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Author(s): Akos Toth | Melinda Zomborzsky-Kovács | Gabor Tornyos | Norbert Szalat | Krisztina Kübler
Structural evolution of the SiO2-Ag system prepared by the Sol-gel process with incorporation of Ag particles

Author(s): Garnica-Romo, M. G. | Hernandez-Torres, J. | Diaz-Flores, L. L. | Rodriguez-Diaz, R. A. | Gonzalez-Hernandez, J. | Garcia-Gonzalez, L.
Analysis of nitrates and nitrites in subsoil and ground water samples in Swaziland

Author(s): A.O. Fadiran | W.F. Mdlulie | B.K. Simelane
The presence of undesirable mould species on the surface of dry sausages

Author(s): Vesković-Moračanin Slavica M. | Karan Dragica D. | Milićević Dragan R. | Stjepanović Aleksandra B.
Bioacumulação de metais pesados em moluscos bivalves: aspectos evolutivos e ecológicos a serem considerados para a biomonitoração de ambientes marinhos

Author(s): Petrus Magnus Amaral Galvão | Mauro de Freitas Rebelo | João Paulo Machado Torres | Jean Remy Davée Guimarães | Olaf Malm
The Role of the Bacterial Community of an Agroecosystem in Simazine Degradation

Author(s): Anna Barra Caracciolo | Paola Grenni | Maria Ludovica Saccà | Francesca Falconi | Giuseppe Di Landa | Roberto Ciccoli
Chasing the dragon - characterizing cases of leukoencephalopathy associated with heroin inhalation in British Columbia

Author(s): Buxton Jane | Sebastian Renee | Clearsky Lorne | Angus Natalie | Shah Lena | Lem Marcus | Spacey Sian
Genotypes of Pestivirus RNA detected n anti influenza virus vaccines for human use

Author(s): M. Giangaspero | G. Vacirca | R. Harasawa | M. Buttner | A. Panuccio | C. De Giuli Morghen | A. Zanetti | A. Belloli | A. Verhulst
Improved mycobacterial protein production using a Mycobacterium smegmatis groEL1ΔC expression strain

Author(s): Noens Elke | Williams Chris | Anandhakrishnan Madhankumar | Poulsen Christian | Ehebauer Matthias | Wilmanns Matthias
Nitrates in drinking water and methemoglobin levels in pregnancy: a longitudinal study

Author(s): Manassaram Deana | Backer Lorraine | Messing Rita | Fleming Lora | Luke Barbara | Monteilh Carolyn
Aminopeptidases do not directly degrade tau protein

Author(s): Chow K | Guan Hanjun | Hersh Louis
Alum and PACl Coagulation

Author(s): Winarni
Improvement of Hydraulic and Water Quality Renovation Functions by Intermittent Aeration of Soil Treatment Areas in Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

Author(s): José A. Amador | David A. Potts | George W. Loomis | David V. Kalen | Erika L. Patenaude | Josef H. Görres
Surface Water Pollution Control by Appropriate Effluent Taxation: The Thachin River Basin Study, Thailand

Author(s): Rachasak Klayklung | Charit Tingsabadh | Nantana Gajaseni
Biosorption of Manganese in Drinking Water by Isolated Bacteria

Author(s): H.A. Hasan | S.R.S. Abdullah | N.T. Kofli | S.K. Kamaruddin
Hotspot Analysis of Spatial Environmental Pollutants Using Kernel Density Estimation and Geostatistical Techniques

Author(s): Yu-Pin Lin | Hone-Jay Chu | Chen-Fa Wu | Tsun-Kuo Chang | Chiu-Yang Chen
A fast and simple method for wild yeast flora detection in winemaking

Author(s): Francesca Comitini | Mariza Stringini | Manuela Taccari | Maurizio Ciani
Modelling the hydrological behaviour of a coffee agroforestry basin in Costa Rica

Author(s): F. Gómez-Delgado | O. Roupsard | G. le Maire | S. Taugourdeau | A. Pérez | M. van Oijen | P. Vaast | B. Rapidel | J. M. Harmand | M. Voltz | J. M. Bonnefond | P. Imbach | R. Moussa
The Role of the Bacterial Community of an Agroecosystem in Simazine Degradation

Author(s): Anna Barra Caracciolo | Paola Grenni | Maria Ludovica Saccà | Francesca Falconi | Giuseppe Di Landa | Roberto Ciccoli
Electrocoagulation method for colour removal in tea effluent: a case study of Chemomi tea factory in rift valley, Kenya

Author(s): Justin K. Maghanga | Fred K. Segor | Lazare Etiégni | John Lusweti
Feed safety in the feed supply chain

Author(s): Pinotti, L. | Dell'Orto, V.
Ragweed (Ambrosia sp.) seeds in bird feed

Author(s): Frick, G. | Boschung, H. | Schulz-Schroeder, G. | Russ, G. | Ujčič-Vrhovnik, I. | Jakovac-Strajn, B. | Angetter, D. | John, I. | Jørgensen, JS.
Modeling cadmium in the feed chain and cattle organs

Author(s): van der Fels-Klerx, I. | Römkens, P. | Franz, E. | van Raamsdonk, L.
Attempting to distinguish between endogenous and contaminating cytokeratins in a corneal proteomic study

Author(s): Lyngholm Mikkel | Vorum Henrik | Nielsen Kim | Ehlers Niels | Honoré Bent
Mercury deposition in southern New Hampshire, 2006–2009

Author(s): M. A. S. Lombard | J. G. Bryce | H. Mao | R. Talbot
Suitability of static tests for acid rock drainage assessment of mine waste rock

Author(s): Marja Liisa Räisänen | Päivi M. Kauppila | Timo Myöhänen
Tracking sources of microbiologic contamination of raw milk during milking process in dairy farms from Agreste of Pernambuco/ Rastreamento de fontes da contaminação microbiológica do leite cru durante a ordenha em propriedades leiteiras do Agreste Pernambucano

Author(s): Livia Cavaletti Corrêa da Silva | Vanerli Beloti | Ronaldo Tamanini | Loredana d'Ovidio | Marcos Rodrigues de Mattos | Ana Maria Camelo Travassos de Arruda | Edleide Maria Freitas Pires
Economic Optimized Medium for Tensio-Active Agent Production by Candida sphaerica UCP0995 and Application in the Removal of Hydrophobic Contaminant from Sand

Author(s): Juliana M. Luna | Raquel D. Rufino | Clarissa D.C. Albuquerque | Leonie A. Sarubbo | Galba M. Campos-Takaki
Nitrate Removal from Drinking Water by Point of Use Ion Exchange

Author(s): Peyman Shahbazi (MSc), Forugh Vaezi (PhD), Amir Hossein Mahvi (PhD), Kazem Naddaffi (PhD), Ali Reza Rahmani (PhD)
A proximity effect in adults' contamination intuitions

Author(s): Laura R. Kim | Nancy S. Kim
"Blood Culture Contamination In Children’s Medical Center Of Tehran From April To July 2004"

Author(s): Chitsaz1 M | Khotaee G | Shhcheraghi F | Poorheydaree N
Manganese Neurotoxicity in Oreochromis niloticus

Author(s): Annabelle Herrera | Elena Catap
Prevalance of Mycotoxins in Poultry Finished Feed

Author(s): Nafeesa Qudsia Hanif | Muhammad Naseem | Salma Khatoon | Najma Malik
Characteristics of Leakage Pollution of Longpan Road Gas Station and Its Enlightenment

Author(s): Quanping Zhou | Xun Zhou | Yiping Zhu | Yuehua Jiang | Yun LI | Xiaojun Kang
New taxa in Aspergillus section Usti

Author(s): R.A. Samson | J. Varga | M. Meijer | J.C. Frisvad
The Role of Attached and Free-Living Bacteria in Biodegradation in Karst Aquifers

Author(s): Roger Painter | Tom Byl | Lonnie Sharpe | Ahmad Kheder | Justin Harris
Optimization of a Hydrocarbon Bioremediation System at Laboratory Scale

Author(s): Acuña A.J. | Tonín N.L. | Díaz V. | Pucci G.N. | Pucci O.H.
Spatio-temporal patterns of PAHs, PCBs and HCB in sediments of the western Barents Sea

Author(s): Agata Zaborska | Jolynn Carroll | Ksenia Pazdro | Janusz Pempkowiak
Metal Transport Parameters in Residual Soil with an Undisturbed and Remolded Structure Percolated by an Acid Solution

Author(s): Eduardo Pavan Korf | Antonio Thomé | Nilo Cesar Consoli | Rafael de Souza Tímbola | Gláucia Carine dos Santos
Henry’s Equilibrium Partitioning between Ground Water and Soil Air: Predictions versus Observations

Author(s): Jeroen Provoost | Robbe Ottoy | Lucas Reijnders | Jan Bronders | Ilse Van Keer | Frank Swartjes | Daniel Wilczek | David Poelmans
Rhodococcus equi venous catheter infection: a case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Guerrero Rosalinda | Bhargava Ashish | Nahleh Zeina
Transcriptional signatures of regulatory and toxic responses to benzo-[a]-pyrene exposure

Author(s): Michaelson Jacob | Trump Saskia | Rudzok Susanne | Gräbsch Carolin | Madureira Danielle | Dautel Franziska | Mai Juliane | Attinger Sabine | Schirmer Kristin | von Bergen Martin | Lehmann Irina | Beyer Andreas
Outcome of experimental porcine circovirus type 1 infections in mid-gestational porcine foetuses

Author(s): Saha Dipongkor | Lefebvre David | Ducatelle Richard | Doorsselaere Jan | Nauwynck Hans
Application of a Yeast Biosurfactant in the Removal of Heavy Metals and Hydrophobic Contaminant in a Soil Used as Slurry Barrier

Author(s): R. D. Rufino | G. I. B. Rodrigues | G. M. Campos-Takaki | L. A. Sarubbo | S. R. M. Ferreira
Study of Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma Species as Contaminats of Cell Cultures

Author(s): 1MH Salari | R Hafezi | H Khosravipoor
Hexavalent Chromium Removal from Rqueous Solution by Produced Iron Nanoparticles

Author(s): A Rahmani | R Norozi | M.T Samadi | A Afkhami
Cristalización de criolita a partir de un fundido: Rasgos macroscópicos y estructurales

Author(s): López-Acevedo, M. V. | Benjouali, M. | López Andrés, S.
Removal of Phenol from Aqueous Solution by Activated Mud

Author(s): Zohra Dali-Youcef | Michèle Queneudec
Evaluation of Biodegradation of Oil Compounds, Activity of Some Enzymes and Yield of Multiflorum Plant in Crude-Oil

Author(s): V. Sarvi Moghanloo | M. Chorom | H. Motamedi | B. Alizadeh | SH. Ostan
Cross-Seasonal Association Between Winter Trophic Status and Breeding Ground Selenium Levels in Boreal White-Winged Scoters

Author(s): Jean-Michel A. DeVink | Robert G. Clark | Stuart M. Slattery | Anton M. Scheuhammer
Development of a Standardized Procedure for Cleaning Glass Apparatus in Analytical Laboratories

Structural evolution of the SiO2-Ag system prepared by the Sol-gel process with incorporation of Ag particles

Author(s): Garnica-Romo, M. G. | Hernandez-Torres, J. | Diaz-Flores, L. L. | Rodriguez-Diaz, R. A. | Gonzalez-Hernandez, J. | Garcia-Gonzalez, L.
Serum Biochemical Change Induced by In vitro Sub Chronic Mercury Chloride in Yellowfin Sea Bream (Acanthopagrus latus)

Author(s): Aliakbar Hedayati | Alireza Safahieh | Ahmad Savari | Abdolali Movahedinia | Parviz Zare | Tahere Bagheri
Electrochemical Study of Complex Formation of Cerium (IV) Ion with Glycyl-Glycine and Glycyl-Valine

Author(s): Farhoush Kiani | Meysam Sharifirad | Nasrin Yazdizadeh | Fardad Koohyar
Time lapse chemical fertilizer monitoring in agriculture sandy soil

Author(s): N. Islami | S. Taib | I. Yusoff | A. Abdul Ghani
Using CO2 to Determine Inhaled Contaminant Volumes and Blower Effectiveness in Several Types of Respirators

Author(s): Arthur T. Johnson | Frank C. Koh | William H. Scott | Timothy E. Rehak
Matrix cadmium accumulation depolarizes mitochondria isolated from mouse brain

Author(s): Alyssa K. Polson | Monica B. Sokol | Kirk E. Dineley | Latha M. Malaiyandi
Whole Cell Based Electrochemical Biosensor for Monitoring Lead ions in Milk

Author(s): Neelam Verma | Hardeep Kaur | Sachin Kumar
The Degradation of Reactive Black Wastewater by Fe/Cu Co-doped TiO2

Author(s): Junrui Liu | Zhewei Zhang | Li Yang | Yanzong Zhang | Shihuai Deng
Photo-catalytic activity of Zn1-x Mn x S nanocrystals synthesized by wet chemical technique

Author(s): Chitkara Mansi | Singh Karamjit | Sandhu Inderjeet | Bhatti Harbhajan
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent-Assay for Deoxynivalenol (DON)

Author(s): Fang Ji | Hua Li | Jianhong Xu | Jianrong Shi
Phenol Removal from Synthetic Wastewater by Alcaligenes Faecalis: Online Monitoring

Author(s): Manafi M. | Mehrnia M. R. | Sarrafzadeh M. H.
Impact of Sulphate Counter Ion in the Migration of Sodium Ion through Soils

Author(s): P. V. Sivapullaiah | Maya Nayak | P. Hari Prasad Reddy | J. Sumalatha
Phytoextraction of Metal Contaminants by Typha Angustifolia: Interaction of Lead and Cadmium in Soil-Water Microcosms

Author(s): Thanawan Panich-pat | Suchart Upatham | Prayad Pokethitiyook | Maleeya Kruatrachue | Guy R. Lanza
Removal of hexavalent chromium by an aromatic alcohol

Author(s): Ankita Basu | Rumpa Saha | Jayashree Mandal | Sumanta Ghosh | Bidyut Saha
Disinfection of swimming pools with chlorine and derivatives: formation of organochlorinated and organobrominated compounds and exposure of pool personnel and swimmers

Author(s): Maria-Cristina Aprea | Bruno Banchi | Liana Lunghini | Massimo Pagliantini | Antonio Peruzzi | Gianfranco Sciarra
Assessment of Groundwater Quality in the Gaza Strip, Palestine Using GIS Mapping

Author(s): Basem Shomar | Sami Abu Fakher | Alfred Yahya
Groundwater Flow Model for a Tannery Belt in Southern India

Author(s): Nepal C. Mondal | V. P. Singh | S. Sankaran
Performance of Reactive Powder Concrete Containing Arsenic

Author(s): Sreedevi Ande | Bruce Berdanier | Venkataswamy Ramakrishnan
Kinetic Studies on Hexavalent Chromium Reduction

Author(s): Ankita Basu | Bidyut Saha
Contamination of soils and groundwater by petroleum hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds - Case study: ELSLAV BRNO

Author(s): Konečný F | Boháček Z | Müller P | Kovářová M | Sedláčková I
Rapid Detection of E. coli on Goat Meat by Electronic Nose

Author(s): Ning-ye DING | Yu-bin LAN | Xian-zhe ZHENG
Physical Composition, Nutrients and Contaminants of Typical Waste Dumping Sites

Author(s): H. Meuser | K. S. Grewal | R. Anlauf | R. S. Malik | R. K. Narwal | Jagmohan Saini
Demonstration Case of Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment Plant

Author(s): Saad Abualhail | Rusul Naseer | Xi W. Lu
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