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Colon capsule endoscopy

Author(s): Ignacio Fernandez-Urien, Cristina Carretero, Ana Borda, Miguel Muñoz-Navas
Family history of colorectal cancer in Iran

Author(s): Mahdavinia Mahboobeh | Bishehsari Faraz | Ansari Reza | Norouzbeigi Nasim | Khaleghinejad Ahmad | Hormazdi Mahshid | Rakhshani Naser | Malekzadeh Reza
Screening Rates and Characteristics of Health Plan Members Who Respond to Screening Reminders

Author(s): Jun Zhu, PhD | James Davis, PhD | Deborah A. Taira, ScD | Marisa Yamashita
Posttransplantation malignancy in a patient presenting with weight loss and changed bowel habits: a case report

Author(s): Schmitt Roland | Kettritz Ute | Luft Friedrich | Kettritz Ralph
Potential of casein kinase I in digestive cancer screening

Author(s): Cristina Modak | Jianyuan Chai
Computed tomographic colonography: Hope or hype?

Author(s): Otto Schiueh-Tzang Lin
Establishing the added benefit of measuring MMP9 in FOB positive patients as a part of the Wolverhampton colorectal cancer screening programme

Author(s): Wilson Sue | Taskila Taina | Ismail Tariq | Stocken Deborah | Martin Ashley | Redman Val | Wakelam Michael | Perry Ian | Hobbs Richard
The Epidemiologic and Clinical-Pathologic Characteristics of Colorectal Cancers from 1999 to 2007 in Sari, Iran

Author(s): Hafez Fakheri1 | Ghasem Janbabai1 | Zohreh Bari1 | Fariborz Eshqi2
Cancer screening in a middle-aged general population: factors associated with practices and attitudes

Author(s): Cullati Stéphane | Charvet-Bérard Agathe | Perneger Thomas
Increasing colon cancer testing in rural Colorado: evaluation of the exposure to a community-based awareness campaign

Author(s): Zittleman Linda | Emsermann Caroline | Dickinson Miriam | Norman Ned | Winkelman Kathy | Linn Grace | Westfall John
Familial adenomatous polyposis

Author(s): Half Elizabeth | Bercovich Dani | Rozen Paul
Evaluation of fecal mRNA reproducibility via a marginal transformed mixture modeling approach

Author(s): George Nysia | Lupton Joanne | Turner Nancy | Chapkin Robert | Davidson Laurie | Wang Naisyin
A rapid, sensitive, reproducible and cost-effective method for mutation profiling of colon cancer and metastatic lymph nodes

Author(s): Fumagalli Debora | Gavin Patrick | Taniyama Yusuke | Kim Seung-Il | Choi Hyun-Joo | Paik Soonmyung | Pogue-Geile Katherine
Colon Capsule Endoscopy compared to Conventional Colonoscopy under routine screening conditions

Author(s): Pilz Julia | Portmann Susanne | Peter Shajan | Beglinger Christoph | Degen Lukas
Study protocol: population screening for colorectal cancer by colonoscopy or CT colonography: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): de Wijkerslooth Thomas | de Haan Margriet | Stoop Esther | Deutekom Marije | Fockens Paul | Bossuyt Patrick | Thomeer Maarten | van Ballegooijen Marjolein | Essink-Bot Marie-Louise | van Leerdam Monique | Kuipers Ernst | Dekker Evelien | Stoker Jaap
Current and emerging techniques in gastrointestinal imaging

Author(s): McSweeney S | O′Donoghue P | Jhaveri K
Screening of Antiangiogenic Activity of Some Tropical Plants by Rat Aorta Ring Assay

Author(s): A.F.A. Aisha | K.M. Abu-Salah | Y. Darwis | A.M.S. Abdul Majid
Comparative analysis of four methods to extract DNA from paraffin-embedded tissues: effect on downstream molecular applications

Author(s): Huijsmans Cornelis | Damen Jan | van der Linden Johannes | Savelkoul Paul | Hermans Mirjam
Colonic polyps: inheritance, susceptibility, risk evaluation, and diagnostic management

Author(s): Emanuele Neri | Lorenzo Faggioni | Lorenzo Cini | et al
Targeted therapies in the management of colorectal carcinoma: role of bevacizumab

Author(s): Ajithkumar Puthillath | Anush Patel | Marwan G Fakih
Screening of potential molecular targets for colorectal cancer therapy

Author(s): Kimi Honma | Ichiro Takemasa | Ryo Matoba | et al
Sedation-risk-free colonoscopy for minimizing the burden of colorectal cancer screening

Author(s): Felix W Leung | Abdulrahman M Aljebreen | Emilio Brocchi | Eugene B Chang | Wei-Chih Liao | Takeshi Mizukami | Melvin Schapiro | Konstantinos Triantafyllou
New endoscopy devices to improve population adherence to colorectal cancer prevention programs

Author(s): Asimina Gaglia | Ioannis S Papanikolaou | Wilfried Veltzke-Schlieker
Cancer and age related colonic crypt deficiencies in cytochrome c oxidase I

Author(s): Carol Bernstein | Alexander Facista | Huy Nguyen | Beryl Zaitlin | Nadia Hassounah | Cristy Loustaunau | Claire Margaret Payne | Bhaskar Banerjee | Steve Goldschmid | V Liana Tsikitis | Robert Krouse | Harris Bernstein
Is diabetes a causal agent for colorectal cancer? Pathophysiological and molecular mechanisms

Author(s): Olga Giouleme, Michael D Diamantidis, Marios G Katsaros
Crypt abscess-associated microbiota in inflammatory bowel disease and acute self-limited colitis

Author(s): Harry Sokol, Nadia Vasquez, Nadia Hoyeau-Idrissi, Philippe Seksik, Laurent Beaugerie, Anne Lavergne-Slove, Philippe Pochart, Philippe Marteau
The Potential Use of N-Myristoyltransferase as a Biomarker in the Early Diagnosis of Colon Cancer

Author(s): Sujeet Kumar | Jonathan R Dimmock | Rajendra K Sharma
Colorectal cancer screening: The role of CT colonography

Author(s): Andrea Laghi, Franco Iafrate, Marco Rengo, Cesare Hassan
Colonoscopic yield of colorectal neoplasia in daily clinical practice

Author(s): Jochim S Terhaar sive Droste, Mike E Craanen, Rene WM van der Hulst, Joep F Bartelsman, Dick P Bezemer, Kim R Cappendijk, Gerrit A Meijer, Linde M Morsink, Pleun Snel, Hans ARE Tuynman, Roy LJ van Wanrooy, Eric IC Wesdorp, Chris JJ Mulder
Cancer in inflammatory bowel disease

Author(s): Jianlin Xie, Steven H Itzkowitz
Colorectal cancer risk in Crohns disease

Author(s): Hugh James Freeman
Disparities in colorectal cancer in African-Americans vs Whites: Before and after diagnosis

Author(s): Anastasios Dimou, Kostas N Syrigos, Muhammad Wasif Saif
Effect of music on procedure time and sedation during colonoscopy: A meta-analysis

Author(s): Wilson WS Tam, Eliza LY Wong, Sheila F Twinn
CT colonography after incomplete colonoscopy in subjects with positive faecal occult blood test

Author(s): Lapo Sali, Massimo Falchini, Andrea Giovanni Bonanomi, Guido Castiglione, Stefano Ciatto, Paola Mantellini, Francesco Mungai, Ilario Menchi, Natale Villari, Mario Mascalchi
Nutrition support in surgical patients with colorectal cancer

Author(s): Yang Chen, Bao-Lin Liu, Bin Shang, Ai-Shan Chen, Shi-Qing Liu, Wei Sun, Hong-Zhuan Yin, Jian-Qiao Yin, Qi Su
Alterations of E-cadherin and β-catenin in gastric cancer

Author(s): Huiping Chen | Kristjansdottir Sigrun | Jonasson Jon | Magnusson Jonas | Egilsson Valgardur | Ingvarsson Sigurdur
Development of a Brief Survey on Colon Cancer Screening Knowledge and Attitudes Among Veterans

Author(s): Michael S. Wolf, PhD, MPH | Alfred Rademaker, PhD | Charles L. Bennett, MD, PhD | M. Rosario Ferreira, MD | Nancy C. Dolan, MD | Marian Fitzgibbon, PhD | Terry C. Davis, PhD | Franklin Medio, PhD | Dachao Liu, MA | June Lee
Cancer incidence in the south Asian population of California, 1988–2000

Author(s): Jain Ratnali | Mills Paul | Parikh-Patel Arti
Microsatellite instability analysis in hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer using the Bethesda consensus panel of microsatellite markers in the absence of proband normal tissue

Author(s): Chialina Sergio | Fornes Claudia | Landi Carolina | de La Vega Elena Carlos | Nicolorich Maria | Dourisboure Ricardo | Solano Angela | Solis Edita
Colorectal Cancer: 1999 Epidemiological Data From the Auvergne Region

Author(s): Metrich L | Lavastre JL | Perez MC | Bacquet B | Baris B
Appropriateness of colonoscopy: a retrospective study

Author(s): Latil F | Couraud P | Di Bona S | Desmerie C

Author(s): Dajbog Elena | Lefter LP | Scripcariu V | Stanton P | Dragomir C
Microarray-based identification and RT-PCR test screening for epithelial-specific mRNAs in peripheral blood of patients with colon cancer

Author(s): Solmi Rossella | Ugolini Giampaolo | Rosati Giancarlo | Zanotti Simone | Lauriola Mattia | Montroni Isacco | del Governatore Marco | Caira Antonello | Taffurelli Mario | Santini Donatella | Coppola Domenico | Guidotti Lia | Carinci Paolo | Strippoli Pierluigi
Biomarker discovery for colon cancer using a 761 gene RT-PCR assay

Author(s): Clark-Langone Kim | Wu Jenny | Sangli Chithra | Chen Angela | Snable James | Nguyen Anhthu | Hackett James | Baker Joffre | Yothers Greg | Kim Chungyeul | Cronin Maureen
N-myristoyltransferase: A potential novel diagnostic marker for colon cancer

Author(s): Shrivastav Anuraag | Varma Shailly | Saxena Anurag | DeCoteau John | Sharma Rajendra
Should a colon cancer screening decision aid include the option of no testing? A comparative trial of two decision aids

Author(s): Griffith Jennifer | Fichter Marlie | Fowler Floyd | Lewis Carmen | Pignone Michael
The uptake and effect of a mailed multi-modal colon cancer screening intervention: A pilot controlled trial

Author(s): Lewis Carmen | Brenner Alison | Griffith Jennifer | Pignone Michael
Role of Caveolin 1, E-Cadherin, Enolase 2 and PKCalpha on resistance to methotrexate in human HT29 colon cancer cells

Author(s): Selga Elisabet | Morales Cristina | Noé Véronique | Peinado Miguel | Ciudad Carlos
Syntheses and Cell-Based Phenotypic Screen of Novel 7-Amino pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidine-6-carbonitrile Derivatives as Potential Antiproliferative Agents

Author(s): Tao Yang | Hong He | Wei Ang | Ying-Hong Yang | Jian-Zhong Yang | Yan-Ni Lin | Hua-Cheng Yang | Wei-Yi Pi | Zi-Cheng Li | Ying-Lan Zhao | You-Fu Luo | Yuquan Wei
Assessment of quality in screening colonoscopy for colorectal cancer

Author(s): Gonçalves AR | Ferreira C | Marques A | Carrilho Ribeiro L | Velosa J
Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis

Author(s): Francesco Azzaroli | Laura Turco | Liza Ceroni | Stefania Sartoni Galloni | Federica Buonfiglioli | Claudio Calvanese | Giuseppe Mazzella
Determinants of polyp Size in patients undergoing screening colonoscopy

Author(s): Lowenfels Albert | Williams J Luke | Holub Jennifer | Maisonneuve Patrick | Lieberman David
Protocol for implementation of family health history collection and decision support into primary care using a computerized family health history system

Author(s): Orlando Lori | Hauser Elizabeth | Christianson Carol | Powell Karen | Buchanan Adam | Chesnut Blair | Agbaje Astrid | Henrich Vincent | Ginsburg Geoffrey
In vitro cytotoxicity and apoptotic inducing activity of the synthesized 4-aryl-4H-chromenes derivatives against human cancer cell lines

Author(s): Mahmoodi M | Rajabalian S | Foroumadi A | Hidarykeshel S | Safavi M | Khoshzaban A | Divsalar K | Mohagheghi MA
Role of high definition colonoscopy in colorectal adenomatous polyp detection

Author(s): Tolga Erim | John M Rivas | Evelio Velis | Fernando Castro
Dichloromethane-methanol Extract from Borassus aethiopum Mart. (Arecaceae) Induces Apoptosis of Human Colon Cancer Ht-29 Cells

Author(s): J. Sakande | P. Rouet-benzineb | H. Devaud | J.B. Nikiema | M. Lompo | O.G. Nacoulma | I.P. Guissou | A. Bado
The association of serum lipids with the histological pattern of rectosigmoid adenoma in Taiwanese adults

Author(s): Sun Zih-Jie | Huang Ying-Hsiang | Wu Jin-Shang | Yang Yi-Ching | Chang Ying-Fang | Lu Feng-Hwa | Chang Chih-Jen
Colonoscopic perforation leading to a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos syndrome type IV: a case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Rana Mariam | Aziz Omer | Purkayastha Sanjay | Lloyd Josephine | Wolfe John | Ziprin Paul
Trends in colorectal cancer incidence: a period and birth-cohort analysis in a well-defined French population

Author(s): Chauvenet Marion | Cottet Vanessa | Lepage Côme | Jooste Valérie | Faivre Jean | Bouvier Anne-Marie
Changing trends in colorectal cancer: possible cause and clinical implications

Author(s): Mikhail Fisher | Leon Fisher | Bruce Waxman | Alexander A. Fisher
Potential of soluble CD26 as a serum marker for colorectal cancer detection

Author(s): Oscar J Cordero | Monica Imbernon | Loretta De Chiara | Vicenta S Martinez-Zorzano | Daniel Ayude | Maria Paez de la Cadena | F Javier Rodriguez-Berrocal
Computer tomographic colonography (virtual colonoscopy). A new method for the early detection of colorectal cancer

Author(s): D. Xinopoulos | M. Stasinopoulou | K. Tsamakidis | D. Dimitroulopoulos | M. Andriotis | E. Archavlis | M. Kontou | A. Tavernaraki | E. Paraskevas
Gastritis and Gastric Cancer: Time for gastric cancer prevention

Author(s): E.D. Papavassilliou | S. Savva
Colorectal cancer screening and surveillance: Past, present and future

Author(s): A.A. Mihas, Souheil Abou Assi, Douglas M. Heuman
New Trends in Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer

Author(s): D. Dimitroulopoulos, D. Xinopoulos, K. Tsamakidis, E. Paraskevas
Colorectal Cancer – A surgical approach

Author(s): M.D. Hellinger, L.R. Sands
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