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Near-IR diode laser-based sensor for remote sensing of methane leakage

Author(s): Huang Wei | Gao Xiaoming | Li Xiaoyun | Li Weizheng | Huang Teng | Pei Shixin | Shao Jie | Yang Yong | Qu Jun | Zhang Weijun
Cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy of carbon dioxide using a DFB diode laser and a swept optical cavity

Author(s): PeiShiXin | GaoXiaoMing | CuiFenPing | HuangWei | ShaoJie | YangYong | ZhangWeiJun
DFB Lasers Between 760 nm and 16 µm for Sensing Applications

Author(s): Wolfgang Zeller | Lars Naehle | Peter Fuchs | Florian Gerschuetz | Lars Hildebrandt | Johannes Koeth
A Compact Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer to Monitor CO2 at 2.7 µm Wavelength in Hypersonic Flows

Author(s): Raphäel Vallon | Jacques Soutadé | Jean-Luc Vérant | Jason Meyers | Sébastien Paris | Ajmal Mohamed
Field detection of CO and CH4 by NIR 2f modulation laser spectroscopy

Author(s): A Khorsandi | S Bagherian | S Ghavami Sabouri | C Romano | W Schade

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