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Development of Vaccines against Influenza A Virus (H5N1)

Author(s): Wen-Chen Li | Yhu-Chering Huang
Survivin and pancreatic cancer

Author(s): Bin-Bin Liu, Wei-Hong Wang
Detection of Mycoplasma gallinarum by Real-Time PCR

Author(s): S.A. Leigh | J.D. Evans
Machine Learning Techniques: Approach for Mapping of MHC Class Binding Nonamers

Author(s): Gomase V.S. | Yash Parekh | Subin Koshy | Siddhesh Lakhan
Molecular Cloning, Expression and Purification of Protein TB10.4 Secreted by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Author(s): Aida Gholoobi | Mojtaba Sankian | Reza Zarif | Zahra Farshadzadeh | Forugh Youssefi
Isolation, identification and molecular characterization of Inclusion body hepatitis virus

Author(s): Amit Gaba | Hitesh Parmar | J.K.Pal and K.S.Prajapati1
Hepatitis B: News from the research world

Author(s): Piramanayagam Paramasivan | Choudhuri Gourdas | Singh Shivaram
HIV-1 sub-type C chimaeric VLPs boost cellular immune responses in mice

Author(s): Pillay Sirika | Shephard Enid | Meyers Ann | Williamson Anna-Lise | Rybicki Edward
Lambda-Display: A Powerful Tool for Antigen Discovery

Author(s): Elisa Beghetto | Nicola Gargano
Extraction of Dengue 2 Plasmid DNA Vaccine (pD2) from Cell Lysates by Aqueous Two-Phase Systems

Author(s): Keila Aparecida Moreira | Adilson Castro Chaves | Ernesto Torres Marques | Duarte Miguel Ferreira Prazeres | Walter Mendes de Azevedo | Ana Lucia Figueiredo Porto | Jose Luiz de Lima Filho
DNA-Delivery Methods to Produce Transgenic Plants

Author(s): Behrooz Darbani | Safar Farajnia | Mahmoud Toorchi | Saeed Zakerbostanabad | Shahin Noeparvar | C. Neal Stewart Jr.
Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy against Murine Tuberculosis of a Prime-Boost Regimen with BCG and a DNA Vaccine Expressing ESAT-6 and Ag85A Fusion Protein

Author(s): Jia Lu | Chun Wang | Zhiguang Zhou | Ying Zhang | Tingting Cao | Chunwei Shi | Zhenhua Chen | Lingxia Chen | Changxue Cai | Xionglin Fan
B cells Can Modulate the CD8 Memory T Cell after DNA Vaccination Against Experimental Tuberculosis

Author(s): Almeida Luciana | Trombone Ana | Lorenzi Julio | Rocha Carolina | Malardo Thiago | Fontoura Isabela | Gembre Ana | Silva Ricardo | Silva Célio | Castelo Ademilson | Coelho-Castelo Arlete
Fusion to chicken C3d enhances the immunogenicity of the M2 protein of avian influenza virus

Author(s): Zhang Zhenhua | Li Yongqing | Xu Shufang | Chen Fuyong | Zhang Li | Jiang Beiyu | Chen Xiaoling
Development of avian influenza virus H5 DNA vaccine and MDP-1 gene of Mycobacterium bovis as genetic adjuvant

Author(s): Jalilian Babak | Omar Abdul | Bejo Mohd | Alitheen Noorjahan | Rasoli Mehdi | Matsumoto Sohkichi
Enhancement of anti-DIII antibodies by the C3d derivative P28 results in lower viral titers and augments protection in mice

Author(s): Dunn Matthew | Rossi Shannan | Carter Donald | Vogt Matthew | Mehlhop Erin | Diamond Michael | Ross Ted
Limited variation in vaccine candidate Plasmodium falciparum Merozoite Surface Protein-6 over multiple transmission seasons

Author(s): Neal Aaron | Jordan Stephen | Oliveira Ana | Hernandez Jean | Branch OraLee | Rayner Julian
Cellular immunity in children with successful immunoprophylactic treatment for mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus

Author(s): Komatsu Haruki | Inui Ayano | Sogo Tsuyoshi | Hiejima Eitaro | Tateno Akihiko | Klenerman Paul | Fujisawa Tomoo
Treatment with Imiquimod enhances antitumor immunity induced by therapeutic HPV DNA vaccination

Author(s): Chuang Chi-Mu | Monie Archana | Hung Chien-Fu | Wu T-C
Immunization with a Mixture of HIV Env DNA and VLP Vaccines Augments Induction of CD8 T Cell Responses

Author(s): Ling Ye | Zhiyuan Wen | Ke Dong | Lei Pan | Zhigao Bu | Richard W. Compans | Huizhong Zhang | Chinglai Yang
Nonintegrating Lentiviral Vector-Based Vaccine Efficiently Induces Functional and Persistent CD8+ T Cell Responses in Mice

Author(s): Donatella R. M. Negri | Zuleika Michelini | Silvia Baroncelli | Massimo Spada | Silvia Vendetti | Roberta Bona | Pasqualina Leone | Mary E. Klotman | Andrea Cara
β-Glucan Oligosaccharide Enhances CD8+ T Cells Immune Response Induced by a DNA Vaccine Encoding Hepatitis B Virus Core Antigen

Author(s): Jing Wang | Shengfu Dong | Chunhong Liu | Wei Wang | Shuhui Sun | Jianxin Gu | Yuan Wang | Diana Boraschi | Di Qu
Prime-Boost Vaccination Using Chemokine-Fused gp120 DNA and HIV Envelope Peptides Activates Both Immediate and Long-Term Memory Cellular Responses in Rhesus Macaques

Author(s): Hong Qin | Pramod N. Nehete | Hong He | Bharti Nehete | Stephanie Buchl | Soung-chul Cha | Jagannadha K. Sastry | Larry W. Kwak
The specifities of the HPV-genital infections in males

Author(s): Mihael Skerlev | Suzana Ljubojević
Vaccination with a plasmid DNA encoding HER-2/neu together with low doses of GM-CSF and IL-2 in patients with metastatic breast carcinoma: a pilot clinical trial

Author(s): Norell Håkan | Poschke Isabel | Charo Jehad | Wei Wei | Erskine Courtney | Piechocki Marie | Knutson Keith | Bergh Jonas | Lidbrink Elisabet | Kiessling Rolf
Factors that may impact on immunosenescence: an appraisal

Author(s): Ongrádi Joseph | Kövesdi Valéria
Liposomal delivery of p-ialB and p-omp25 DNA vaccines improves immunogenicity but fails to provide full protection against B. melitensis challenge

Author(s): Commander Nicola | Brewer James | Wren Brendan | Spencer Stephen | MacMillan Alastair | Stack Judith
The Profile of Cytokines and IgG Subclasses in BALB/c Mice after Immunization with Brucella Ribosomal Gene

Author(s): H. Abtahi | A.H. Salmanian | S. Rafati | G.B. Nejad | M. Saffari | A. Ghazavi | G. Mosayebi
Plant-Derived Human Vaccines; An Overview

Author(s): Atousa Aliahmadi | Nasim Rahmani | Mohammad Abdollahi
Evaluation of in Ovo Delivery System for Plasmid DNA Vaccination

Author(s): L. Moura | M. Liu | V. N. Vakharia
Protective Effect of In ovo Vaccination with IBV-Spike-Recombinant DNA and Chicken Interferon as an Adjuvant

Author(s): Sankhiros Babapoor | Davi de Oliveira Almeida | Jaroslaw J. Fabis | Zeinab H. Helal | Xiuqing Wang | Theodore Girshick | Mazhar I. Khan
Intranasal Immunization with Chitosan/pCAGGS-flaA Nanoparticles Inhibits Campylobacter jejuni in a White Leghorn Model

Author(s): Jin-lin Huang | Yan-Xin Yin | Zhi-ming Pan | Gong Zhang | Ai-ping Zhu | Xiu-fan Liu | Xin-an Jiao
Tularemia live vaccine as a modifier of genotoxic and carcinogenic action of environmental factors

Author(s): Nersesyan Armen K. | Galstyan Hairapet M. | Adamyan Robert T.
Complete conservation of an immunogenic gene (lcr1) in Leishmania infantum and Leishmania chagasi isolated from Iran, Spain and Brazi

Author(s): H. Mahmoudzadeh-Niknam , F. Abrishami , M. Doroudian , M. Moradi , M.H. Alimohammadian , P. Parvizi
Advances in Diagnosis of Rabies

Author(s): Shankar B.P.
Improving Salmonella vector with rec mutation to stabilize the DNA cargoes

Author(s): Zhang Xiangmin | Wanda Soo-Young | Brenneman Karen | Kong Wei | Zhang Xin | Roland Kenneth | Curtiss Roy
Malaria infection by sporozoite challenge induces high functional antibody titres against blood stage antigens after a DNA prime, poxvirus boost vaccination strategy in Rhesus macaques

Author(s): Mahdi Abdel Hamid Muzamil | Remarque Edmond | El Hassan Ibrahim | Hussain Ayman | Narum David | Thomas Alan | Kocken Clemens | Weiss Walter | Faber Bart
The porcine circovirus type 1 capsid gene promoter improves antigen expression and immunogenicity in a HIV-1 plasmid vaccine

Author(s): Tanzer Fiona | Shephard Enid | Palmer Kenneth | Burger Marieta | Williamson Anna-Lise | Rybicki Edward
Role of innate signalling pathways in the immunogenicity of alphaviral replicon-based vaccines

Author(s): Näslund Tanja | Kostic Linda | Nordström Eva | Chen Margaret | Liljeström Peter
Improvement of different vaccine delivery systems for cancer therapy

Author(s): Bolhassani Azam | Safaiyan Shima | Rafati Sima
Intranasal immunization with plasmid DNA encoding spike protein of SARS-coronavirus/polyethylenimine nanoparticles elicits antigen-specific humoral and cellular immune responses

Author(s): Shim Byoung-Shik | Park Sung-Moo | Quan Ji-Shan | Jere Dhananjay | Chu Hyuk | Song Man | Kim Dong | Jang Yong-Suk | Yang Moon-Sik | Han Seung | Park Yong-Ho | Cho Chong-Su | Yun Cheol-Heui
In vivo trafficking and immunostimulatory potential of an intranasally-administered primary dendritic cell-based vaccine

Author(s): Vilekar Prachi | Awasthi Vibhudutta | Lagisetty Pallavi | King Catherine | Shankar Nathan | Awasthi Shanjana
A solute-binding protein for iron transport in Streptococcus iniae

Author(s): Zou Lili | Wang Jun | Huang Baofeng | Xie Mingquan | Li Anxing
Programmed cell death-1 (PD-1) at the heart of heterologous prime-boost vaccines and regulation of CD8+ T cell immunity

Author(s): Bot Adrian | Qiu Zhiyong | Wong Raymond | Obrocea Mihail | Smith Kent
Development of Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) Assays for Rapid Detection of Ehrlichia ruminantium

Author(s): Nakao Ryo | Stromdahl Ellen | Magona Joseph | Faburay Bonto | Namangala Boniface | Malele Imna | Inoue Noboru | Geysen Dirk | Kajino Kiichi | Jongejan Frans | Sugimoto Chihiro
The nature and combination of subunits used in epitope-based Schistosoma japonicum vaccine formulations affect their efficacy

Author(s): Wang Xuefeng | Zhang Lei | Chi Ying | Hoellwarth Jason | Zhou Sha | Wen Xiaoyun | He Lei | Liu Feng | Wu Calvin | Su Chuan
Interleukin-13 receptor α2 DNA prime boost vaccine induces tumor immunity in murine tumor models

Author(s): Nakashima Hideyuki | Fujisawa Toshio | Husain Syed | Puri Raj
Vaccination against M. tuberculosis – what next after BCG?

Author(s): Marek Fol | Katarzyna Zawadzka | Magdalena Druszczyńska | Magdalena Kowalewicz-Kulbat | Wiesława Rudnicka
Immunogenicity and immunoprotection of recombinant PEB1 in Campylobacter-jejuni-infected mice

Author(s): Lian-Feng Du, Zhen-Jiang Li, Xian-Ying Tang, Jun-Qiong Huang, Wan-Bang Sun
Identification of two new protective pre-erythrocytic malaria vaccine antigen candidates

Author(s): Limbach Keith | Aguiar Joao | Gowda Kalpana | Patterson Noelle | Abot Esteban | Sedegah Martha | Sacci John | Richie Thomas
Enhanced specific immune responses by CpG DNA in mice immunized with recombinant hepatitis B surface antigen and HB vaccine

Author(s): Zhang Xiancheng | He Peng | Hu Zhongyu | Wang Xingtai | Liang Zhenglun
A DNA Vaccine Encoding for TcSSP4 Induces Protection against Acute and Chronic Infection in Experimental Chagas Disease

Author(s): Minerva Arce-Fonseca, Angel Ramos-Ligonio, Aracely López-Monteón, Berenice Salgado-Jiménez, Patricia Talamás-Rohana, José Luis Rosales-Encina
Fusion of Clostridium perfringens type D and B epsilon and beta toxin genes and it’s cloning in E. coli

Author(s): Pilehchian Langroudi, R. | Aghaei Pour, K. | Shamsara, M. | Jabbari, A.R. | Habibi, G.R., | Goudarzi, H., | Ghorashi, S.A.
Production of Human Papilloma Virus Type 16 E6 Oncoprotein as a Recombinant Protein in Eukaryotic Cells

Author(s): Mirshahabi H | Soleimanjahi H | Pourpak Z | Meshkat Z | Hassan ZM
Study on Efficacy of Hepatitis B Immunization in Vaccinated beta-thalassemia Children in Tehran

Author(s): Zohreh Sharifi | Saeideh Milani | Mahmood Mahmoodian Shooshtari
Rabies DNA Vaccines: Current Status and Future

Author(s): Shampur Narayan Madhusudana | Anita Desai | Padinjaremattathil Thankappan Ullas
Rabies DNA Vaccines: Current Status and Future

Author(s): Shampur Narayan Madhusudana | Anita Desai | Padinjaremattathil Thankappan Ullas
Biotechnology in the Production of Recombinant Vaccine or Antigen for Animal Health

Author(s): Balamurugan, V. | A. Sen | P. Saravanan | R.K. Singh
Cancer Genome Sequencing and Its Implications for Personalized Cancer Vaccines

Author(s): Lijin Li | Peter Goedegebuure | Elaine R. Mardis | Matthew J.C. Ellis | Xiuli Zhang | John M. Herndon | Timothy P. Fleming | Beatriz M. Carreno | Ted H. Hansen | William E. Gillanders
Heterologous prime-boost-boost immunisation of Chinese cynomolgus macaques using DNA and recombinant poxvirus vectors expressing HIV-1 virus-like particles

Author(s): Bridge Simon | Sharpe Sally | Dennis Mike | Dowall Stuart | Getty Brian | Anson Donald | Skinner Michael | Stewart James | Blanchard Tom
Human papillomavirus prevalence among indigenous and non-indigenous Australian women prior to a national HPV vaccination program

Author(s): Garland Suzanne | Brotherton Julia | Condon John | McIntyre Peter | Stevens Matthew | Smith David | Tabrizi Sepehr
Canadian oncogenic human papillomavirus cervical infection prevalence: Systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Tricco Andrea | Ng Carmen | Gilca Vladimir | Anonychuk Andrea | Pham Ba' | Berliner Shirra
A Multi-Center, Qualitative Assessment of Pediatrician and Maternal Perspectives on Rotavirus Vaccines and the Detection of Porcine circovirus

Author(s): Payne Daniel | Humiston Sharon | Opel Douglas | Kennedy Allison | Wikswo Mary | Downing Kimberly | Klein Eileen | Kobayashi Ana | Locke David | Albertin Christina | Chesley Claudia | Staat Mary
Polyclonal antibody cocktails generated using DNA vaccine technology protect in murine models of orthopoxvirus disease

Author(s): Golden Joseph | Zaitseva Marina | Kapnick Senta | Fisher Robert | Mikolajczyk Malgorzata | Ballantyne John | Golding Hana | Hooper Jay
Fusion with extracellular domain of cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated-antigen 4 leads to enhancement of immunogenicity of Hantaan virus DNA vaccines in C57BL/6 mice

Author(s): Liu Feng | Liang Mifang | Cao Shouchun | Liu Qinzhi | Zhang Quanfu | Li Chuan | Zhang Shuo | Wang Shiwen | Li Dexin
Abrogation of contaminating RNA activity in HIV-1 Gag VLPs

Author(s): Valley-Omar Ziyaad | Meyers Ann | Shephard Enid | Williamson Anna-Lise | Rybicki Edward
Polymorphism in the First Intron of Interferon-Gamma Gene (+874T/A) in Patients with BCG Adenitis

Author(s): N Parvaneh | B Pourakbari | KH Daneshjoo | H Ashraf | A Salavati | S Mamishi
DNAs from Brucella Strains Activate Efficiently Murine Immune System with Production of Cytokines, Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species

Author(s): Zahra Tavakoli | Sussan K. Ardestani | Taghi Lashkarbolouki | Amina Kariminia | Taghi Zahraei Salehi | Nasser Tavassoli
Gene Cloning of Iranian Leishmania major Mannose-1-Phosphate Guanyltransferase

Author(s): SH Hejazi | N Zia- Jahromi | M Bandehpour | G Eslami | R Salehi | A Khamesipour | B Kazemi | SH Hejazi | N Zia- Jahromi | M Bandehpour | G Eslami | R Salehi | A Khamesipour | B Kazemi
Cloning and Sequencing of Leishmania major Thiol-Specific-Antioxidant Antigen (TSA) Gene

Author(s): F Tabatabaie | F Ghaffari far | A Dalimi | Z Sharifi | A Zavaran Hoseini
Partial Sequence Analysis of Merozoite Surface Proteine-3α Gene in Plasmodium vivax Isolates from Malarious Areas of Iran

Author(s): A Shahbazi | A Raeisi | M Nateghpour | M Mohebali | M Asmar | H Mirhendi
Direct detection and serogroup characterization of Neisseria meningitidis from outbreak of meningococcal meningitis in Delhi

Author(s): SS Negi | SS Grover | SS Rautela | DS Rawat | S Gupta | S Khare | S Lal | A Rai
Cloning and Expression of TRYP6 Gene from Leishmania major (MRHO/IR/75/ER)

Author(s): G Eslami | R Salehi | H Hejazi | A Khamesipour | B Kazemi
Plasmodium falciparum spermidine synthase

Author(s): Anup V. Patwa, Amit G. Nerkar*, Sanjay D. Sawant
Emerging Cancer Vaccines: The Promise of Genetic Vectors

Author(s): Luigi Aurisicchio | Gennaro Ciliberto
Molecular characterization of the Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis hsp60-hsp10 operon, and evaluation of the immune response and protective efficacy induced by hsp60 DNA vaccination in mice

Author(s): Costa Marcilia | McCulloch John | Almeida Síntia | Dorella Fernanda | Fonseca Cristina | Oliveira Diana | Teixeira Maria | Laskowska Ewa | Lipinska Barbara | Meyer Roberto | Portela Ricardo | Oliveira Sérgio | Miyoshi Anderson | Azevedo Vasco
Epidemiology of HPV genotypes in Uganda and the role of the current preventive vaccines: A systematic review

Author(s): Banura Cecily | Mirembe Florence | Katahoire Anne | Namujju Proscovia | Mbonye Anthony | Wabwire Fred
Mechanisms and Factors that Influence High Frequency Retroviral Recombination

Author(s): Krista Delviks-Frankenberry | Andrea Galli | Olga Nikolaitchik | Helene Mens | Vinay K. Pathak | Wei-Shau Hu
Vaccines against a Major Cause of Abortion in Cattle, Neospora caninum Infection

Author(s): Thierry Monney | Karim Debache | Andrew Hemphill
HBV vaccine efficacy and detection and genotyping of vaccineé asymptomatic breakthrough HBV infection in Egypt

Author(s): Eman AE Abushady | Magda MA Gameel | John D Klena | Salwa F Ahmed | Kouka SE Abdel-Wahab | Sanya M Fahmy
Chimeric DNA Vaccines against ErbB2+ Carcinomas: From Mice to Humans

Author(s): Elena Quaglino | Federica Riccardo | Marco Macagno | Silvio Bandini | Rodica Cojoca | Elisabetta Ercole | Augusto Amici | Federica Cavallo
Efficient induction of CD25- iTreg by co-immunization requires strongly antigenic epitopes for T cells

Author(s): Geng Shuang | Yu Yang | Kang Youmin | Pavlakis George | Jin Huali | Li Jinyao | Hu Yanxin | Hu Weibin | Wang Shuang | Wang Bin
First complete genome sequence of infectious laryngotracheitis virus

Author(s): Lee Sang-Won | Markham Philip | Markham John | Petermann Ivonne | Noormohammadi Amir | Browning Glenn | Ficorilli Nino | Hartley Carol | Devlin Joanne
Modulation of apoptosis by V protein mumps virus

Author(s): Rosas-Murrieta Nora | Santos-López Gerardo | Reyes-Leyva Julio | Jurado Francisca | Herrera-Camacho Irma
Induction of immune responses in ducks with a DNA vaccine encoding duck plague virus glycoprotein C

Author(s): Lian Bei | Cheng Anchun | Wang Mingshu | Zhu Dekang | Luo Qihui | Jia Renyong | Liu Fei | Han Xinfeng | Chen Xiaoyue
A novel candidate HIV vaccine vector based on the replication deficient Capripoxvirus, Lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV)

Author(s): Shen Yen-Ju | Shephard Enid | Douglass Nicola | Johnston Nicolette | Adams Craig | Williamson Carolyn | Williamson Anna-Lise
A baculovirus dual expression system-based vaccine confers complete protection against lethal challenge with H9N2 avian influenza virus in mice

Author(s): Lin Wenyao | Fan Huiying | Cheng Xiaoliang | Ye Yu | Chen Xiaowei | Ren Tao | Qi Wenbao | Liao Ming
A novel recombinant pseudorabies virus expressing parvovirus VP2 gene: Immunogenicity and protective efficacy in swine

Author(s): Chen Yang | Guo Wanzhu | Xu Zhiwen | Yan Qigui | Luo Yan | Shi Qian | Chen Dishi | Zhu Ling | Wang Xiaoyu
A stabilized HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein trimer fused to CD40 ligand targets and activates dendritic cells

Author(s): Melchers Mark | Matthews Katie | de Vries Robert | Eggink Dirk | van Montfort Thijs | Bontjer Ilja | van de Sandt Carolien | David Kathryn | Berkhout Ben | Moore John | Sanders Rogier
Should chronic hepatitis B mothers breastfeed? a meta analysis

Author(s): Zheng Yingjie | Lu Yihan | Ye Qi | Xia Yugang | Zhou Yueqin | Yao Qingqing | Wei Shan
Fuzzy splicing in precursor-mRNA sequences: prediction of aberrant splice-junctions in viral DNA context

Author(s): Perambur S. Neelakanta | Sharmistha Chatterjee | Mirjana Pavlovic | Abijit Pandya | Dolores de Groff
Evaluation of immunogenicity elicited from two DNA vaccine candidates that expresses the prM and E genes of the dengue-3 virus

Author(s): Sérgio O. de Paula | Rafael F. O. França | Danielle M. Lima | Nina R. Dutra | Marília B. de Paula | Michelle D. de Oliveira | Leandro L. de Oliveira | Benedito A. L. da Fonseca
Immunization of Pigs with a DNA Vaccine Against Hog Cholera Virus

Author(s): Wu Hongzhuan | Kit-man Wong | Chen Jinding | Frederick C Leung
A New Strategy in the Immunization of Dna Vaccine Against Hog Cholera Virus

Author(s): Wu Hongzhuan | Chen Jinding | Frederick C Leung
A DNA vaccine against an H1N1 avian influenza virus induced humoral and cell-mediated immunity in SPF chickens

Author(s): Hongzhuan Wu | Karyn Scissum-Gunn | Shree R Singh | Narendra K Singh | Shan-Chia Ou | Joseph J Giambrone
Vaccination against M. tuberculosis – what next after BCG?

Author(s): Marek Fol | Katarzyna Zawadzka | Magdalena Druszczyńska | Magdalena Kowalewicz-Kulbat | Wiesława Rudnicka
An Overview of Biochemical Aspects of DNA Vaccines

Author(s): Manju Rawat | Deependra Singh | S. Saraf | Swarnlata Saraf

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