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Document: European Copyright Code

Author(s): Wittem Group
Copyright Protection in Israel

Author(s): Debbie L. Rabina
The Purpose of Copyright Law in Canada

Author(s): Daniel J. Gervais
The Idea-Expression Dichotomy: Indianizing an International Debate

Author(s): K.P. Abinava Sankar | Nikhil L.R. Chary
Copyright, an Incentive or a Burden?

Author(s): Wolfgang BEIN
La protección patrimonial de los programas de computación

Author(s): María Inés Arias de Rincón
SPECIAL ISSUE: Global Capitalism And The Demise Of The Left: Renewing Radicalism Through Inclusive Democracy (book)

Author(s): Steven Best | Takis Nikolopoulos | Panayotis Koumentakis | Rafael Spósito | Guido Galafassi | David Freeman | Arran Gare | Serge Latouche | Michael Levin | Takis Fotopoulos | David Gabbard | Karen Anijar Appleton | John Sargis | Jorge Camil | Jean-Claude Richard
Searching eastwards

Author(s): Mašláňová Alena
Creative Commons International

Author(s): Catharina Maracke
Technology is Changing What's "Fair Use" in Teaching

Author(s): Linda Howe-Steiger | Brian C. Donohue
Copyright, digital media literacies and preservice teacher education

Author(s): Michael Dezuanni | Cushla Kapitzke | Radha Iyer
Copyrights and Creative Copying

Author(s): Ann Bartow
Hail to the Thief: A Tribute to Kazaa

Author(s): Matthew Rimmer
Encyclopedia of Information Ethics and Security

Author(s): Reviewed by Yavuz AKBULUT
Interoperabilität von Software

Author(s): Wiebe, Andreas
Sui Generis Rights for the Protection of Traditional Cultural Expressions

Author(s): Bizer, Kilian; Lankau, Matthias; Spindler, Gerald; Zimbehl, Philipp
Creative Commons licences and design

Author(s): Jasserand, Catherine
Google face à la justice française et belge

Author(s): Lucas-Schloetter, Agnès
Interface between IPR and Human Rights: A Study with Reference to International Law

Author(s): Doctor Nashat Mahmoud Abdalla Jaradat LL.M,. Ph,D
Changing roles of the librarian and the interlibrary-loan user

Author(s): Vida Močnik | Alenka Logar Skobir
A Secure Watermarking Scheme for Buyer-Seller Identification and Copyright Protection

Author(s): Ahmed Fawad | Sattar Farook | Siyal Mohammed Yakoob | Yu Dan
Contra Copyright, Again

Author(s): Wendy McElroy
Les Limites Légales de l’exercice du Droit d’auteur

Author(s): Stefania Sarmisegetuza Tulbure
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