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A modified harmony search based method for optimal rural radial line planning

Author(s): Yan Yang | Wenxin Guo | Fushuan Wen | Danyue Wu | Yan Lin
A general real-time formulation for multi-rate mass transfer problems

Author(s): O. Silva | J. Carrera | S. Kumar | M. Dentz | A. Alcolea | M. Willmann
Modelling of Switched Mode Fly-back Supply for Engineering Education

Author(s): TRIP, N. D. | LUNGU, S. | POPESCU, V.
Iris Recognition Methods - Survey

Author(s): S V Sheela | P A Vijaya
Improved Optimal Competitive Hopfield Network for the Maximum Stable Set Problem

Author(s): Mohamed Ettaouil | Chakir Loqman | Karim Elmoutaouakil
Human-Robot Interface over the Web Based Intelligent System

Author(s): Desa Hazry | Masanori Sugisaka | Taki Yuji
Continuous-Time Multiobjective Optimization Problems via Invexity

Author(s): Valeriano A. De Oliveira | Marko A. Rojas-Medar
Radiography of Spanish Radio

Author(s): Dra. Emma Rodero Antón
Monitoring of Dry Powder Mixing With Real-Time Image Processing

Author(s): A. Bulent Koc | Hasan Silleli | Caner Koc | M. Ali Dayioglu
Automated Web Applications Testing

Author(s): Alexandru Dan CĂPRIŢĂ
Intracellular Mechanisms of Apoptosis

Author(s): Abdul Arif Khan
Commercial management of a local radio station. The case of Sobrarbe radio

On validation and invalidation of biological models

Author(s): Anderson James | Papachristodoulou Antonis
MINLP Optimization of Mechanical Structures

Author(s): S. Šilih | T. Žula | Z. Kravanja | S. Kravanja
A Stochastic Knapsack Problem with Continuous Random Capacity

Author(s): Suwitchporn Witchakul | Prapaisri S.N. Ayudhaya | Peerayuth Charnsethikul
Implementation and evaluation of an array of chemical solvers in a global chemical transport model

Author(s): P. Eller | K. Singh | A. Sandu | K. Bowman | D. K. Henze | M. Lee
Computer aided method for quality control of automotive Al-Si-Cu cast components

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | M. Krupiński, | R. Maniara | J.H. Sokołowski
Implementation and evaluation of an array of chemical solvers in the Global Chemical Transport Model GEOS-Chem

Author(s): P. Eller | K. Singh | A. Sandu | K. Bowman | D. K. Henze | M. Lee
Object-oriented Ferromanganese Furnace Model

Author(s): Stein O. Wasbø | Bjarne A. Foss | Ragnar Tronstad
Desarrollo de simuladores para procesos industriales. Parte I. (Colada continua)

Author(s): Ramírez, A. | Morales, R. | Ramos, A. | Solorio, G.
Optimizing Multi-Product Multi-Constraint Inventory Control Systems with Stochastic Replenishments

Author(s): Ata Allah Taleizadeh | Mir-Bahador Aryanezhad | Seyed Taghi Akhavan Niaki
Intelligent System for Continuous Gas Lift Operation and Design with Unlimited Gas Supply

Author(s): E. Khamehchi | F. Rashidi | H. Omranpour | S. Shiry Ghidary | A. Ebrahimian | H. Rasouli
Heuristic Algorithm for Workforce Scheduling Problems

Author(s): Carlos Montoya | Gonzalo Mejía
Mathematical models and a constructive heuristic for finding minimum fundamental cycle bases

Author(s): Liberti Leo | Amaldi Edoardo | Maffioli Francesco | Maculan Nelson
Problem Based Learning (PBL): Analysis of Continuous Stirred Tank Chemical Reactors with a Process Control Approach

Author(s): Regalado-Méndez Alejandro | Cid-Rodríguez Ma. del Rosario P. | Báez-González Juan G.

Author(s): Docki Saraswati | Andi Cakravastia | Bermawi P. Iskandar | A. Hakim Halim
Technical and Ethical Issues in Indicator Systems

Author(s): Carol Taylor Fitz-Gibbon | Peter Tymms
Stream Processing Environmental Applications in Jordan Valley

Author(s): Iyad Ahmad Aldasouqi, Jalal Atoum

Author(s): SILVA R. G. | KWONG W. H.
Mental status of high school students of Sari city in 2002-2003

Author(s): A. Masoodzadeh | A.R. Khalilian | M. Ashrafi | K. Kimiabayki
Convergent algorithms for protein structural alignment

Author(s): Martínez Leandro | Andreani Roberto | Martínez José
Design of the Pacemaker REmote Follow-up Evaluation and Review (PREFER) trial to assess the clinical value of the remote pacemaker interrogation in the management of pacemaker patients

Author(s): Chen Jane | Wilkoff Bruce | Choucair Wassim | Cohen Todd | Crossley George | Johnson W Ben | Mongeon Luc | Serwer Gerald | Sherfesee Lou
An Exact Method for a Discrete Multiobjective Linear Fractional Optimization

Author(s): Mohamed El-Amine Chergui | Mustapha Moulaï
Automatic Music Boundary Detection Using Short Segmental Acoustic Similarity in a Music Piece

Author(s): Yoshiaki Itoh | Akira Iwabuchi | Kazunori Kojima | Masaaki Ishigame | Kazuyo Tanaka | Shi-Wook Lee
Scoring System Approach for Assessment of Critical Illness using Mobile Phones

Author(s): Karupothula Madhavi Latha | Shiramshetty Gouthami | P.Ranjith Kumar
New Agile Testing Modes

Author(s): N. Ganesh | S. Thangasamy
Activity modes selection for project crashing through deterministic simulation

Author(s): Ashok Mohanty | Jibitesh Mishra | Biswajit Satpathy
Usage of Technology Enhanced Educational Tools for Delivering Programming Courses

Author(s): Mirjana Ivanović | Stelios Xinogalos | Živana Komlenov
Exergoeconomic Design of the Geometry of a Vertical, Three Steps, Tubular Air Heater

Author(s): J.J. Marín–Hernández | L. González–PetitJean | O.M. Cruz–Fonticiella
An Exact Penalty Approach for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming Problems

Author(s): Roohollah Aliakbari Shandiz | Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri
Automatic Music Boundary Detection Using Short Segmental Acoustic Similarity in a Music Piece

Author(s): Itoh Yoshiaki | Iwabuchi Akira | Kojima Kazunori | Ishigame Masaaki | Tanaka Kazuyo | Lee Shi-Wook
Application Of Imperialist Competitive Algorithm To The Emergency Medical Services Location Problem

Author(s): Saeed Moadi | Afshin Shariat Mohaymany | Mohsen Babaei
Wide Area Network’s Reliability Redundancy Design Using Simulation

Author(s): Janardhan Babu V | Nadhamuni Reddy C | Govardhan A
Structure-Encoding Differential Evolution for Integer Programming

Author(s): Changshou Deng | Changyong Liang | Bingyan Zhao | Yanlin Yang | Anyuan Deng
3 dimensions and what is behind it

Author(s): Gyula Imrek
A New Interactive Method to Solve Multiobjective Linear Programming Problems

Author(s): Mahmood REZAEI SADRABADI | Seyed Jafar SADJADI
Computer-Aided Solution to the Vibrational Effect of Instabilities in Gas Turbine Compressors

Author(s): Ezenwa Alfred Ogbonnaya | Hyginus Ubabuike Ugwu | Charles Agbeju Nimibofa Johnson
Joint Power Control and Spectrum Allocation for Cognitive Radio with QoS Constraint

Author(s): Zhijin Zhao | Zhen Peng | Zhidong Zhao | Shilian Zheng
Stability of the feasible set in balanced transportation problems

Author(s): Soraya Gómez y Estrada | Lidia Aurora Hernández Rebollar | Guillermo Arturo Lancho Romero
Differential Diagnosis Knowledge Building by Using CUC-C4.5 Framework

Author(s): Kusrini | Sri Hartati | Retantyo Wardoyo | Agus Harjoko
Implementation of CONCEIVER++: An Object-Oriented Program Understanding System

Author(s): Nor F.Z. Sani | Abdullah M. Zin | Sufian Idris
Asymptotic Properties of Spectral Estimates of Second-Order with Missed Observations

Author(s): G. S. Mokaddis | M. A. Ghazal | A. E. El-Desokey

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