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Surface polishing positively influences ease of plate and screw removal

Author(s): JS Hayes | U Seidenglanz | AI Pearce | SG Pearce | CW Archer | RG Richards
In vitro evaluation of force-expansion characteristics in a newly designed orthodontic expansion screw compared to conventional screws

Author(s): Oshagh Morteza | Momeni Danaei S | Hematian M | Oshagh M | Zade A | Saboori A
The effect of endoskeleton on antibiotic impregnated cement spacer for treating deep hip infection

Author(s): Peng Kuo-Ti | Kuo Liang-Tseng | Hsu Wei-Hsiu | Huang Tsan-Wen | Tsai Yao-Hung
Comparative endurance testing of the Biomet Matthews Nail and the Dynamic Compression Screw, in simulated condylar and supracondylar femoral fractures

Author(s): O'Connor-Read Laurence | Davidson Jerome | Davies Benjamin | Matthews Michael | Smirthwaite Paul
Hip Resurfacing. Case presentation. Resuperficialización de Cadera. Presentación de caso.

Author(s): Pedro Gonzalo González González | Edgar Antezana Bilbao | Tamara Elizabeth Morales Perez
Complications associated with rigid internal fixation of mandibular fractures.

Author(s): Ahulubalia T | Lata J | Gumber Tejinder
FEM analysis of compression screws used for small bone treatment

Author(s): W. Kajzer | A. Kajzer | J. Marciniak
"Free-hand" technique for thoracolumbar pedicle screw instrumentation: Critical appraisal of current "State-of-Art"

Author(s): Mattei Tobias | Meneses Murilo | Milano Jeronimo | Ramina Ricardo
Comparing two intramedullary devices for treating trochanteric fractures: A prospective study

Author(s): Makridis Konstantinos | Georgaklis Vasileios | Georgoussis Miltiadis | Mandalos Vasileios | Kontogeorgakos Vasileios | Badras Leonidas
Biomechanical investigation of an alternative concept to angular stable plating using conventional fixation hardware

Author(s): Windolf Markus | Klos Kajetan | Wähnert Dirk | van der Pol Bas | Radtke Roman | Schwieger Karsten | Jakob Roland
The effect of starting point placement technique on thoracic transverse process strength: an ex vivo biomechanical study

Author(s): Brown Barrett | McIff Terence | Glattes Rudolph | Burton Douglas | Asher Marc
Indirect Reduction with Sliding Compression Screw Stabilization for Subtrochanteric Fractures

Author(s): Yu-Tun Hsu | Chi-Chuan Wu | Chun-Yi Su | Kuo-Fun Fan | I-Chuan Tseng | Yi-Lee Cheou
Anterior Cervical Spinal Surgery for Multilevel Cervical Myelopathy.

Author(s): Jung-Ju Huang | Lih-Huei Chen | Chi-Chien Niu | Tsai-Sheng Fu | Po-Liang Lai | Wen-Jer Chen
Instrumented ligamentotaxis and stabilization of compression and burst fractures of dorsolumbar and mid-lumbar spines

Author(s): Moon Myung-Sang | Choi Won-Tae | Sun Doo-Hoon | Chae Jong-Woo | Ryu Jong-Seon | Chang Han | Lin Jin-Fu

Author(s): Mirela TOTH-TAŞCĂU | Lucian RUSU | Flavia BĂLĂNEAN | Cristian TOADER-PASTI
Evaluation of using short barrel DHS in treatment of intertrochanteric fractures

Author(s): Tahmasbi M | Sajjadi Saravi M | Alami Harandi B
The treatment of subtrochanteric fractures

Author(s): Vučetić Čedomir S. | Dulić Borislav V. | Vukašinović Zoran S. | Tulić Goran Dž. | Kalezić Nevena K. | Todorović Aleksandar J.
A comparison of two headless compression screws for operative treatment of scaphoid fractures

Author(s): Grewal Ruby | Assini Joseph | Sauder David | Ferreira Louis | Johnson Jim | Faber Kenneth
Biomechanical comparison of distal locking screws for distal tibia fracture intramedullary nailing

Author(s): Brennen L. Lucas | Alexander C.M. Chong | Bruce R. Buhr | Teresa L. Jones | Paul H. Wooley
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