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Study on the Refined Teaching Management of College and the Effective Mechanism

Author(s): Qin Chen | Suqun Duan | Fancai Zeng | Xiaorong Zeng | Qiong Zhao | Kelin Liu
Alcohol, nutrition and liver cancer: Role of Toll-like receptor signaling

Author(s): Samuel W French, Joan Oliva, Barbara A French, Jun Li, Fawzia Bardag-Gorce
CBVANET: A Cluster Based Vehicular Adhoc Network Model for Simple Highway Communication

Author(s): B. Ramakrishnan | Dr. R. S. Rajesh | R. S. Shaji
Techniques for colorectal anastomosis

Author(s): Yik-Hong Ho, Mohamed Ahmed Tawfik Ashour
Alexander von Humboldt y la génesis de la geografía física moderna

Author(s): Antonio Carlos Vitte | Roberison Wittgenstein Dias da Silveira
EU-funded malaria research under the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes for research and technological development

Author(s): Holtel Andreas | Troye-Blomberg Marita | Penas-Jimenez Inmaculada

Author(s): A. Poveda
Therapeutic implications of colon cancer stem cells

Author(s): Eros Fabrizi, Simona di Martino, Federica Pelacchi, Lucia Ricci-Vitiani
Nursing Students' Perceptions, Beliefs and Attitudes: A First Study on Special Pedagogic Activities

Author(s): Vassiliki Ioannidi | Petros Kolovos | Sofia Vasileiadou | Maria Malliarou | Antonios Travlos | Sofia Zyga
Investigation on The Particle Settling Velocity in Non-Newtonian Fluids

Author(s): Rawia Abd Elgadir Eltahir Eltilib | Hussain H. Al Kayiem | Azuraien Jaafar
A szó(jelentés) ontogenezise

Author(s): Fehér, Krisztina
The influence of extracellular matrix composition on the pathogenesis of coronary atherosclerosis

Author(s): Tanasković Irena | Lačković Vesna | Gluvić Z. | Lačković Milena | Nešić Vesna | Stanković Vesna | Labudović-Borović Milica | Radović S. | Ašanin B.

Author(s): Emilia Kijanka | Katarzyna Lipska

Author(s): Maria Magdalena Stan
The concept of transformation as resignified by high-school students

Author(s): Michele Marcelo Silva Bortolai | Daisy de Brito Rezende
Using Online Presence to Improve Online Collaborative Learning

Author(s): Zoran Jeremic | Nikola Milikic | Jelena Jovanovic | Mirjana Brkovic | Filip Radulovic
Concept of the pathogenesis and treatment of cholelithiasis

Author(s): Vasiliy Ivanovich Reshetnyak
Understanding the Factors Influencing Formation of Tourist Friendly Destination Concept

Author(s): Ahmad Nazrin Aris Anuar | Habibah Ahmad | Hamzah Jusoh | Mohd Yusof Hussain
"O que é isto (ou isso?) o inconsciente?"

Author(s): Renata Damiano Riguini
A Smart and Secure Wireless Communication System: Cognitive Radio

Author(s): Shrikrishan Yadav | Santosh Kumar Singh | Krishna Chandra Roy
Transcription Inhibition as a Therapeutic Target for Cancer

Author(s): Christine M. Stellrecht | Lisa S. Chen
Research on Development and Space Mechanism of Inter-city Tourism

Author(s): WU Guang | ZHANG Hai-long | CHEN Lu | ZHANG You-ming
Nck2 promotes human melanoma cell proliferation, migration and invasion in vitro and primary melanoma-derived tumor growth in vivo

Author(s): Labelle-Côté Mélissa | Dusseault Julie | Ismaïl Salma | Picard-Cloutier Aude | Siegel Peter | Larose Louise
Soundscape and the Adaptation of Soundscape to Covered Spaces

Author(s): Aslı ÖZÇEVİK | Zerhan Yüksel CAN
Othering, identity formation and agency

Author(s): Sune Qvotrup Jensen
Enzyme-Polymers Conjugated to Quantum-Dots for Sensing Applications

Author(s): Alexandra Mansur | Herman Mansur | Juan González
From The Editor

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren
O desenvolvimento urbano sustentável – uma utopia possível?

Author(s): Zulma das Graças Lucena Schussel
STSE: Spatio-Temporal Simulation Environment Dedicated to Biology

Author(s): Stoma Szymon | Fröhlich Martina | Gerber Susanne | Klipp Edda
A Facile Strategy for In Situ Core-Template-Functionalizing Siliceous Hollow Nanospheres for Guest Species Entrapment

Author(s): Wang Jun | Gao Xin | Yang Xianyan | Gan Yilai | Weng Wenjian | Gou Zhongru
Identification of ejaculated proteins in the house mouse (Mus domesticus) via isotopic labeling

Author(s): Dean Matthew | Findlay Geoffrey | Hoopmann Michael | Wu Christine | MacCoss Michael | Swanson Willie | Nachman Michael
A comparative analysis of dynamic grids vs. virtual grids using the A3pviGrid framework

Author(s): Avinash Shankaranarayanan | Christine Amaldas
Geomorphosite Valorization a View to Sustainable Development: Case of Ait Hajji, Oued Boulahmayel Valley, Central Morocco

Author(s): Nahraoui Fatima Zahra | El Wartiti Mohamed | Zahraoui Mohamed | Dabi Sanaa
Nurse students' approach on concepts

Author(s): Vassiliki Ioannidi | Petros Kolovos | Sofia Vasileiadou | Maria Malliarou | Antonios Travlos | Sofia Zyga
Effect of Microstructures and Material Compositions on Blister Formation

Author(s): Yunan Prawoto. Jern Phye Tan Tan | Choon Yong Loh
Spectral and polarimetric characterization of gazeous and telluric planets with SEE COAST

Author(s): Boccaletti A. | Baudoz P. | Mawet D. | Schneider J. | Tinetti G. | Galicher R. | Stam D. | Cavarroc C. | Hough J. | Doel P. | Pinfield D. | Keller C.-U. | Beuzit J.-L. | Udry S. | Ferrari A. | Martin E. | Ménard F. | Sein E.
Fundamental gap of fundamental biology

Author(s): Kordium V. A. | Andrienko V. I. | Maslova O. A. | Shuvalova N. S. | Irodov D. M. | Ruban T. A. | Sukhorada E. M. | Likhacheva L. I. | Shpilevaya S. P.
Political Culture and Political Democracy

Author(s): Gang-li QI | Yan-jie HE
Political Culture and Political Democracy

Author(s): Gang-li QI | Yan-jie HE
Stromatactis cavities in sediments and the role of coarse-grained accessories

Author(s): Hladil J | Růžička M | Koptíková L
Reversible exposure of hydrophobic residues on albumin as a novel strategy for formulation of nanodelivery vehicles for taxanes

Author(s): Garro AG | Beltramo DM | Alasino RV | Leonhard V | Heredia V | Bianco ID
Emission factors for open and domestic biomass burning for use in atmospheric models

Author(s): S. K. Akagi | R. J. Yokelson | C. Wiedinmyer | M. J. Alvarado | J. S. Reid | T. Karl | J. D. Crounse | P. O. Wennberg
Pathophysiology of variceal bleeding in cirrhotics

Author(s): Berzigotti A. | Escorsell A. | Bosch J.
Indonesian Perceptions and Attitudes toward the ASEAN Community

Author(s): Guido Benny | Kamarulnizam Abdullah
Spatial-Functional Analysis of Kurdish Courtyard Houses in Erbil City

Author(s): Faris A. Mustafa | Ahmad S. Hassan

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