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Modal Auxiliary Verbs in Prescribed Malaysian English Textbooks

Author(s): Jayakaran Mukundan | Laleh Khojasteh
An Overview of Corpus Linguistics Studies on Prepositions

Author(s): Norwati Roslim | Jayakaran Mukundan
Diffusion tensor imaging and tractwise fractional anisotropy statistics: quantitative analysis in white matter pathology

Author(s): Mueller Hans-Peter | Unrath Alexander | Sperfeld Anne | Ludolph Albert | Riecker Axel | Kassubek Jan
Accelerating the annotation of sparse named entities by dynamic sentence selection

Author(s): Tsuruoka Yoshimasa | Tsujii Jun'ichi | Ananiadou Sophia
Direktiivsed aktipaarid eestikeelsetes infodialoogides ja nende automaatne tuvastamine

Author(s): Olga Gerassimenko | Riina Kasterpalu | Mare Koit | Andriela Rääbis | Krista Strandson
TCMGeneDIT: a database for associated traditional Chinese medicine, gene and disease information using text mining

Author(s): Fang Yu-Ching | Huang Hsuan-Cheng | Chen Hsin-Hsi | Juan Hsueh-Fen
Identification of histone modifications in biomedical text for supporting epigenomic research

Author(s): Kolářik Corinna | Klinger Roman | Hofmann-Apitius Martin
Environmental Sound Perception: Metadescription and Modeling Based on Independent Primary Studies

Author(s): Nicolas Misdariis | Antoine Minard | Patrick Susini | Guillaume Lemaitre | Stephen McAdams | Etienne Parizet
Multi-parametric neuroimaging evaluation of cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis and its correlation with neuropsychological presentations

Author(s): Chang Chiung-Chih | Lui Chun-Chung | Wang Jiun-Jie | Huang Shu-Hua | Lu Cheng-Hsien | Chen Ching | Chen Chih-Feng | Tu Min-Chien | Huang Chi-Wei | Chang Wen-Neng
Calendars of the Serbian early 15™ century manuscripts

Author(s): Subotin-Golubović Tatjana
Lexical bundles and intradisciplinary variation: the case of applied linguistics

Author(s): Hassan Jalali | Abbass Eslami Rasekh | Manoochehr Tavangar Rizi
Politeness strategies in the English interlanguage requests of Yemeni learners

Author(s): Mohammed Hasan Ahmed Alfattah | B. K. Ravindranath
The Phonology of Words with Monosyllabic Stems in Malay

Author(s): Zaharani Ahmad | Nor Hashimah Jalaluddin
Family history and stroke outcome in a bi-ethnic, population-based stroke surveillance study

Author(s): Lisabeth Lynda | Smith Melinda | Brown Devin | Uchino Ken | Morgenstern Lewis
The NeuARt II system: a viewing tool for neuroanatomical data based on published neuroanatomical atlases

Author(s): Burns Gully | Cheng Wei-Cheng | Thompson Richard | Swanson Larry
Diseases of Poverty and Lifestyle, Well-Being and Human Development

Author(s): Ajai R. Singh | Shakuntala A. Singh
Facilitating the development of controlled vocabularies for metabolomics technologies with text mining

Author(s): Spasić Irena | Schober Daniel | Sansone Susanna-Assunta | Rebholz-Schuhmann Dietrich | Kell Douglas | Paton Norman
On the Structural Types of Reduplicative in The Book of Songs

Author(s): Binghua DONG | Huaning LIANG
Move two: establishing a niche

Author(s): Wasima Shehzad
Orality and literacy, formality and informality in email communication

Author(s): Carmen Pérez Sabater | Ed Turney | Begoña Montero Fleta
Social representations of the deputy head’s work at full-time schools

Author(s): Simone Weinhardt Withers | Romilda Teodora Ens
Qualification of contemporary French TV news

Author(s): Sylvie LELEU-MERVIEL | Philippe USEILLE
Topography Of Helicobacter Pylori Gastritis In Different Biopsy Sites Of Gastric Mucosa Of Residents Of A High Risk Area For Gastric Adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Mikaeili J | Sotoodeh M | Derakhshan M H | Yazdanbod A | Abedi Ardakani B | Nooraei S M
Extracting noun forms: A lesson learnt

Author(s): Manvender Kaur | Sarimah Shamsudin
A corpus based study of discourse markers in British and Pakistani speech

Author(s): Farhat Jabeen | M. Asim Rai | Sara Arif
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Yun Liu | Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Dongfeng Yuan | Yiqin Lu
Intelligent query by humming system based on score level fusion of multiple classifiers

Author(s): Nam Gi Pyo | Luong Thi Thu Trang | Nam Hyun Ha | Park Kang Ryoung | Park Sung-Joo
IRCAM Corpus Tools: Managing speech corpora IrcamCorpusTools : plate-forme pour les corpus de parole

Author(s): Grégory Beller | Christophe Veaux | Gilles Degottex | Nicolas Obin | Pierre Lanchantin | Xavier Rodet

Author(s): M. M. Pathan | H. Das | M. J. Z. Khan | G. M. Siddiquee | A. Latif | H. R. Palsani
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