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A Topological Representation of Information: A Heuristic Study

Author(s): A. Haouas | B. Djebbar | R. Mekki
A Novel Energy-Efficient MAC Aware Data Aggregation Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks #

Author(s): Frank Yeong-Sung Lin | Hong-Hsu Yen | Shu-Ping Lin
Now you see it now you don't

Author(s): Patric Andersson | Tim Rakow
Towards the Design of Heuristics by Means of Self-Assembly

Author(s): German Terrazas | Dario Landa-Silva | Natalio Krasnogor
Analysis of Unequal Areas Facility Layout Problems

Author(s): P. Arikaran, Dr. V. Jayabalan,& R. Senthilkumar
Improved Heuristics for Minimum-Flip Supertree Construction

Author(s): Duhong Chen | Oliver Eulenstein | David Fernández-Baca | J.Gordon Burleigh
Dynamic system evolution and markov chain approximation

Author(s): Roderick V. Nicholas Melnik
A methodological approach for designing and sequencing product families in Reconfigurable Disassembly Systems

Author(s): Ignacio Eguia | Sebastian Lozano | Jesus Racero | Fernando Guerrero
On Optimal File Distribution in Practical Mesh-Based Overlay Networks

Author(s): Xiao Su | Yan Bai | Suchreet K. Dhaliwal
A Review of Covering Arrays and Their Application to Software Testing

Author(s): Bestoun S. Ahmed | Kamal Z. Zamli
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