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Design of a DNA-based shift register

Author(s): Gearheart Christy | Rouchka Eric | Arazi Benjamin
Rationales, design and recruitment of the Taizhou Longitudinal Study

Author(s): Wang Xiaofeng | Lu Ming | Qian Ji | Yang Yajun | Li Shilin | Lu Daru | Yu Shunzhang | Meng Wei | Ye Weimin | Jin Li
New Concepts of Fluorescent Probes for Specific Detection of DNA Sequences: Bis-Modified Oligonucleotides in Excimer and Exciplex Detection

Author(s): Gbaj A | Bichenkova EV | Walsh L | Savage HE | Sardarian AR | Etchells LL | Gulati A | Hawisa S | Douglas KT
A randomized controlled trial of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) testing for cervical cancer screening: trial design and preliminary results (HPV FOCAL Trial)

Author(s): Ogilvie Gina | van Niekerk Dirk | Krajden Mel | Martin Ruth | Ehlen Thomas | Ceballos Kathy | Peacock Stuart | Smith Laurie | Kan Lisa | Cook Darrel | Mei Wendy | Stuart Gavin | Franco Eduardo | Coldman Andrew
Behavioral and psychosocial effects of rapid genetic counseling and testing in newly diagnosed breast cancer patients: Design of a multicenter randomized clinical trial

Author(s): Wevers Marijke | Ausems Margreet | Verhoef Senno | Bleiker Eveline | Hahn Daniela | Hogervorst Frans | van der Luijt Rob | Valdimarsdottir Heiddis | van Hillegersberg Richard | Rutgers Emiel | Aaronson Neil
Comparison of the efficacy of tenofovir and adefovir in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Zhao Shu-Shan | Tang Lan-Hua | Dai Xia-Hong | Wang Wei | Zhou Rong-Rong | Chen Li-Zhang | Fan Xue-Gong
Is the American Zebu really Bos indicus?

Author(s): Meirelles Flávio V. | Rosa Artur J.M. | Lôbo Raysildo B. | Garcia Joaquim M. | Smith Lawrence C. | Duarte Francisco A.M.
Samen-TUNEL-Untersuchung: Ein wichtiger Test für ein IVF-Institut?

Author(s): Leberl F | Stadler A | Bulfon S | Boschi A
Genotyping errors in a calibrated DNA register: implications for identification of individuals

Author(s): Haaland Øystein | Glover Kevin | Seliussen Bjørghild | Skaug Hans
Greenland sharks (Somniosus microcephalus) scavenge offal from minke (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) whaling operations in Svalbard (Norway)

Author(s): Lisa-Marie Leclerc | Christian Lydersen | Tore Haug | Kevin A. Glover | Aaron T. Fisk | Kit M. Kovacs
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