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Mycoplasmoses of ruminants in France: recent data from the national surveillance network

Author(s): Chazel Myriam | Tardy Florence | Le Grand Dominique | Calavas Didier | Poumarat François
Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia: humoral and pathological events in cattle infected by endotracheal intubation or by exposure to infected animals

Author(s): Massimo Scacchia | Georgina Tjipura-Zaire | Rossella Lelli | Flavio Sacchini | Attilio Pini
Effects of immune serum on macrophage cell cultures infected with Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides small colony: morphological analysis by scanning electron microscopy

Author(s): Anna Rita D’Angelo | Flavio Sacchini | Tiziana Di Febo | Vincenzo Langella | Andrea Di Provvido | Gabriella Di Francesco | Rossella Lelli | Attilio Pini
Mycoplasma mycoides, from "mycoides Small Colony" to "capri". A microevolutionary perspective

Author(s): Thiaucourt Francois | Manso-Silvan Lucia | Salah Woubit | Barbe Valérie | Vacherie Benoit | Jacob Daniel | Breton Marc | Dupuy Virginie | Lomenech Anne | Blanchard Alain | Sirand-Pugnet Pascal
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