriptome and immune-gene repertoire of the lepidopteran model host Galleria mellonella

Author(s): Vogel Heiko | Altincicek Boran | Glöckner Gernot | Vilcinskas Andreas
A new, fast algorithm for detecting protein coevolution using maximum compatible cliques

Author(s): Rodionov Alex | Bezginov Alexandr | Rose Jonathan | Tillier Elisabeth
Coevolution Based Adaptive Monte Carlo Localization (CEAMCL)

Author(s): Luo Ronghua | Hong Bingrong
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