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Rotated Outer-Inner Iterative Schemes for The Solution of Burgers’ Equation

Author(s): Norhashidah Hj. Mohd. Ali | Abdul Rahman Abdullah
Rational mutagenesis to support structure-based drug design: MAPKAP kinase 2 as a case study

Author(s): Argiriadi Maria | Sousa Silvino | Banach David | Marcotte Douglas | Xiang Tao | Tomlinson Medha | Demers Megan | Harris Christopher | Kwak Silvia | Hardman Jennifer | Pietras Margaret | Quinn Lisa | DiMauro Jennifer | Ni Baofu | Mankovich John | Borhani David | Talanian Robert | Sadhukhan Ramkrishna
The Deuterator: software for the determination of backbone amide deuterium levels from H/D exchange MS data

Author(s): Pascal BD | Chalmers MJ | Busby SA | Mader CC | Southern MR | Tsinoremas NF | Griffin PR
Novel computational methods for increasing PCR primer design effectiveness in directed sequencing

Author(s): Li Kelvin | Brownley Anushka | Stockwell Timothy | Beeson Karen | McIntosh Tina | Busam Dana | Ferriera Steve | Murphy Sean | Levy Samuel
Simplified PCNN Based MR Images Grayscale Inhomogeneity Real-Time Calibration

Author(s): Changtao He | Fangnian Lang | Hongliang Li | Haixu Wang
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