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A method for the dynamic management of genetic variability in dairy cattle

Author(s): Colleau Jean-Jacques | Moureaux Sophie | Briend Michèle | Bechu Jérôme

Author(s): J. M. Stone | M. N. Lemaster
Costs of selection schemes in small cattle populations

Author(s): A. Montironi | A. Stella | F. Panzitta | G. Gandini
Inheritance of Podborer (Helicoverpa armigera) Tolerance in Pigeonpea

Author(s): M. Rizwana Banu | Ar. Muthiah | S. Ashok
A bi-objective model for emergency services location-allocation problem with maximum distance constraint

Author(s): Mansoureh Haj Mohammad Hosseini | Mohammad Saeed Jabal Ameli
Materialized View Selection Approach Using Tree Based Methodology

Author(s): MR. P. P. KARDE | DR. V. M. THAKARE

Author(s): Sourav Dhar, | Amitava Ray | Rabindranath Bera
An improved region-growth algorithm for dense matching

Author(s): Y.J. Xing | J.J. Meng | J. Sun | Z.Q. Wang
Prediction-based Dynamic Energy Management in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Xue Wang | Jun-Jie Ma | Sheng Wang | Dao-Wei Bi
Multiple-criteria decision support system in highway infrastructure management

Author(s): J. Šelih | A. Kne | A. Srdić | M. Žura.
Modelling option and strategy choices with connectionist networks

Author(s): Andreas Glockner | Tilmann Betsch
Molecular evolution of the Bovini tribe (Bovidae, Bovinae): Is there evidence of rapid evolution or reduced selective constraint in Domestic cattle?

Author(s): MacEachern Sean | McEwan John | McCulloch Alan | Mather Andrew | Savin Keith | Goddard Mike
Evolutionary rate patterns of the Gibberellin pathway genes

Author(s): Yang Yan-hua | Zhang Fu-min | Ge Song
FoxO gene family evolution in vertebrates

Author(s): Wang Minghui | Zhang Xiangzhe | Zhao Hongbo | Wang Qishan | Pan Yuchun
Relaxin gene family in teleosts: phylogeny, syntenic mapping, selective constraint, and expression analysis

Author(s): Good-Avila Sara | Yegorov Sergey | Harron Scott | Bogerd Jan | Glen Peter | Ozon James | Wilson Brian
Prioritising integrated care initiatives on a national level. Experiences from Austria

Author(s): Karin Eger | Sonja Gleichweit | Anita Rieder | K. Viktoria Stein
Microevolutionary dynamics of a macroevolutionary key innovation in a Lepidopteran herbivore

Author(s): Heidel-Fischer Hanna | Vogel Heiko | Heckel David | Wheat Christopher

Author(s): Simone Frattasi | Nicola Marchetti | Muhammad Imadur Rahman | Ernestina Cianca
Gateway Selection Review in Ad hoc Networks

Author(s): Tarek R Sheltami
Heavy Metal Pollution, Selection, and Genome Size: The Species of the Žerjav Study Revisited with Flow Cytometry

Author(s): Eva M. Temsch | Wilhelm Temsch | Luise Ehrendorfer-Schratt | Johann Greilhuber
Agroforestry as it Pertains to Vegetable Production in Bangladesh

Author(s): Mir Farid Uddin Ahmed | S.M. Lutfor Rahman | A.S.M. Mesbahuddin Ahmed | Bruno Quebedeaux
Vocabulary Constraint on Texts

Author(s): C. Sutarsyah
Dislocation following total knee arthroplasty: A report of six cases

Author(s): Villanueva Manuel | Ríos-Luna Antonio | Pereiro Javier | Fahandez-Saddi Homid | Pérez-Caballer Antonio
A structural constraint for functional interaction between N-terminal and C-terminal domains in simian immunodeficiency virus capsid proteins

Author(s): Inagaki Natsuko | Takeuchi Hiroaki | Yokoyama Masaru | Sato Hironori | Ryo Akihide | Yamamoto Hiroyuki | Kawada Miki | Matano Tetsuro
Duplicate dmbx1 genes regulate progenitor cell cycle and differentiation during zebrafish midbrain and retinal development

Author(s): Wong Loksum | Weadick Cameron | Kuo Claire | Chang Belinda | Tropepe Vincent
Security Constraint Optimal Power Flow (SCOPF) – A Comprehensive Survey

Author(s): Mithun Bhaskar M | Srinivas Muthyala | Sydulu Maheswarapu
A Framework for the View Selection Problem in Data Warehousing Environment

Author(s): B. Ashadevi, | Dr. P.Navaneetham, | Dr. R.Balasubramanian
Next generation sequencing and analysis of a conserved transcriptome of New Zealand's kiwi

Author(s): Subramanian Sankar | Huynen Leon | Millar Craig | Lambert David
Databases of surface wave dispersion

Author(s): S. Carannante | L. Boschi
A Model for Web Service Discovery with QoS Constraint

Author(s): HOU Qing | ZHANG Guang-quan
Indirect selection of Cre1 gene in winter wheat populations

Author(s): Çalişkan M. | Uranbey S. | Nicol J. | Akar T. | Elekçioğlu H. | Kaya G.
Position specific variation in the rate of evolution in transcription factor binding sites

Author(s): Moses Alan | Chiang Derek | Kellis Manolis | Lander Eric | Eisen Michael
Adaptive evolution of chloroplast genome structure inferred using a parametric bootstrap approach

Author(s): Cui Liying | Leebens-Mack Jim | Wang Li-San | Tang Jijun | Rymarquis Linda | Stern David | dePamphilis Claude
Heterotachy in mammalian promoter evolution.

Author(s): Taylor Martin S | Kai Chikatoshi | Kawai Jun | Carninci Piero | Hayashizaki Yoshihide | Semple Colin A M

Author(s): Robert Hristovski | Keith Davids | Duarte Araújo | Chris Button
A maximum likelihood framework for protein design

Author(s): Kleinman Claudia | Rodrigue Nicolas | Bonnard Cécile | Philippe Hervé | Lartillot Nicolas
Global similarity and local divergence in human and mouse gene co-expression networks

Author(s): Tsaparas Panayiotis | Mariño-Ramírez Leonardo | Bodenreider Olivier | Koonin Eugene | Jordan I King
Linkage disequilibrium of evolutionarily conserved regions in the human genome

Author(s): Kato Mamoru | Sekine Akihiro | Ohnishi Yozo | Johnson Todd | Tanaka Toshihiro | Nakamura Yusuke | Tsunoda Tatsuhiko
Quantitative analysis of changes in movement behaviour within and outside habitat in a specialist butterfly

Author(s): Schtickzelle Nicolas | Joiris Augustin | Van Dyck Hans | Baguette Michel
Factors influencing delay in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer: a study protocol

Author(s): Esteva Magdalena | Ramos Maria | Cabeza Elena | Llobera Joan | Ruiz Amador | Pita Salvador | Segura Josep | Cortés Jose | González-Lujan Luis
Short sequence motifs, overrepresented in mammalian conserved non-coding sequences

Author(s): Minovitsky Simon | Stegmaier Philip | Kel Alexander | Kondrashov Alexey | Dubchak Inna
Systematics and plastid genome evolution of the cryptically photosynthetic parasitic plant genus Cuscuta (Convolvulaceae)

Author(s): McNeal Joel | Arumugunathan Kathiravetpilla | Kuehl Jennifer | Boore Jeffrey | dePamphilis Claude
Spatial-Mode Selection for the Joint Transmit and Receive MMSE Design

Author(s): Hugo De Man | Steven Thoen | Claude Desset | Nadia Khaled
Equilibrium points of random generalized games

Author(s): E. Tarafdar | Xian-Zhi Yuan
Research on DNA Encoding Based on Rough Set

Author(s): Song Yuan | Zhengyao Hu
Toc Approach for Supply Chain Performance Enhancement

Author(s): Brijesh Ainapur | Ritesh Singh | P.R.Vittal
Robust Kernel-Based Tracking with Multiple Subtemplates in Vision Guidance System

Author(s): Yuzhuang Yan | Xinsheng Huang | Wanying Xu | Lurong Shen
Intrinsic Motivation and Real Individual Piecewise Linear Wages

Author(s): Marie-Christine Thaize Challier
Adaptive antenna selection and Tx/Rx beamforming for large-scale MIMO systems in 60 GHz channels

Author(s): Dong Ke | Prasad Narayan | Wang Xiaodong | Zhu Shihua
The genomic features that affect the lengths of 5’ untranslated regions in multicellular eukaryotes

Author(s): Chen Chun-Hsi | Lin Hsuan-Yu | Pan Chia-Lin | Chen Feng-Chi
Optimal and Suboptimal Finger Selection Algorithms for MMSE Rake Receivers in Impulse Radio Ultra-Wideband Systems

Author(s): Gezici Sinan | Chiang Mung | Poor H Vincent | Kobayashi Hisashi
Spatial-Mode Selection for the Joint Transmit and Receive MMSE Design

Author(s): Khaled Nadia | Desset Claude | Thoen Steven | De Man Hugo
Optimal Television Adverts Selection, Case Study: Ghana Television (GTV)

Author(s): S.K. Amponsah | E.O. Oppong | E. Agyeman
A Multi-objective model for selection of projects to finance new enterprise SMEs in Colombia

Author(s): J.R. Coronado-Hernández | E.M. Pardo-Mora | M. Valero-Herrero
The Evolution of Protein Structures and Structural Ensembles Under Functional Constraint

Author(s): Jessica Siltberg-Liberles | Johan A. Grahnen | David A. Liberles
An Improved Algorithm for Materialized View Selection

Author(s): Lijuan Zhou | Haijun Geng | Mingsheng Xu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Lei Shu | Hsiao-Hwa Chen | Takahiro Hara | Der-Jiunn Deng | Lei Wang
Analysis of synonymous codon usage in Hepatitis A virus

Author(s): Zhang Yiqiang | Liu Yongsheng | Liu Wenqian | Zhou Jianhua | Chen Haotai | Wang Yin | Ma Lina | Ding Yaozhong | Zhang Jie
Comparative analysis of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) between drought-tolerant and -susceptible genotypes of chickpea under terminal drought stress

Author(s): Deokar Amit | Kondawar Vishwajith | Jain Pradeep | Karuppayil S Mohan | Raju N | Vadez Vincent | Varshney Rajeev | Srinivasan R
Evidence of association between Nucleosome Occupancy and the Evolution of Transcription Factor Binding Sites in Yeast

Author(s): Swamy Krishna | Chu Wen-Yi | Wang Chun-Yi | Tsai Huai-Kuang | Wang Daryi
Novel method for discerning the action of selection during evolution

Author(s): Ming Yang | Ada Solidar | Gerald J. Wyckoff
A Neuro-Fuzzy Model for QoS Based Selection of Web Service

Author(s): Abdallah Missaoui | Kamel Barkaoui
A Conceptual Methodology for Transportation Projects Selection

Author(s): I. Nosoohi | Sayed-Nader Shetab-Boushehri,
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