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caBIG™ VISDA: Modeling, visualization, and discovery for cluster analysis of genomic data

Author(s): Zhu Yitan | Li Huai | Miller David | Wang Zuyi | Xuan Jianhua | Clarke Robert | Hoffman Eric | Wang Yue
IDSS: deformation invariant signatures for molecular shape comparison

Author(s): Liu Yu-Shen | Fang Yi | Ramani Karthik
Context-driven discovery of gene cassettes in mobile integrons using a computational grammar

Author(s): Tsafnat Guy | Coiera Enrico | Partridge Sally | Schaeffer Jaron | Iredell Jon
Prediction of enzyme function based on 3D templates of evolutionarily important amino acids

Author(s): Kristensen David | Ward R Matthew | Lisewski Andreas | Erdin Serkan | Chen Brian | Fofanov Viacheslav | Kimmel Marek | Kavraki Lydia | Lichtarge Olivier
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