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Functional imaging and related techniques: An introduction for rehabilitation researchers

Author(s): Bruce Crosson, PhD | Anastasia Ford, BS | Keith M. McGregor, PhD | Marcus Meinzer, PhD | Sergey Cheshkov, PhD | Xiufeng Li, PhD | Delaina Walker-Batson, PhD | Richard W. Briggs, PhD
The theory underlying concept maps and how to construct and use them

Author(s): Joseph D. Novak | Alberto J. Cañas

Author(s): Biljana Mišić Ilić
The Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Treatment Study II: rationale, design and methods

Author(s): Freeman Jennifer | Choate-Summers Molly | Garcia Abbe | Moore Phoebe | Sapyta Jeffrey | Khanna Muniya | March John | Foa Edna | Franklin Martin
Easier surveillance of climate-related health vulnerabilities through a Web-based spatial OLAP application

Author(s): Bernier Eveline | Gosselin Pierre | Badard Thierry | Bédard Yvan
What do IPAQ questions mean to older adults? Lessons from cognitive interviews

Author(s): Heesch Kristiann | van Uffelen Jannique | Hill Robert | Brown Wendy
Neuroscientists as Cartographers: Mapping the Crossroads of Gonadal Hormones, Memory and Age Using Animal Models

Author(s): Heather A. Bimonte-Nelson | Jazmin I. Acosta | Joshua S. Talboom
Functional mapping of language networks in the normal brain using a word-association task

Author(s): Ghosh Shantanu | Basu Amrita | Kumaran Senthil | Khushu Subash
On Lynch's and post-Lynchians theories

Author(s): Šiđanin Predrag
Dynamics of protofibril elongation and association involved in Aβ42 peptide aggregation in Alzheimer’s disease

Author(s): Ghosh Preetam | Kumar Amit | Datta Bhaswati | Rangachari Vijayaraghavan
Systematic development of a self-regulation weight-management intervention for overweight adults

Author(s): van Genugten Lenneke | van Empelen Pepijn | Flink Ilse | Oenema Anke
Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) of anxiety disorders before and after treatment with citalopram

Author(s): Carey Paul | Warwick James | Niehaus Dana | van der Linden Geoffrey | van Heerden Barend | Harvey Brian | Seedat Soraya | Stein Dan
Parsing a Cognitive Task: A Characterization of the Mind's Bottleneck

Author(s): Sigman Mariano | Dehaene Stanislas
A Turner syndrome neurocognitive phenotype maps to Xp22.3

Author(s): Zinn Andrew | Roeltgen David | Stefanatos Gerry | Ramos Purita | Elder Frederick | Kushner Harvey | Kowal Karen | Ross Judith

Author(s): Erdogan Tezc | Cihad Demirli | Vahit Sapar
From Cognitive Landscapes to Digital Hyperscapes

Author(s): José Bidarra | Ana Dias
Mentoring Entrepreneurial Networks: mapping conceptions of participants in technological-based business incubators in Brazil.

Author(s): Pontes Regis, Helder | Anthony Falk, James | Calado Dias, Sônia Maria R. | Bittencourt Bastos, Antonio Virgilio
Spatial Navigation: Spatial Learning in Real and Virtual Environments

Author(s): Debbie M. Kelly | Brett M. Gibson

Author(s): Ming-Hone Tsai | Yu-De Lin | Yea-Huey Su
Cognitive mapping applied to Brazilian aerospace decision problems

Author(s): Paloma Ribeiro dos Santos | Rocio Soledad Gutierrez Curo | Mischel Carmen Neyra Belderrain
The COHERENT Methodology in FunGramKB

Author(s): Carlos Periñán-Pascual | Ricardo Mairal-Usón
A Fuzzy Expert System Architecture for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: A Cognitive Mapping Approach

Author(s): Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli | Ismail Burhan Türkşen | Mohammad Hossein Fazel Zarandi | Mahdi Khademian
A Fuzzy Expert System Architecture for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: A Cognitive Mapping Approach

Author(s): Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli | Ismail Burhan Türkşen | Mohammad Hossein Fazel Zarandi | Mahdi Khademian
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Malin Song | Dingding Pan | Jie Wu | Li Yang | Hongping Zhou | Christopher Clemence
The Cerebral Blood Flow Correlates of Emotional Facial Processing in Mild Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Roger T. Staff | Trevor S. Ahearn | Louise H. Phillips | Clare Scott | Donald Mowat | Claude Wischik | Lawrence J. Whalley | Alison D. Murray
Influences of Age and Length of Education on rCBF-SPECT in Healthy Elderly: Diagnostic Implications for Dementia

Author(s): Torbjörn Sundström | Anne Larsson | Lars Nyberg | Katrine Riklund
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