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Authenticity within the EIL Paradigm

Author(s): Nematullah Shomoossi | Saeed Ketabi
Morphotypes of Candida albicans. Phase-contrast microscopy

Author(s): Monika Staniszewska | Małgorzata Bondaryk | Wiesław Kurzątkowski
Factor Analysis of the Young Schema Questionnaire-Short Form in a Nonclinical Iranian Sample

Author(s): Zohre Sadooghi | Maria E. Aguilar-Vafaie | Kazem Rasoulzadeh Tabatabaie | Namieh Esfehanian
The Relationship between Socio-cultural Context, Parenting Style, Adolescents’ Learning Style, and Scholastic Achievement

Author(s): S. M. Assadi | N. Zokaei | H. Kaviani | M. R. Mohammadi | M.R. Gohari
Factors Causing Stress in Medical Center Managers in Tehran

Author(s): M. Mirsamadi | A. Jafarpour
Personality Patterns in Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Patients

Author(s): M.F. Ghalehbandi | A. Afkham Ebrahimi
Eastern European Transformation and Youth Attitudes toward Violence

Author(s): Eva Maria Groß | Berit Haußmann
Eliot's Delving into the Oriental Wisdom: A Cross-Cultural Study

Author(s): Nasser Maleki | Mostafa Mirzaei
Speech Act of Condolence in Persian and English: A Cross-Cultural Study

Author(s): Bahareh Lotfollahi | Abbass Eslami-Rasekh
Disability and the Ethics of Care in J. M. Coetzee’s Slow Man

Author(s): Shadi Neimneh | Nazmi Al-Shalabi
The Classical Origins of Detective Fiction: Sophocles’s Oedipus the King and Ross Macdonald’s The Goodbye Look

Author(s): Kifah (Moh’d Khair) Al Umari | Fahd A. Salameh | Qusai A. al-Thebyan | Nazmi al-Shalabi
Foucault’s Idea of Power in Shelley’s Mont Blanc

Author(s): Nasser Maleki | Maryam Navidi
A Chronotopic Analysis of Cover Letters in Persian and English

Author(s): Reza Pishghadam | Fahime Sabouri
The IELTS Preparation Washback on Learning and Teaching Outcomes

Author(s): Naser Rashidi | Fatemeh Javanmardi
The Challenges of Local Authorities: A Case Study in Malaysia

Author(s): Kamarudin Ngah | Zaherawati Zakaria | Jamaludin Mustaffa | Nazni Noordin | Mohd Zool Hilmie Mohamed Sawal | Mahazril ‘Aini Yaacob
The Impact of Language Anxiety and Language Proficiency on WTC in EFL Context

Author(s): Minoo Alemi | Parisa Daftarifard | Roya Pashmforoosh
The Effect of Teachers’ Self-reflection on EFL Learners’ Writing Achievement

Author(s): Azar Hosseini Fatemi | Majid Elahi Shirvan | Yasser Rezvani
Lady Gaga and Feminism: A Critical Debate

Author(s): Curtis A. Fogel | Andrea Quinlan
Conversation Analysis in Cross-Culture Team Communication

Author(s): Huili WANG | Yi HU | Shuo CAO
Livelihood Opportunities Through Informal Housing in the New Capital City of Dodoma, Tanzania

Author(s): Albinus M. Makalle | Simeon Mesaki | Martern A. Victor
Delving into EFL Learners’ Cultural Conceptions Through Metaphor Analysis

Author(s): Mostafa Morady Moghaddam | Mina Gholamzadeh
Biofuel production in Tanzania: Local communities’ perceptions

Author(s): R. S. Shemdoe | I. R. Mwanyoka
Public Policy Survey Method Research Based on Multi-Fit Perspective

Author(s): Wei FAN | Xuejun CAI | Lushan PAN | Jiao HAO
The Role of Organization Culture in Predicting Organizational Effectiveness: A Case from Developing Countries

Author(s): Faqir Sajjad Ul Hassan | Bahadar Shah | Malik Ikramullah | Tariq Zaman | Hamad Khan
Experienced and anticipated discrimination against people with schizophrenia

Author(s): Milačić-Vidojević Ivona | Đurić-Jočić Dragana | Tošković Oliver
Szczerbiec (the jagged sword) – the coronation sword of the kings of Poland

Author(s): Biborski, Marcin | Stępiński, Janusz | Żabiński, Grzegorz
Relationship between Spiritual Well-being, Religion, and Hope among Patients with Cancer

Author(s): Esfandiyar Baljani | Javad Khashabi | Elham Amanpour | Neda Azimi
Patient satisfaction with Urban and Rural Insurance and Family Physician Program in Iran

Author(s): Magid Taheri | Ahmad Amani | Rita Zahiri | Mehri Mohammadi
Learning from each other: engaging engineering students through their cultural capital

Author(s): Elena Rodriguez-Falcon | Alma Hodzic | Anna Symington
Motorcycle Fatal Accidents in Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran

Author(s): A Vafaee-Najar | H Esmaeili | H Ibrahimipour | R Dehnavieh | M Seyyed Nozadi

Author(s): Joanna KOSSEWSKA
The Higher Order Structure of Environmental Attitudes: A Cross-Cultural Examination

Author(s): Taciano L. Milfont | John Duckitt | Claire Wagner
An Evaluation of Infection Control in Dental Offices and Dental Clinics in Isfahan (2003)

Author(s): M Razavi | A Motaghi | M Sajadi | M Jahanbakhsh
Actitudes y valoraciones de los jóvenes ante la TV móvil Young People’s Attitudes towards and Evaluations of Mobile TV

Author(s): Miguel de Aguilera Moyano | Eddy Borges Rey | Alfonso Méndiz Noguero
Pharmacogenetics from ethno-cultural perspectives

Author(s): Chee Ng | David Castle
Epidemiologic findings of the patients who attempted suicide and referred to the Shahid Mohammadi hospital of Bandar Abbass in 2009

Author(s): Javad Golmirzaei | Mehrdad Sharifi | Said Hoseini | Said Mohammadi | Leyla Kazemi | Mohammad Esmaeil Shahrzad | Hamidreza Mahboobi | Forough Mahmoudi | Tahereh Khorgoei
Reader Engagement in English and Persian Applied Linguistics Articles

Author(s): Ali Akbar Ansarin | Hassan Tarlani Aliabdi
Comparison of Feminine Gender Norms among Spanish and American College Women

Author(s): María del Pilar Sánchez-López | Isabel Cuéllar-Flores
Parent-Child Relationships in Poland and Germany: A Retrospective Study

Author(s): Jochen Hardt | Malgorzata Dragan | Sonja Schultz | Anette Engfer
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Book Reviews

Author(s): Jet Bakels | Robert Layton | J.M.S. Baljon | Herman L. Beck | R.H. Barnes | J.D.M. Platenkamp | Hans Borkent | Roy Ellen | Frans Hüsken | C. de Jonge | Huub J.W.M. Boelaars | Nico de Jonge | Gregory Forth | J. Kommers | Bernard Juillerat | Gerco Kroes | Signe Howell | Daniel S. Lev | S. Pompe | A. M. Luyendijk-Elshout | H. den Hertog | G.E. Marrison | Wolfgang Marschall | Harry A. Poeze | Marijke Barend-van Haeften | Ratna Saptari | H. Claessen | Jerome Rousseau | James J. Fox | Oscar Salemink | Gehan Wijeyewardene | Henk Schulte Nordholt | U. Wikan | Mary Somers Heidhues | Claudine Salmon | Heather Sutherland | J.N.F.M. à Campo | Gerard Termorshuizen | Robin W. Winks | John Verhaar | Lourens de Vries | Harvey Whitehouse | Klaus Neumann | Maria van Yperen | Cornelia N. Moore
Book Reviews

Author(s): B.V.A. Röling | Paul Shepard | L. Sluimers | J.F. Cady | H.J. de Graaf | Nicholas Tarling | W. Brand | N.A. Simoniya | B.H.M. Vlekke | Alistair Lamb | R.S. Karni | Beda Lim | L. Sluimers | R.K. Goldsen
Intensive medical student involvement in short-term surgical trips provides safe and effective patient care: a case review

Author(s): Leeds Ira | Creighton Francis | Wheatley Matthew | Macleod Jana | Srinivasan Jahnavi | Chery Marie | Master Viraj
Prostate cancer health and cultural beliefs of black men: The Florida Prostate Cancer Disparity Project

Author(s): Odedina Folakemi | Dagne Getachew | Pressey Shannon | Odedina Oladapo | Emanuel Frank | Scrivens John | Reams R | Adams Angela | LaRose-Pierre Margareth
Temporal trends and recent correlates in sedentary behaviours in Chinese children

Author(s): Cui Zhaohui | Hardy Louise | Dibley Michael | Bauman Adrian
Validation of the UCLA Child Post traumatic stress disorder-reaction index in Zambia

Author(s): Murray Laura | Bass Judith | Chomba Elwyn | Imasiku Mwiya | Thea Donald | Semrau Katherine | Cohen Judith | Lam Carrie | Bolton Paul
Knowledge, perceptions and myths regarding infertility among selected adult population in Pakistan: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Ali Sumera | Sophie Raafay | Imam Ayesha | Khan Faisal | Ali Syed | Shaikh Annum | Farid-ul-Hasnain Syed
Vulnerability to high risk sexual behaviour (HRSB) following exposure to war trauma as seen in post-conflict communities in eastern uganda: a qualitative study

Author(s): Muhwezi Wilson | Kinyanda Eugene | Mungherera Margaret | Onyango Patrick | Ngabirano Emmanuel | Muron Julius | Kagugube Johnson | Kajungu Rehema

From Genomics to Scientomics: Expanding the Bioinformation Paradigm

Author(s): Raquel del Moral | Mónica González | Jorge Navarro | Pedro C. Marijuán
Descent Systems, Paternity Uncertainty and Cousin-directed Altruism

Author(s): Jeon, Joonghwan | Ji-Young Yoon | Jae Chun Choe
Nation Drag: Uses of the Exotic

Author(s): Micol Seigel

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