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Protein-DNA complexes: specificity and DNA readout mechanisms

Author(s): Boryskina O. P. | Tkachenko M. Yu. | Shestopalova A. V.
Laser capture microdissection and genetic analysis of carbon-labeled Kupffer cells

Author(s): Stephan Gehring, Edmond Sabo, Maryann E San Martin, Elizabeth M Dickson, Chao-Wen Cheng, Stephen H Gregory
Lambda-Display: A Powerful Tool for Antigen Discovery

Author(s): Elisa Beghetto | Nicola Gargano
Interaction Between Nano-Anatase TiO2 and Liver DNA from Mice In Vivo

Author(s): Li Na | Ma Linglan | Wang Jue | Zheng Lei | Liu Jie | Duan Yanmei | Liu Huiting | Zhao Xiaoyang | Wang Sisi | Wang Han | Hong Fashui | Xie Yaning
Proximity ligation in situ assay for monitoring the global DNA methylation in cells

Author(s): Hervouet Eric | Hulin Philippe | Vallette François | Cartron Pierre-François
Histone deacetylase 3, not histone deacetylase 2, interacts with the major immediate early locus of human cytomegalovirus

Author(s): Huang Ying | Tang Qiyi | Nguyen Michael | Dulal Kalpana | Wang Weijia | Zhu Hua
Foamy Virus Biology and Its Application for Vector Development

Author(s): Dirk Lindemann | Axel Rethwilm
Dispersion stability and exothermic properties of DNA-functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Kawaguchi M | Ohno J | Irie A | Fukushima T | Yamazaki J | Nakashima N
A STAT3-decoy oligonucleotide induces cell death in a human colorectal carcinoma cell line by blocking nuclear transfer of STAT3 and STAT3-bound NF-κB

Author(s): Souissi Inès | Najjar Imen | Ah-Koon Laurent | Schischmanoff Pierre | Lesage Denis | Le Coquil Stéphanie | Roger Claudine | Dusanter-Fourt Isabelle | Varin-Blank Nadine | Cao An | Metelev Valeri | Baran-Marszak Fanny | Fagard Remi
A transferable heterogeneous two-hybrid system in Escherichia coli based on polyhydroxyalkanoates synthesis regulatory protein PhaR

Author(s): Wang Zhi-Hui | Ma Ping | Chen Jiong | Zhang Jing | Chen Chong-Bo | Chen Guo-Qiang
In vitro evaluation of antiviral and virucidal activity of a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid

Author(s): Cermelli Claudio | Cuoghi Alessandro | Scuri Monica | Bettua Clotilde | Neglia Rachele | Ardizzoni Andrea | Blasi Elisabetta | Iannitti Tommaso | Palmieri Beniamino
Identification of two new protective pre-erythrocytic malaria vaccine antigen candidates

Author(s): Limbach Keith | Aguiar Joao | Gowda Kalpana | Patterson Noelle | Abot Esteban | Sedegah Martha | Sacci John | Richie Thomas
Geminivirus mixed infection on pepper plants: Synergistic interaction between PHYVV and PepGMV

Author(s): Rentería-Canett Ilenia | Xoconostle-Cázares Beatriz | Ruiz-Medrano Roberto | Rivera-Bustamante Rafael
Japanese encephalitis virus infection induces changes of mRNA profile of mouse spleen and brain

Author(s): Yang Yang | Ye Jing | Yang Xiaohong | Jiang Rong | Chen Huanchun | Cao Shengbo
Identification of gliadin-binding peptides by phage display

Author(s): Chen Tingsu | Hoffmann Karolina | Östman Sofia | Sandberg Ann-Sofie | Olsson Olof
Synthesis and DNA interaction of a Sm(III) complex of a Schiff base derived from vanillin and L-tryptophan

Author(s): Xing-ming Wang | Yan Zhang | Ting-ting Zhao | Li-sheng Ding
Advances in Carcinogenic Metal Toxicity and Potential Molecular Markers

Author(s): Preeyaporn Koedrith | Young Rok Seo
The differences in RCAS1 and DFF45 endometrial expression between late proliferative, early secretory, and mid-secretory cycle phases.

Author(s): Tadeusz J Popiela | Lukasz Wicherek | Michal Radwan | Jerzy Sikora | Tomasz Banas | Pawel Basta | Magdalena Kulczycka | Marek Grabiec | Bogdan Obrzut | Jaroslaw Kalinka
Nucleotide Base Variation of Blast Disease Resistance Gene Pi33 in Rice Selected Broad Genetic Background

DNA Interaction and DNA Cleavage Studies of a New Platinum(II) Complex Containing Aliphatic and Aromatic Dinitrogen Ligands

Author(s): Nahid Shahabadi | Soheila Kashanian | Maryam Mahdavi | Noorkaram Sourinejad

Author(s): Pincu Rotinberg | Daniela Gherghel | Mihaela Gramescu | Mihai Cosmin | Ion Neacsu | Vasile Hefco | Hellen Rotinberg

Author(s): Pincu Rotinberg | Daniela Gherghel | Cosmin Mihai | Dorina Iurea | Pavel Chintea | Ion Neacsu | Hellen Rotinberg

Author(s): Pincu Rotinberg | Daniela Gherghel | Cosmin Mihai | Dorina Iurea | Pavel Chintea | Ion Neacsu | Hellen Rotinberg
Metabolic behaviour of the HEP-2p neoplastic cells to the action of a bioactive fungal exopolysaccharidic extract

Author(s): Pincu Rotinberg | Daniela Gherghel | Cosmin Mihai | Gabriela Capraru | Elena Truta | Stefania Surdu | Hellen Rotinberg
The impact of Human papilloma virus (HPV) infection on the development of cervical neoplasia

Author(s): Raluca Balan | Irina Draga Cruntu | Vlad Gheorghita | Ovidu Toma | Cornelia Amalinei
Perturbation of enzymatic activity of the HeLa neoplastic cells by cytostatic active electromagnetic treatments

Author(s): Cosmin Teodor Mihai | Daniela Gherghel | Gabriela Capraru | Elena Truta | Dorina Iurea | Ion Neacsu | Pincu Rotinberg
Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Interaction With DNA of N,N′-(Butane-1,4-Diyl)Bis(Guanidinium) Tetrachloroplatinate (II)

Author(s): Christian Bailly | Bernard Viossat | Xavier Labouze | Georges Morgant | Carmella Saturnino | Jean Charles Lancelot | Max Robba | Nguyen Huy Dung
A Theoretical-Experimental Study on the Structure and Activity of Certain Quinolones and the Interaction of Their Cu(II)-Complexes on a DNA Model

Author(s): J. Robles | J. Martín-Polo | L. Álvarez-Valtierra | L. Hinojosa | G. Mendoza-Díaz
Interaction of Ruthenium(II)-dipyridophenazine Complexes with CT-DNA: Effects of the Polythioether Ancillary Ligands

Author(s): Teresa M. Santos | João Madureira | Brian J. Goodfellow | Michael G. B. Drew | Júlio Pedrosa de Jesus | Vitor Félix
Modulation of the captopril interference with the activity of some enzymatic biomolecules in monkey kidney vero cells by drug delivery mesoporous silica system

Author(s): Roxana Popovici | Cosmin Mihai | E.M Seftel | Eveline Popovici | Pincu Rotinberg | Victor Voicu
Interaction between peroxisomes and mitochondria in fatty acid metabolism

Author(s): Jean Demarquoy | Françoise Le Borgne
Interaction between peroxisomes and mitochondria in fatty acid metabolism

Author(s): Jean Demarquoy | Françoise Le Borgne
Astragalin from Cassia alata Induces DNA Adducts in Vitro and Repairable DNA Damage in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Samuel Saito | Givaldo Silva | Regineide Xavier Santos | Grace Gosmann | Cristina Pungartnik | Martin Brendel
A quantum-chemical model of the inhibition mechanismof viral DNA HIV-1 replication by Iodine complexcompounds

Author(s): Gulnara A. Yuldasheva | Georgii M. Zhidomirov | Aleksandr I. Ilin
Retinoblastoma as an Epigenetic Disease: A Proposal

Author(s): Domenico Mastrangelo | Cosimo Loré | Giovanni Grasso
Interaction of an anticancer peptide fragment of azurin with p53 and its isolated domains studied by atomic force spectroscopy

Author(s): Bizzarri AR | Santini S | Coppari E | Bucciantini M | Di Agostino S | Yamada T | Beattie CW | Cannistraro S
Plumbagin inhibits invasion and migration of breast and gastric cancer cells by downregulating the expression of chemokine receptor CXCR4

Author(s): Manu Kanjoormana | Shanmugam Muthu | Rajendran Peramaiyan | Li Feng | Ramachandran Lalitha | Hay Hui | Kannaiyan Radhamani | Swamy Shivananju | Vali Shireen | Kapoor Shweta | Ramesh Bhargavi | Bist Pradeep | Koay Evelyn | Lim Lina | Ahn Kwang | Kumar Alan | Sethi Gautam
Survival advantages conferred to colon cancer cells by E-selectin-induced activation of the PI3K-NFκB survival axis downstream of Death receptor-3

Author(s): Porquet Nicolas | Poirier Andrée | Houle François | Pin Anne-Laure | Gout Stéphanie | Tremblay Pierre-Luc | Paquet Éric | Klinck Roscoe | Auger François | Huot Jacques
Biological interaction networks are conserved at the module level

Author(s): Zinman Guy | Zhong Shan | Bar-Joseph Ziv
A single amino acid change within the R2 domain of the VvMYB5b transcription factor modulates affinity for protein partners and target promoters selectivity

Author(s): Hichri Imène | Deluc Laurent | Barrieu François | Bogs Jochen | Mahjoub Ali | Regad Farid | Gallois Bernard | Granier Thierry | Trossat-Magnin Claudine | Gomès Eric | Lauvergeat Virginie
Effect of iron oxide and gold nanoparticles on bacterial growth leading towards biological application

Author(s): Chatterjee Saptarshi | Bandyopadhyay Arghya | Sarkar Keka
Structural studies of the PARP-1 BRCT domain

Author(s): Loeffler Paul | Cuneo Matthew | Mueller Geoffrey | DeRose Eugene | Gabel Scott | London Robert
Prevalence of at-risk genotypes for genotoxic effects decreases with age in a randomly selected population in Flanders: a cross sectional study

Author(s): Ketelslegers Hans | Godschalk Roger | Gottschalk Ralph | Knaapen Ad | Koppen Gudrun | Schoeters Greet | Baeyens Willy | Nelen Vera | Geraedts Joep | van Delft Joost | Kleinjans Jos | van Larebeke Nicolas
Prioritizing cancer-related genes with aberrant methylation based on a weighted protein-protein interaction network

Author(s): Liu Hui | Su Jianzhong | Li Junhua | Liu Hongbo | Lv Jie | Li Boyan | Qiao Hong | Zhang Yan
Chemoresistance of glioblastoma cancer stem cells - much more complex than expected

Author(s): Beier Dagmar | Schulz Joerg | Beier Christoph
Three-dimensional modeling of chromatin structure from interaction frequency data using Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling

Author(s): Rousseau Mathieu | Fraser James | Ferraiuolo Maria | Dostie Josée | Blanchette Mathieu
Interaction of PARP2 with DNA structures mimicking DNA repair intermediates

Author(s): Kutuzov M. M. | Ame J.-C. | Khodyreva S. N. | Schreiber V. | Lavrik O. I.
The relationship between polymorphisms in intron 8 of vitamin D receptor gene and occult HBV infection

Author(s): Kazemi Arababadi M | Pourfathollah AA | Jafarzadeh A | Hassanshahi Gh | Rezvani ME
Primary WWOX phosphorylation and JNK activation during etoposide induces cytotoxicity in HEK293 cells

Author(s): M Jamshidiha | P Habibollahi | S.N Ostad | M.H. Ghahremani
Lipothioureas as Lipids for Gene Transfection: A Review

Author(s): Marie Breton | Jeanne Leblond | Isabelle Tranchant | Daniel Scherman | Michel Bessodes | Jean Herscovici | Nathalie Mignet
Mechanisms of the interaction between Pr(DNR)3 and Herring-Sperm DNA

Author(s): Liu Xiaocai | Wang Xingming | Ding Lisheng
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Li
The complexity of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus genome characterised through detailed analysis of two BAC clones

Author(s): Moolhuijzen Paula | Lew-Tabor Ala | Morgan Jess | Valle Manuel | Peterson Daniel | Dowd Scot | Guerrero Felix | Bellgard Matthew | Appels Rudi
Genetic polymorphisms in glutathione S-transferase (GST) superfamily and risk of arsenic-induced urothelial carcinoma in residents of southwestern Taiwan

Author(s): Hsu Ling-I | Chen Wu-Ping | Yang Tse-Yen | Chen Yu-Hsin | Lo Wann-Cheng | Wang Yuan-Hung | Liao Ya-Tang | Hsueh Yu-Mei | Chiou Hung-Yi | Wu Meei-Maan | Chen Chien-Jen
Vaccines against a Major Cause of Abortion in Cattle, Neospora caninum Infection

Author(s): Thierry Monney | Karim Debache | Andrew Hemphill
Thermodynamic origin of life

Author(s): K. Michaelian
Hyperactivation of NF-κB via the MEK signaling is indispensable for the inhibitory effect of cAMP on DNA damage-induced cell death

Author(s): Kloster Martine | Naderi Elin | Carlsen Harald | Blomhoff Heidi | Naderi Soheil
HIV-1 integrase modulates the interaction of the HIV-1 cellular cofactor LEDGF/p75 with chromatin

Author(s): Astiazaran Paulina | Bueno Murilo | Morales Elisa | Kugelman Jeffrey | Garcia-Rivera Jose | Llano Manuel
New potential antitumoral fluorescent tetracyclic thieno[3,2-b]pyridine derivatives: interaction with DNA and nanosized liposomes

Author(s): Castanheira Elisabete | Carvalho Maria Solange | Rodrigues Ana Rita | Calhelha Ricardo | Queiroz Maria-João
Comparisons of three polyethyleneimine-derived nanoparticles as a gene therapy delivery system for renal cell carcinoma

Author(s): Xu Zhizhong | Shen Guobo | Xia Xiangying | Zhao Xinyu | Zhang Peng | Wu Huanhuan | Guo Qingfa | Qian Zhiyong | Wei Yuquan | Liang Shufang
Filtering "genic" open reading frames from genomic DNA samples for advanced annotation

Author(s): D'Angelo Sara | Velappan Nileena | Mignone Flavio | Santoro Claudio | Sblattero Daniele | Kiss Csaba | Bradbury Andrew
PKC isoforms interact with and phosphorylate DNMT1

Author(s): Lavoie Geneviève | Estève Pierre-Olivier | Laulan Nathalie | Pradhan Sriharsa | St-Pierre Yves
Integrating multiple types of data to predict novel cell cycle-related genes

Author(s): Wang Lin | Hou Lin | Qian Minping | Li Fangting | Deng Minghua
Rapid label-free identification of mixed bacterial infections by surface plasmon resonance

Author(s): Wang Jue | Luo Yang | Zhang Bo | Chen Ming | Huang Junfu | Zhang Kejun | Gao Weiyin | Fu Weiling | Jiang Tianlun | Liao Pu
Evolution in an oncogenic bacterial species with extreme genome plasticity: Helicobacter pylori East Asian genomes

Author(s): Kawai Mikihiko | Furuta Yoshikazu | Yahara Koji | Tsuru Takeshi | Oshima Kenshiro | Handa Naofumi | Takahashi Noriko | Yoshida Masaru | Azuma Takeshi | Hattori Masahira | Uchiyama Ikuo | Kobayashi Ichizo
HIV-1 and recombinant gp120 affect the survival and differentiation of human vessel wall-derived mesenchymal stem cells

Author(s): Gibellini Davide | Alviano Francesco | Miserocchi Anna | Tazzari Pier | Ricci Francesca | Clò Alberto | Morini Silvia | Borderi Marco | Viale Pierluigi | Pasquinelli Gianandrea | Pagliaro Pasqualepaolo | Bagnara Gian | Re Maria
Retrospective exploratory analysis of VEGF polymorphisms in the prediction of benefit from first-line FOLFIRI plus bevacizumab in metastatic colorectal cancer

Author(s): Loupakis Fotios | Ruzzo Annamaria | Salvatore Lisa | Cremolini Chiara | Masi Gianluca | Frumento Paolo | Schirripa Marta | Catalano Vincenzo | Galluccio Nadia | Canestrari Emanuele | Vincenzi Bruno | Santini Daniele | Bencardino Katia | Ricci Vincenzo | Manzoni Mariangela | Danova Marco | Tonini Giuseppe | Magnani Mauro | Falcone Alfredo | Graziano Francesco
Effect of pH on the Interaction of Gold Nanoparticles with DNA and Application in the Detection of Human p53 Gene Mutation

Author(s): Sun Liping | Zhang Zhaowu | Wang Shuang | Zhang Jianfeng | Li Hui | Ren Lei | Weng Jian | Zhang Qiqing
Liposome-based DNA carriers may induce cellular stress response and change gene expression pattern in transfected cells

Author(s): Fiszer-Kierzkowska Anna | Vydra Natalia | Wysocka-Wycisk Aleksandra | Kronekova Zuzana | Jarząb Michał | Lisowska Katarzyna Marta | Krawczyk Zdzisław
Risk and protective genetic variants in suicidal behaviour: association with SLC1A2, SLC1A3, 5-HTR1B & NTRK2 polymorphisms

Author(s): Murphy Therese | Ryan Maria | Foster Tom | Kelly Chris | McClelland Roy | O'Grady John | Corcoran Eleanor | Brady John | Reilly Michael | Jeffers Anne | Brown Katherine | Maher Anne | Bannan Noreen | Casement Alison | Lynch Dermot | Bolger Sharon | Tewari Prerna | Buckley Avril | Quinlivan Leah | Daly Leslie | Kelleher Cecily | Malone Kevin
Functional exchangeability of the nuclear localization signal (NLS) of capsid protein between PCV1 and PCV2 in vitro: Implications for the role of NLS in viral replication

Author(s): Shuai Jiangbing | Fu Linglin | Zhang Xiaofeng | Zhu Binglin | Li XiaoLiang | He Yongqiang | Fang Weihuan
Stretching and immobilization of DNA for studies of protein–DNA interactions at the single-molecule level

Author(s): Kim JiHoon | Dukkipati VenkatRam | Pang Stella | Larson Ronald
Calcium/calmodulin kinase1 and its relation to thermotolerance and HSP90 in Sporothrix schenckii: an RNAi and yeast two-hybrid study

Author(s): Rodriguez-Caban Jorge | Gonzalez-Velazquez Waleska | Perez-Sanchez Lizaida | Gonzalez-Mendez Ricardo | Valle Nuri
CARBANA: Carbon analysis program for protein sequences

Author(s): Ekambaram Rajasekaran | Marimuthu Vijayasarathy
A model study on the stacking interaction of phenanthroline ligand with nucleic acid base pairs: An ab initio, MP2 and DFT studies

Author(s): Pankaj Hazarika | Bipul Bezbaruah | Pranjali Das | Okhil Kumar Medhi | Chitrani Medhi
Frequency sensitivity of nanosecond pulse EMF on regrowth and hsp70 levels in transected planaria

Author(s): Ash Madkan | Avary Lin-Ye | Spiro Pantazatos | Matthew S. Geddis | Martin Blank | Reba Goodman

Author(s): K. Shiva Prasad | L. Shiva Kumar | S. Chandan | B. Vijaya | H.D. Revanasiddappa
Steps to the clinic with ELF EMF

Author(s): Ash Madkan | Martin Blank | Edward Elson | Kuo-Chen Chou | Matthew S. Geddis | Reba Goodman
Measurement of Protein 53 Diffusion Coefficient in Live HeLa Cells Using Raster Image Correlation Spectroscopy (RICS)

Author(s): Sungmin Hong | Ying-Nai Wang | Hirohito Yamaguchi | Harinibytaraya Sreenivasappa | Chao-Kai Chou | Pei-Hsiang Tsou | Mien-Chie Hung | Jun Kameoka
Changes in the organization of isozyme loci Me1 and Adh1 in-duced with triton X-100 in common wheat lines

Author(s): Karina Kh. Makhmudova | Nataliya A. Vinichenko | Elizaveta D. Bogdanova | Svetlana S. Kirikovich | Evgenii V. Levites
Pattern Recognition Receptors and the Innate Immune Response to Viral Infection

Author(s): Mikayla R. Thompson | John J. Kaminski | Evelyn A. Kurt-Jones | Katherine A. Fitzgerald
A Potential Model for Pea Footrot Disease Prediction

Author(s): Ebimieowei Etebu | Andrew Mark Osborn
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