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A High Diffusive Model for Nanomaterials

Author(s): Di Sia P | Dallacasa V
On pressure drop in particle-laden horizontal channel flow

Author(s): Laín Santiago | Sommerfeld Martin
Research into occupant's motion in vehicles during crashes

Author(s): L. Pelenytė-Vyšniauskienė | A. Jurkauskas
Electron Capture in Collisions of Slow Highly Charged Ions with an Atom and a Molecule: Processes and Fragmentation Dynamics

Author(s): François Frémont | Guillaume Laurent | Jimmy Rangama | Przemyslaw Sobocinski | Medhi Tarisien | Lamri Adoui | Amine Cassimi | Jean-Yves Chesnel | Xavier Fléchard | Dominique Hennecart | Xavier Husson
Traumatic pancreatic fistula with sinistral portal hypertension: Surgical management

Author(s): Shoukat Ahmad Bojal | Kam Fung Leung | Abdul-Wahed Nasir Meshikhes
Six-Degree-of-Freedom Sensor Fish Design and Instrumentation

Author(s): Zhiqun Deng | Thomas J. Carlson | Joanne P. | Marshall C. Richmond
Deceleration during 'real life' motor vehicle collisions – a sensitive predictor for the risk of sustaining a cervical spine injury?

Author(s): Elbel Martin | Kramer Michael | Huber-Lang Markus | Hartwig Erich | Dehner Christoph
The impact of helmets on motorcycle head trauma at a tertiary hospital in Jamaica

Author(s): Crandon Ivor | Harding Hyacinth | Cawich Shamir | Frankson Morton | Gordon-Strachan Georgiana | McLennon Noel | McDonald Archibald | Fearon-Boothe Doreen | Meeks-Aitken Nicole | Watson-Jones Karen | James Kenneth
Deriving the normalised ion-neutral collision frequency from EISCAT observations

Author(s): J. A. Davies | M. Lester | T. R. Robinson
Crash Injury Prediction and Vehicle Damage Reporting by Paramedics: A Feasibility Study

Author(s): Vaca, Federico E | Anderson, Craig L | Herrera, Harold | Patel, Chirag | Silman, Eric F | DeGuzman, Rhian

Author(s): M. Rengel | M. Ku00FCppers | H. U. Keller | P. Gutierrez | S. F. Hviid
A Complete Simulation of Target Detection and Estimation Using 77 GHz Radar

Author(s): Arun Kumar Singh | Samerendra Nath Sur | Amit Agarwal | Rabindranath Bera
Coalescence collision of liquid drops I: Off-center collisions of equal-size drops

Author(s): Alejandro Acevedo-Malavé | Máximo García-Sucre
Coalescence collision of liquid drops II: Off-center collisions of unequal-size drops

Author(s): Alejandro Acevedo-Malavé | Máximo García-Sucre
Simulation of Rarefied Gas Flow in Slip and Transitional Regimes by the Lattice Boltzmann Method

Author(s): Nor Awadi C Sidik | N C Horng | M A Mussa | S Abdullah
CFD Simulation of Dilute Gas-Solid Flow in 90oSquare Bend

Author(s): T. A. Mikhail | Walid A. Aissa | S. A. Hassanein | O. Hamdy
A FMCW Radar Distance Measure System based on LabVIEW

Author(s): Zengrong Zhao | Ran Bai
Scaling Relationships for Input Energy in Electromagnetic Welding of Similar and Dissimilar Metals

Author(s): S. V. Desai | Satendra Kumar | P. Satyamurthy | J. K. Chakravartty | D. P. Chakravarthy
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