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Use of the Dexamethasone-Corticotrophin Releasing Hormone Test to Assess Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Function in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Author(s): Eman A. Hasan | David S. Jessop | Lynsey L. Power | Paul T. Monk | John R. Kirwan
Childhood Sexual Abuse

Author(s): Evrim Aktepe
Neurobiology of Depression and Irritable Bowel Syndrome Comorbidity

Author(s): M. Cağdas Eker | Ozlem Donat Eker
MyD88 and TRIF mediate the cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) induced corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) expression in JEG3 choriocarcinoma cell line

Author(s): Uh Andy | Simmons Charles | Bresee Catherine | Khoury Nasif | Gombart Adrian | Nicholson Richard | Kocak Hande | Equils Ozlem
Change of digesta passage rate in dairy cows after different acute stress situations

Author(s): E. Trevisi | R. Lombardelli | A. Minuti | G. Bertoni
Brief Naturalistic Stressors Cause Shift of TH1 to TH2 Cytokine Response and Increase Disease Susceptibility

Author(s): Mahbub-E-Sobhani | N. Haque | A.T.M.K. Islam | U. Salma | A. Ahmed | I.J. Mukti | A.K.M.F. Haque
The Association between Prenatal Anxiety and Spontaneous Preterm Birth and Low Birth Weight

Author(s): F Nasiri Amiri | RA Mohamadpour | H Salmalian | AM Ahmadi
Role of endogenous neuropeptides in the pathomechanism of alcohol addiction

Author(s): Urszula Rudzińska | Jadwiga Zalewska-Kaszubska
Treatment with a corticotrophin releasing factor 2 receptor agonist modulates skeletal muscle mass and force production in aged and chronically ill animals

Author(s): Hinkle Richard | Lefever Frank | Dolan Elizabeth | Reichart Deborah | Zwolshen Janice | Oneill Timothy | Maloney Kris | Mattson John | Ferreira Leonardo | Musch Timothy | Poole David | Isfort Robert
Evolution of secretin family GPCR members in the metazoa

Author(s): Cardoso João | Pinto Vanda | Vieira Florbela | Clark Melody | Power Deborah
Corticortophin releasing factor 2 receptor agonist treatment significantly slows disease progression in mdx mice

Author(s): Hinkle Richard | Lefever Frank | Dolan Elizabeth | Reichart Deborah | Dietrich Jefferey | Gropp Kathryn | Thacker Robert | Demuth Jeffrey | Stevens Paula | Qu Xiaoyan | Varbanov Alex | Wang Feng | Isfort Robert
Anorexia Nervosa: A Unified Neurological Perspective

Author(s): Tasneem Fatema Hasan, Hunaid Hasan

Author(s): Mohale Deepak S. | Tripathi Alok S. | Wadhwani Paresh J. | Shrirao Abhijit V. | Chandewar Anil V.

Author(s): Pavani Bandlapalli | David Banji | Otilia J.F Banji | Dasaroju Swetha | N. Gouri Pratusha
Corticotropin-releasing factor secretion from dendritic cells stimulated by commensal bacteria

Author(s): Mariko Hojo | Toshifumi Ohkusa | Harumi Tomeoku | Shigeo Koido | Daisuke Asaoka | Akihito Nagahara | Sumio Watanabe
Immune Modulation in Response to Stress and Relaxation

Author(s): Mahbub-E-Sobhani | N. Haque | U. Salma | A. Ahmed

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