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The EEG Signal Prediction by Using Neural Network

Author(s): Branko Babusiak | Jitka Mohylova
Description of EQSAM4: gas-liquid-solid partitioning model for global simulations

Author(s): S. Metzger | B. Steil | L. Xu | J. E. Penner | J. Lelieveld
Implementation of splitting methods for air pollution modeling

Author(s): M. Schlegel | O. Knoth | M. Arnold | R. Wolke
The CSIRO Mk3L climate system model version 1.0 – Part 2: Response to external forcings

Author(s): S. J. Phipps | L. D. Rotstayn | H. B. Gordon | J. L. Roberts | A. C. Hirst | W. F. Budd
Evaluation of the sectional aerosol microphysics module SALSA implementation in ECHAM5-HAM aerosol-climate model

Author(s): T. Bergman | V.-M. Kerminen | H. Korhonen | K. J. Lehtinen | R. Makkonen | A. Arola | T. Mielonen | S. Romakkaniemi | M. Kulmala | H. Kokkola
A computational method for determining XBT depths

Author(s): J. Stark | J. Gorman | M. Hennessey | F. Reseghetti | J. Willis | J. Lyman | J. Abraham | M. Borghini
Improved convergence and stability properties in a three-dimensional higher-order ice sheet model

Author(s): J. J. Fürst | O. Rybak | H. Goelzer | B. De Smedt | P. de Groen | P. Huybrechts
Calculation of Absorbed Electromagnetic Energy in Human Head Radiated by Mobile Phones

Author(s): Dejan Krstić | Darko Zigar | Dejan Petković | Dušan Sokolović
Long-Term Prediction of Emergency Department Revenue and Visitor Volume Using Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Model

Author(s): Chieh-Fan Chen | Wen-Hsien Ho | Huei-Yin Chou | Shu-Mei Yang | I-Te Chen | Hon-Yi Shi
Torque & Drag Analysis Using Finite Element Method

Author(s): Andrew Wu | Geir Hareland | Mohammad Fazaelizadeh
WindSim® Computational Flow Dynamics Model Testing Using Databases from Two Wind Measurement Stations

Author(s): Đorđe Klisić | Miodrag Zlatanović | Ilija Radovanović
New “Graphiton” Model: a Computational Discrete Space, Self-Encoded as a Trivalent Graph

Author(s): Raymond Aschheim | Smain Femmam | M. Faouzi Zerarka
On Heat Conduction with Phase Change: Accurate Explicit Numerical Method

Author(s): N. Sadoun | E.K. Si-Ahmed | J. Legrand
FPGA Implementation for Real-Time Background Subtraction Based on Horprasert Model

Author(s): Rafael Rodriguez-Gomez | Enrique J. Fernandez-Sanchez | Javier Diaz | Eduardo Ros
A Review of various kNearest Neighbor Query Processing Techniques

Author(s): S. Dhanabal | Dr. S. Chandramathi
A Regressionbased Method for Software Performance Engineering

Author(s): Omid Bushehrian | Reza Ghanbari Baghnavi
A Comparative Study of Convective Parameterization Schemes in WRFNMM Model

Author(s): Litta A. J. | Sumam Mary Idicula | U. C. Mohanty
Application of Computational Intelligence in Motor Modeling

Author(s): Yousuf Ibrahim Khan | Shahriar Rahman | Debasis Baishnab | Mohammed Moaz | S.M.Musfequr Rahman
Graph based Prediction Model to Improve Web Prefetching

Author(s): P. Venketesh | R. Venkatesan
Experimental measurements and numerical simulation of permittivity and permeability of Teflon in X band

Author(s): Adriano Luiz de Paula | Mirabel Cerqueira Rezende | Joaquim José Barroso
A CFD-based analysis of the 14-Bis aircraft aerodynamics and stability

Author(s): Leonardo Ostan Bitencourt | Gregori Pogorzelski | Ramon Morais de Freitas | João Luiz F. Azevedo

Author(s): Bachwani Mukesh | Kumar Rakesh

Author(s): P. Suresh Kumar | P. Sateesh Kumar | S. Ramachandram
Numerical simulation and nasal air-conditioning

Author(s): Keck, Tilman | Lindemann, Jörg
Reduced Mechanism Approach of Modeling Premixed Propane-Air Mixture using Ansys Fluent

Author(s): Lucky Anetor | Edward Osakue | Christopher Odetunde
A Model Of Chasing Behavior For Two Virtual Humans

Author(s): Yu-long Bian | Zhen Liu
Chemical Reaction of Soybean Flavonoids with DNA: A Computational Study Using the Implicit Solvent Model

Author(s): Hassan H. Abdallah | Janez Mavri | Matej Repič | Vannajan Sanghiran Lee | Habibah A. Wahab
Position Control of Robot Manipulator: Design a Novel SISO Adaptive Sliding Mode Fuzzy PD Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control

Author(s): Farzin Piltan | Sadedeq Allahdadi | Mohammadali Dialame | Abbas Zare
Simulasi CFD Pembakaran Non-Premixed Serbuk Biomass Kayu Jati

Author(s): Tri Istanto | Suyitno Suyitno
A parametric design of compact exhaust manifold junction in heavy duty diesel engine using CFD

Author(s): Naeimi Hessamedin | Domiry Ganji Davood | Gorji Mofid | Javadirad Ghasem | Keshavarz Mojtaba
Development of a simulation model for compression ignition engine running with ignition improved blend

Author(s): Sudeshkumar Ponnusamy Moranahalli | Devaradjane Gopalakrishnan
The EEG Signal Prediction by Using Neural Network

Author(s): Branko Babusiak | Jitka Mohylova
Enhancing Security Measures by Tunnelling Protocol in Distributed Grid Network

Author(s): T. Mohan Raj | S. Shahul Hammed | Amala Deepan
FrameWork for Job Scheduling in Grid Environment

Author(s): Deepti Malhotra | Devanand
MR Diffusion Studies of Human Brain in-vivo

Author(s): M Nezamzadeh | I Cameron
Engineering of silicon surfaces at the micro- and nanoscales for cell adhesion and migration control

Author(s): Torres-Costa V | Martínez-Muñoz G | Sánchez-Vaquero V | Muñoz-Noval A | González-Méndez L | Punzón-Quijorna E | Gallach-Pérez D | Manso-Silván M | Climent-Font A | García-Ruiz JP | Martín-Palma RJ

Qualitative and Computational Analysis of a Mathematical Model for Tumor-Immune Interactions

Author(s): F. A. Rihan | M. Safan | M. A. Abdeen | D. Abdel Rahman
A Novel Approach for Optimal Capacitor Placement Model in Power Distribution Systems

Author(s): K.S. Ravichandran | Salem Saleh Saeed Alsheyuhi | Venugopal Chitra
ANISORROPIA: the adjoint of the aerosol thermodynamic model ISORROPIA

Author(s): S. L. Capps | D. K. Henze | A. Hakami | A. G. Russell | A. Nenes
The scale problem in quantifying aerosol indirect effects

Author(s): A. McComiskey | G. Feingold

Author(s): Ahmed T. Shawky | Hesham A. Hefny | Ashraf H. Abd-Elwahab
Element-Based Computational Model

Author(s): Conrad Mueller
Simulation of leading edge cavitation on bulb turbine

Author(s): Thaithacha Sudsuansee | Udomkiat Nontakaew | Yodchai Tiaple
Four-dimensional variational data assimilation for a limited area model

Author(s): Nils Gustafsson | Xiang-Yu Huang | Xiaohua Yang | Kristian Mogensen | Magnus Lindskog | Ole Vignes | Tomas Wilhelmsson | Sigurdur Thorsteinsson
Cyber Physical Systems: A New Approach to Power Electronics Simulation, Control and Testing

Parallel Implementation of Similarity Measures on GPU Architecture using CUDA

Author(s): Kuldeep Yadav | Ankush Mittal | M.A Ansari | Vennktesh Vishwarup
Computational Modeling of Cell Survival Using VHDL

Author(s): Shruti Jain1, | Pradeep K. Naik | Sunil V. Bhooshan
CFD Modeling in Development of Renewable Energy Applications

Author(s): Maher A.R. Sadiq Al-Baghdadi
Molecular modelling, docking and interaction studies of human-plasmogen and salmonella-enolase with enolase inhibitors

Author(s): Digvijay Singh Chauhan | Sharat Chandra | Arun Gupta | Tiratha Raj Singh
Numerical simulations of mixing conditions and aerosol dynamics in the CERN CLOUD chamber

Author(s): J. Voigtländer | J. Duplissy | L. Rondo | A. Kürten | F. Stratmann
Simulation of CO2 and H2S Removal Using Methanol in Hollow Fiber Membrane Gas Absorber (HFMGA)

Author(s): Morteza Zivdar | Mahmood Mousavi | Majid Mahdavian | Hossein Atashi
Mechanisms of Proton-Proton Inelastic Cross-Section Growth in Multi-Peripheral Model within the Framework of Perturbation Theory. Part 2

Author(s): Maksym Deliyergiyev | Natalia Podolyan | Vitaliy Rusov | Igor Sharf | Andrii Tykhonov | Grygorii Sokhrannyi
The Influence of Inflow Condition on the Generation of Tumbling Flow Using Detached Eddy Simulation

Author(s): Mhmed Mouqallid | Elhoussin Affad | Mustapha Mahdaoui | Abdelouahad Ait msaad
Computational Analysis of Flow Field on the Propulsion Nozzle of a Micro-Turbojet Engine

Author(s): José Ángel L. Ortega-Herrera | Arturo Reyes-León | Samuel Alcántara-Montes | Jorge Luis Garrido-Téllez | Miguel Toledo-Velázquez
MIMO Spectral Efficiency over Energy Consumption Requirements: Application to WSNs

Author(s): Ammar Bouallègue | Kosai Raoof | Maha Ben Zid
MIMO Spectral Efficiency over Energy Consumption Requirements: Application to WSNs

Author(s): Ammar Bouallègue | Kosai Raoof | Maha Ben Zid
Modelling large-scale ice-sheet–climate interactions following glacial inception

Author(s): J. M. Gregory | O. J. H. Browne | A. J. Payne | J. K. Ridley | I. C. Rutt
Identification of climatic state with limited proxy data

Author(s): J. D. Annan | J. C. Hargreaves
InfiniBand: A New Era in Networking

Author(s): Vivek D. Deshmukh
An Improved Approach for Signature and Anomaly based Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Author(s): Shivarkar Sandip A. | Muzumdar Ajit A. | Dange Bapusaheb J.

Author(s): Chinmay Chandrakar | M.K. Kowar
Flux Balance Analysis of Melanogenesis Pathway

Author(s): Prashana Balaji V. | Anvita Gupta Malhotra | Khushhali Menaria
Gaseificação do bagaço de cana-de-açúcar: modelagem, análise e comparação com sistema real

Author(s): Alfredo José Alvim de Castro | Douglas Alves Cassiano | Newton Libanio Ferreira
Simulação computacional do escoamento de grãos em silos

Author(s): André Carlos Silva | Américo Tristão Bernardes
Simulação da secagem de grãos com baixas temperaturas utilizando-se o modelo de Hukill: uma nova abordagem

Author(s): Daniela de Carvalho Lopes | José Helvecio Martins | Antonio José Steidle Neto | Antonio José Steidle Filho
Genetic and Improved Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithms for a 2-Stage Model of a Hub Covering Location Network

Author(s): Mehrdad Mohammadi | Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam | Ali Ghodratnama | Hamideh Rostami
A Mathematical and Numerical Model for the Analysis of Hybrid Rocket Motors

Author(s): Marius STOIA-DJESKA | Florin MINGIREANU
Modelling fungal colonies and communities: challenges and opportunities

Author(s): R.E. Falconer | J.L. Bown | E. McAdam | P. Perez-Reche | A.T. Sampson | J. van den Bulcke | N.A. White
Simulation of Thermal Comfort of a Residential House

Author(s): Masine Md. Tap | Haslinda Mohamed Kamar | Abdul Kadir Marsono | Nazri Kamsah | Khairul Amry Mohd Salimin
Reversibility in Massive Concurrent Systems

Author(s): L. Cardelli | C. Laneve
3D-QSPR Method of Computational Technique Applied on Red Reactive Dyes by Using CoMFA Strategy

Author(s): Uzma Mahmood | Sitara Rashid | S. Ishrat Ali | Rasheeda Parveen | Zaheer ul-Haq | Nida Ambreen | Khalid Mohammed Khan | Shahnaz Perveen | Wolfgang Voelter
Numerical Prediction for the Size and Shape of a Flare in a Cross–Wind

Author(s): W. Vicente y Rodríguez | M. Salinas–Vázquez | E.R. Barrera–Avendaño
Dusty space plasma diagnosis using temporal behavior of polar mesospheric summer echoes during active modification

Author(s): A. Mahmoudian | W. A. Scales | M. J. Kosch | A. Senior | M. Rietveld
Genetic Function Approximation and Bayesian Models for the Discovery of Future HDAC8 Inhibitors

Author(s): Sundarapandian Thangapandian | Shalini John | Keun Woo Lee

Author(s): Prasanta. K. Sinha | A. N. Mullick | B. Halder | B. Majumdar
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