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DNA damage in preserved specimens and tissue samples: a molecular assessment

Author(s): Zimmermann Juergen | Hajibabaei Mehrdad | Blackburn David | Hanken James | Cantin Elizabeth | Posfai Janos | Evans Thomas
DNA-free RNA isolation protocols for Arabidopsis thaliana, including seeds and siliques

Author(s): Oñate-Sánchez Luis | Vicente-Carbajosa Jesús
Expression microarray reproducibility is improved by optimising purification steps in RNA amplification and labelling

Author(s): Naderi Ali | Ahmed Ahmed | Barbosa-Morais Nuno | Aparicio Samuel | Brenton James | Caldas Carlos
Bright/ARID3A contributes to chromatin accessibility of the immunoglobulin heavy chain enhancer

Author(s): Lin Danjuan | Ippolito Gregory | Zong Rui-Ting | Bryant James | Koslovsky Janet | Tucker Philip
Transcriptional regulation of subclass 5b fimbriae

Author(s): Bodero Maria | Harden Elizabeth | Munson George
Identifying Positioned Nucleosomes with Epigenetic Marks in Human from ChIP-Seq

Author(s): Zhang Yong | Shin Hyunjin | Song Jun | Lei Ying | Liu X Shirley
Estandarización de un protocolo sencillo para la extracción de ADN genómico de levaduras

Author(s): Esteban Osorio-Cadavid | Mauricio Ramírez | William Andrés López | Luz Adriana Mambuscay
Characterization of biofilm matrix, degradation by DNase treatment and evidence of capsule downregulation in Streptococcus pneumoniae clinical isolates

Author(s): Hall-Stoodley Luanne | Nistico Laura | Sambanthamoorthy Karthik | Dice Bethany | Nguyen Duc | Mershon William | Johnson Candice | Ze Hu Fen | Stoodley Paul | Ehrlich Garth | Post J Christopher
Purification and partial genome characterization of the bacterial endosymbiont Blattabacterium cuenoti from the fat bodies of cockroaches

Author(s): Tokuda Gaku | Lo Nathan | Takase Aya | Yamada Akinori | Hayashi Yoshinobu | Watanabe Hirofumi
Genome-scale identification of Caenorhabditis elegans regulatory elements by tiling-array mapping of DNase I hypersensitive sites

Author(s): Shi Baochen | Guo Xiangqian | Wu Tao | Sheng Sitong | Wang Jie | Skogerbø Geir | Zhu Xiaopeng | Chen Runsheng
Characterization of Zur-dependent genes and direct Zur targets in Yersinia pestis

Author(s): Li Yingli | Qiu Yefeng | Gao He | Guo Zhaobiao | Han Yanping | Song Yajun | Du Zongmin | Wang Xiaoyi | Zhou Dongsheng | Yang Ruifu
Definition, conservation and epigenetics of housekeeping and tissue-enriched genes

Author(s): She Xinwei | Rohl Carol | Castle John | Kulkarni Amit | Johnson Jason | Chen Ronghua
Identification of ColR binding consensus and prediction of regulon of ColRS two-component system

Author(s): Kivistik Paula | Kivi Rait | Kivisaar Maia | Hõrak Rita
A novel Poly(ε-caprolactone)-Pluronic-Poly(ε-caprolactone) grafted Polyethyleneimine(PCFC-g-PEI), Part 1, synthesis, cytotoxicity, and in vitro transfection study

Author(s): Shi Shuai | Guo QingFa | Kan Bing | Fu ShaoZhi | Wang XiuHong | Gong ChangYang | Deng HongXin | Luo Feng | Zhao Xia | Wei YuQuan | Qian ZhiYong
Two adjacent nuclear factor-binding domains activate expression from the human PRNP promoter

Author(s): Taheny Michael | Izkhakov Nerik | Vostrov Alexander | Quitschke Wolfgang
Optimized sample preparation for two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of soluble proteins from chicken bursa of Fabricius

Author(s): Wu Yongping | Zhou Jiyong | Zhang Xin | Zheng Xiaojuan | Jiang Xuetao | Shi Lixue | Yin Wei | Wang Junhua
Sequence-dependent DNA helical rise and nucleosome stability

Author(s): Pedone Francesco | Santoni Daniele
The role of virulence factors in the outcome of staphylococcal peritonitis in CAPD patients

Author(s): Barretti Pasqual | Montelli Augusto | Batalha Jackson | Caramori Jacqueline | Cunha Maria
Quantitative TaqMan® real-time PCR assays for gene expression normalisation in feline tissues

Author(s): Kessler Yvonne | Helfer-Hungerbuehler A Katrin | Cattori Valentino | Meli Marina | Zellweger Bigna | Ossent Pete | Riond Barbara | Reusch Claudia | Lutz Hans | Hofmann-Lehmann Regina
Effect of Decellularization Protocol on the Mechanical Behavior of Porcine Descending Aorta

Author(s): John C. Fitzpatrick | Peter M. Clark | Franco M. Capaldi
Epidemiological Analysis of Clinical Isolates of Staphylococcus aureus in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Author(s): M.A. Bisi-Johnson | D.O. Kolawole | A.O. Shittu
Quality of raw milk produced in agreste region of Pernambuco, Brazil / Qualidade do leite cru produzido na região do agreste de Pernambuco, Brasil

Author(s): Marcos Rodrigues de Mattos | Vanerli Beloti | Ronaldo Tamanini | Douglas Furtado Magnani | Luis Augusto Nero | Márcia de Aguiar Ferreira Barros | Edleide Maria Freitas Pires | Benoit Pascal Dominique Paquereau
Characterization of hot water spring source isolated clones of bacteria and their industrial applicability

Author(s): Sudip Kumar Sen | Sudhir Kumar Mohapatra | Soumya Satpathy | Gopala Rao T.V.
Methicilin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Carriage amongst Healthcare Workers of the Critical Care Units in a Nigerian Hospital

Author(s): A. Fadeyi | B.O. Bolaji | O.O. Oyedepo | O.O. Adesiyun | M.A.N. Adeboye | T.O. Olanrewaju | A. Aderibigbe | A.K. Salami | O.O. Desalu | A. Fowotade | C. Nwabuisi | A.A. Akanbi II | R.A. Raheem | A. Olalere
Expression, secretion and surface display of a human alkaline phosphatase by the ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila

Author(s): Aldag Ingo | Bockau Ulrike | Rossdorf Jan | Laarmann Sven | Raaben Willem | Herrmann Lutz | Weide Thomas | Hartmann Marcus
Cytotoxic activity of proteins isolated from extracts of Corydalis cava tubers in human cervical carcinoma HeLa cells

Author(s): Nawrot Robert | Wolun-Cholewa Maria | Bialas Wojciech | Wyrzykowska Danuta | Balcerkiewicz Stanislaw | Gozdzicka-Jozefiak Anna
Curcumin activates the p38MPAK-HSP25 pathway in vitro but fails to attenuate diabetic nephropathy in DBA2J mice despite urinary clearance documented by HPLC

Author(s): Ma Jun | Phillips Lynetta | Wang Ying | Dai Tiane | LaPage Janine | Natarajan Rama | Adler Sharon
Repression of btuB gene transcription in Escherichia coli by the GadX protein

Author(s): Lei Guang-Sheng | Syu Wan-Jr | Liang Po-Huang | Chak Kin-Fu | Hu Wensi | Hu Shiau-Ting
Comparison of different methods for DNA-free RNA isolation from SK-N-MC neuroblastoma

Author(s): Tavares Lucélia | Alves Paula | Ferreira Ricardo | Santos Claudia
PR Enzyme Activities of Cercospora theae Causing Bird’s Eye Spot Disease in Tea Plants (Camellia sinensis (L.) O.kuntze)

Author(s): Balasubramanian Mythili Gnanamangai | Ponnusamy Ponmurugan | Rajendran Yazhini | Sekar K. Pragadeesh
Phenotyping and genotyping methods applied to investigate the relatedness of Brazilian isolates of Enterobacter cloacae

Author(s): Darini A.L.C. | Magalhães V.D. | Levy C.L. | Barth A.L. | Coscina A.L.
Staphylococcus enterotoxigênicos em alimentos in natura e processados no estado de Pernambuco, Brasil

Author(s): Cunha Neto Adelino da | Silva Celiane Gomes Maia da | Stamford Tânia Lúcia Montenegro
Effects of double-stranded RNA on virulence of Paecilomyces fumosoroseus (Deuteromycotina: Hyphomycetes) against the silverleaf whitefly, Bemisia tabaci strain B (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Author(s): Azevedo Andréia Cristiane Souza | Sosa-Gómez Daniel Ricardo | Faria Marcos Rodrigues | Fungaro Maria Helena Pelegrinelli
Virulence factors of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans: other putative factors

Author(s): AVILA-CAMPOS Mario Julio | SIMIONATO Maria Regina Lorenzetti | CAI Silvana | MAYER Márcia Pinto Alves | DE LORENZO José Luiz | ZELANTE Flávio
Structural analysis of hemicatenated DNA loops

Author(s): Gaillard Claire | Shlyakhtenko Luda | Lyubchenko Yuri | Strauss François
Total sequence decomposition distinguishes functional modules, "molegos" in apurinic/apyrimidinic endonucleases

Author(s): Schein Catherine | Özgün Numan | Izumi Tadahide | Braun Werner
A microfluorometric method for quantifying RNA and DNA in terrestrial insects

Author(s): M. Kyle | T. Watts | J. Schade | J.J. Elser
Sodium nitroprusside and peroxynitrite effect on hepatic DNases: an in vitro and in vivo study

Author(s): Kocic Gordana | Pavlovic Dusica | Pavlovic Radmila | Nikolic Goran | Cvetkovic Tatjana | Stojanovic Ivana | Jevtovic Tatjana | Kocic Radivoj | Sokolovic Dusan
The Prader-Willi syndrome murine imprinting center is not involved in the spatio-temporal transcriptional regulation of the Necdin gene

Author(s): Watrin Françoise | Le Meur Elodie | Roeckel Nathalie | Ripoche Marie-Anne | Dandolo Luisa | Muscatelli Françoise
Control of scabies, skin sores and haematuria in children in the Solomon Islands: another role for ivermectin

Author(s): Lawrence Gregor | Leafasia Judson | Sheridan John | Hills Susan | Wate Janet | Wate Christine | Montgomery Janet | Pandeya Nirmala | Purdie David
Analysis of the CCR3 promoter reveals a regulatory region in exon 1 that binds GATA-1

Author(s): Zimmermann Nives | Colyer Jessica | Koch Laura | Rothenberg Marc
Comparing protocols for preparation of DNA-free total yeast RNA suitable for RT-PCR

Author(s): Del Aguila Eduardo | Dutra Marcio | Silva Joab | Paschoalin Vânia
Easy and rapid method for the determination of gene expression in cumulus cells incubated for oocyte maturation

Author(s): Kumamoto Kanako | Wang Haifeng | Yamashiro Hideaki | Terada Takato
The association between telomerase activity and expression of its RNA component (hTR) in breast cancer patients: the importance of DNase treatment

Author(s): Hosseini-Asl Saied | Modarressi Mohammad | Atri Morteza | Salhab Mohamed | Mokbel Kefah | Mehdipour Parvin
Sp1/Sp3 and DNA-methylation contribute to basal transcriptional activation of human podoplanin in MG63 versus Saos-2 osteoblastic cells

Author(s): Hantusch Brigitte | Kalt Romana | Krieger Sigurd | Puri Christina | Kerjaschki Dontscho
Evolutionary hierarchies of conserved blocks in 5'-noncoding sequences of dicot rbcS genes

Author(s): Weeks Katie | Chuzhanova Nadia | Donnison Iain | Scott Ian
Exploring cellular memory molecules marking competent and active transcriptions

Author(s): Xin Li | Zhou Guo-Ling | Song Wei | Wu Xue-Song | Wei Gong-Hong | Hao De-Long | Lv Xiang | Liu De-Pei | Liang Chih-Chuan
Progressive loss of CD3 expression after HTLV-I infection results from chromatin remodeling affecting all the CD3 genes and persists despite early viral genes silencing

Author(s): Akl Haidar | Badran Bassam | Dobirta Gratiela | Manfouo-Foutsop Germain | Moschitta Maria | Merimi Makram | Burny Arsène | Martiat Philippe | Willard-Gallo Karen
Identification and characterization of PhoP regulon members in Yersinia pestis biovar Microtus

Author(s): Li Yingli | Gao He | Qin Long | Li Bei | Han Yanping | Guo Zhaobiao | Song Yajun | Zhai Junhui | Du Zongmin | Wang Xiaoyi | Zhou Dongsheng | Yang Ruifu
Type III Mixed Cryoglobulinemia and Antiphospholipid Syndrome in a Patient With Partial DiGeorge Syndrome

Author(s): Alice D. Chang | Raffi Tachdjian | Kerry Gallagher | Deborah K. McCurdy | Charles Lassman | E. Richard Stiehm | Ora Yadin
Evaluation of protamines 1 and 2 transcript contents in spermatozoa from asthenozoospermic men.

Author(s): Bartosz Kempisty | Magdalena Depa-Martynow | Margarita Lianeri | Piotr Jedrzejczak | Agnieszka Darul-Wasowicz | Paweł P Jagodzinski
A comparative study of streptococal infection in children with PANDAS: a case-control study

Author(s): Noorbakhsh S | Ebrahimi Taj F | Shirazi E | Shamshiri AR | Tabatabaei A
Cell death induction by Streptococcus pyogenes in four types of malignant cell lines

Author(s): Zahra Eslami-Nejad | Noureddi Nematollahi-Mahanin | Fereshteh Saffari | Hamid Mollaii | S. Ali Mohammad Arabzadeh
DNase I levels and disease outcome in JIA patients treated with etanercept

Author(s): Lazarević D | Vojinović J | Sušić G | Damjanov N | Bašić J
A rapid in situ procedure for determination of bacterial susceptibility or resistance to antibiotics that inhibit peptidoglycan biosynthesis

Author(s): Santiso Rebeca | Tamayo María | Gosálvez Jaime | Bou Germán | Fernández María del Carmen | Fernández José
Monitoring the effects of exposure to lead and cadmium in working and living environment through standard biochemical blood parameters and liver endonucleases activity

Author(s): Nikolić Ružica S. | Jovanović Jasmina M. | Kocić Gordana M. | Cvetković Tatjana P. | Stojanović Svetlana R. | Anđelković Tatjana D. | Krstić Nenad S.
Proteolytic antibodies in the sera of pregnant women: a case control study

Author(s): Rahimzadeh jahromi M, Mirshahi M, Shamsipour F, Mohamadi M
The role of group A beta hemolytic streptococcal infections in patients with tic and tourett's disorders

Author(s): Noorbakhsh S | Jalili B | Shamshiri AR | Shirazi E | Tabatabaei A | Taghipour R | Modares Fathi A
Antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolated from milk in the Mafikeng Area, North West province, South Africa

Author(s): Collins N. Ateba | Moses Mbewe | Modisane S. Moneoang | Cornelius C. Bezuidenhout
Multicomponent synthesis of artificial nucleases and their RNase and DNase activity

Author(s): Anton V. Gulevich | Lyudmila S. Koroleva | Olga V. Morozova | Valentina N. Bakhvalova | Vladimir N. Silnikov | Valentine G. Nenajdenko
Diversity of hydrolytic enzymes in haloarchaeal strains isolated from salt lake

Author(s): A. Makhdoumi Kakhki | M. A. Amoozegar | E. Mahmodi Khaledi
Concordant and opposite roles of DNA-PK and the "facilitator of chromatin transcription" (FACT) in DNA repair, apoptosis and necrosis after cisplatin

Author(s): Sand-Dejmek Janna | Adelmant Guillaume | Sobhian Bijan | Calkins Anne | Marto Jarrod | Iglehart Dirk | Lazaro Jean-Bernard
Role of the SaeRS two-component regulatory system in Staphylococcus epidermidis autolysis and biofilm formation

Author(s): Lou Qiang | Zhu Tao | Hu Jian | Ben Haijing | Yang Jinsong | Yu Fangyou | Liu Jingran | Wu Yang | Fischer Adrien | Francois Patrice | Schrenzel Jacques | Qu Di
Receptor-mediated gene delivery by folic acid-modified stearic acid-grafted chitosan micelles

Author(s): Du Y | Cai L | Li J | Zhao M | Chen F | Yuan H | Hu F
New tumor-targeted nanosized delivery carrier for oligonucleotides: characteristics in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Zhou T | Jia X | Li H | Wang J | Zhang H | A Y | Zhang ZZ
Treatment of Streptozotocine Induced Diabetes Mellitus in Male Rats by Immunoisolated Transplantation of Purified Langerhans Islet Cells

Author(s): A. Akbarzadeh | D. Noruzian | SH. Jamshidi | A. Farhangi | M.R. Mehrabi | B. Lame Rad | M. Mofidian | A. Allahverdi
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