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Dos problemas de sintaxis adverbial

Author(s): Claudia Chuaqui Farrú
Double Star/Cluster observation of neutral sheet oscillations on 5 August 2004

Author(s): T. L. Zhang | R. Nakamura | M. Volwerk | A. Runov | W. Baumjohann | H. U. Eichelberger | C. Carr | A. Balogh | V. Sergeev | J. K. Shi | K.-H. Fornacon

Author(s): Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kerime ÜSTÜNOVA

Author(s): Rahayu Surtiati Hidayat
Two Dimension Mixed Conjunctions and Their Arithmetic

Author(s): ZOU Xin-cheng | LIU Kun
Polar and Cluster observations of a dayside inverted-V during conjunction

Author(s): J. D. Menietti | R. A. Frahm | A. Korth | F. S. Mozer | Y. Khotyaintsev
Coordination in Dagaare

Author(s): Mark K. K. Ali
Compressional Pc5 type pulsations in the morningside plasma sheet

Author(s): A. Vaivads | W. Baumjohann | G. Haerendel | R. Nakamura | H. Kucharek | B. Klecker | M. R. Lessard | L. M. Kistler | T. Mukai | A. Nishida
A Computational Algorithm for Metrical Classification of Verse

Author(s): Rama N. | Meenakshi Lakshmanan
Event-related potentials and illusory conjunctions in the time domain

Author(s): Gil Gómez de Liaño, Beatriz | Rodríguez, Carmen | Valle Inclán, Fernando | Botella, Juan | Rubio, Ma Eugenia
The textual characteristics of traditional and Open Access scientific journals are similar

Author(s): Verspoor Karin | Cohen K Bretonnel | Hunter Lawrence
Dynamics and local boundary properties of the dawn-side magnetopause under conditions observed by Equator-S

Author(s): M. W. Dunlop | A. Balogh | W. Baumjohann | G. Haerendel | K.-H. Fornacon | E. Georgescu | R. Nakamura | S. Kokubin
High-beta plasma blobs in the morningside plasma sheet

Author(s): G. Haerendel | W. Baumjohann | E. Georgescu | R. Nakamura | L. M. Kistler | B. Klecker | H. Kucharek | A. Vaivads | T. Mukai | S. Kokubun
Quantitative modelling of the closure of meso-scale parallel currents in the nightside ionosphere

Author(s): A. Marchaudon | J.-C. Cerisier | O. Amm | M. Lester | C. W. Carlson | G. K. Parks
Transient plasma injections in the dayside magnetosphere: one-to-one correlated observations by Cluster and SuperDARN

Author(s): A. Marchaudon | J.-C. Cerisier | J.-M. Bosqued | M. W. Dunlop | J. A. Wild | P. M. E. Décréau | M. Förster | D. Fontaine | H. Laakso
The Chinese ground-based instrumentation in support of the combined Cluster/Double Star satellite measurements

Author(s): R.-Y. Liu | Y.-H. Liu | Z.-H. Xu | H.-Q. Hu | H.-G. Yang | B.-C. Zhang | W.-Y. Xu | G.-X. Chen | J. Wu | W.-M. Zhen | D.-H. Huang | Z.-J. Hu | Z.-X. Deng
Observations of concentrated generator regions in the nightside magnetosphere by Cluster/FAST conjunctions

Author(s): M. Hamrin | O. Marghitu | K. Rönnmark | B. Klecker | M. André | S. Buchert | L. M. Kistler | J. McFadden | H. Rème | A. Vaivads
A Decision Making Account for the Cognitive Processing of Demorgan´S Laws

Author(s): Macbeth, Guillermo | Fernández, José H. | Razumiejczyk, Eugenia
Tagging by Combining Rules-based and Memory-based Learning

Author(s): Yamina Tlili-Guiassa | Laskri Mohammad Tayeb
On the Logic of Religious Terms

Author(s): Ioan Biris
NERBio: using selected word conjunctions, term normalization, and global patterns to improve biomedical named entity recognition

Author(s): Tsai Richard | Sung Cheng-Lung | Dai Hong-Jie | Hung Hsieh-Chuan | Sung Ting-Yi | Hsu Wen-Lian
Temporal dynamics of selective attention and conflict resolution during cross-dimensional go-nogo decisions

Author(s): Kopp Bruno | Tabeling Sandra | Moschner Carsten | Wessel Karl
Structural brain change in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder identified by meta-analysis

Author(s): Ellison-Wright Ian | Ellison-Wright Zoë | Bullmore Ed
Substorms and polar cap convection: the 10 January 2004 interplanetary CME case

Author(s): Y. Andalsvik | P. E. Sandholt | C. J. Farrugia
Patient-Provider Reciprocity as Complex Adaptive System

Author(s): Ankur Joshi | Nitin Nahar | Sameer Phadnnis | Rakesh Biswas
THEMIS observations of earthward convected flux ropes triggering field dipolarization/substorm expansion and associated particle energization

Author(s): I. I. Vogiatzis | O. E. Malandraki | Q.-G. Zong | X.-Z. Zhou | T. E. Sarris | E. T. Sarris | H. Zhang | T. A. Fritz
Magnetopause reconnection across wide local time

Author(s): M. W. Dunlop | Q.-H. Zhang | Y. V. Bogdanova | K. J. Trattner | Z. Pu | H. Hasegawa | J. Berchem | M. G. G. T. Taylor | M. Volwerk | J. P. Eastwood | B. Lavraud | C. Shen | J.-K. Shi | J. Wang | D. Constantinescu | A. N. Fazakerley | H. Frey | D. Sibeck | P. Escoubet | J. A. Wild | Z. X. Liu | C. Carr
Readability Formulas and Cohesive Markers in Reading Comprehension

Author(s): Abbas Ali Rezaee | Mohammad Hussein Norouzi
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