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The effect of diethyldithicarbarnate on antioxidant enzyme activities in the blood of rats

Author(s): Radojičić Ratko M. | Borković Slavica | Pavlović Slađan Z. | Nikolić Aleksandra L. | Blagojević Duško P. | Saičić Zorica S. | Spasić Mihajlo B.
Transcriptional response of rat frontal cortex following acute In Vivo exposure to the pyrethroid insecticides permethrin and deltamethrin

Author(s): Harrill Joshua | Li Zhen | Wright Fred | Radio Nicholas | Mundy William | Tornero-Velez Rogelio | Crofton Kevin
Anticancer Conjugates and Cocktails Based on Methotrexate and Nucleoside Synergism

Author(s): Anthony R. Vortherms | Hester N. Dang | Robert P. Doyle
Role of serotonergic neurons in the Drosophila larval response to light

Author(s): Rodriguez Moncalvo Verónica | Campos Ana
Increased chemokine signaling in a model of HIV1-associated peripheral neuropathy

Author(s): Bhangoo Sonia | Ripsch Matthew | Buchanan David | Miller Richard | White Fletcher
Two-stage case-control association study of dopamine-related genes and migraine

Author(s): Corominas Roser | Ribases Marta | Camiña Montserrat | Cuenca-León Ester | Pardo Julio | Boronat Susana | Sobrido María-Jesús | Cormand Bru | Macaya Alfons
Efficient Implementation of Sample Rate Converter

Author(s): Charanjit singh | Manjeet Singh patterh | Sanjay Sharma
A gene expression system offering multiple levels of regulation: the Dual Drug Control (DDC) system

Author(s): Sudomoina Marina | Latypova Ekaterina | Favorova Olga | Golemis Erica | Serebriiskii Ilya
Evolutionary genomics of the recently duplicated amphioxus Hairy genes

Author(s): Jiménez-Delgado Senda | Crespo Miguel | Permanyer Jon | Garcia-Fernàndez Jordi | Manzanares Miguel
Inhibition of highly productive HIV-1 infection in T cells, primary human macrophages, microglia, and astrocytes by Sargassum fusiforme

Author(s): Paskaleva Elena | Lin Xudong | Li Wen | Cotter Robin | Klein Michael | Roberge Emily | Yu Er | Clark Bruce | Veille Jean-Claude | Liu Yanze | Lee David | Canki Mario
Polyphyly and gene flow between non-sibling Heliconius species

Author(s): Bull Vanessa | Beltrán Margarita | Jiggins Chris | McMillan W Owen | Bermingham Eldredge | Mallet James
Androgen-regulated genes differentially modulated by the androgen receptor coactivator L-dopa decarboxylase in human prostate cancer cells

Author(s): Margiotti Katia | Wafa Latif | Cheng Helen | Novelli Giuseppe | Nelson Colleen | Rennie Paul
The limits of subfunctionalization

Author(s): MacCarthy Thomas | Bergman Aviv
Optimized Design of 2D Mesh NOC Router using Custom SRAM & Common Buffer Utilization

Author(s): Bhavana Pote | V. N. Nitnaware | S. S. Limaye
A Multi-stage Design of Intermediate Frequency Digital down Converter

Author(s): C.F. Ruan | J.Y. Hua | W.K. Kuang | Z.J. Xu | Z.L. Zheng
Channelization and Frequency Tuning using FPGA for UMTS Baseband Application

Author(s): Mahesh M.Gadag | S. Ganesh Naik | Vinayak Miskin | Dundesh S. K
Preparation and labeling of HMPAO kit in Iran

Author(s): "Hadizad T | Shabani Gh.A | Najafi R "
Determinación de la fecha óptima de siembra en alcaucil

Author(s): García, S.M. | Cointry, E.L.
Front-End Digital Signal Processing Scheme For 206.5 MHz Atmospheric Radar Application

Author(s): Ashish Kumar | Samaresh Bhattacharya | Manish Naja | Phani Kumar
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