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Stationary Interference Cancellation in Upstream Coordinated DSL Using a Turbo-MMSE Receiver

Author(s): Issam Wahibi | Meryem Ouzzif | Jérôme Le Masson | Samir Saoudi
Domain Specific Languages

Author(s): Aruna Raja | Devika Lakshmanan
Crosstalk Channel Estimation via Standardized Two-Port Measurements

Author(s): Fredrik Lindqvist | Neiva Lindqvist | Boris Dortschy | Per Ödling | Per Ola Börjesson | Klas Ericson | Evaldo Pelaes
Exon 6 of human JAG1 encodes a conserved structural unit

Author(s): Pintar Alessandro | Guarnaccia Corrado | Dhir Somdutta | Pongor Sándor
Impact of Crosstalk Channel Estimation on the DSM Performance for DSL Networks

Author(s): Neiva Lindqvist | Fredrik Lindqvist | Marcio Monteiro | Boris Dortschy | Evaldo Pelaes | Aldebaro Klautau
Case series report of clear aligner and low-friction self-ligating brackets.

Author(s): Effimia Koumpia | Vassilis Karagiannis | Orhan C. Tuncay
A Dual Decomposition Approach to Partial Crosstalk Cancelation in a Multiuser DMT-xDSL Environment

Author(s): Jan Vangorp | Paschalis Tsiaflakis | Marc Moonen | Jan Verlinden | Geert Ysebaert
An Architecture for Interactive Target-Oriented e/m-Learning Systems

Author(s): Cristina De Castro | Giacomo Leonardi | Paolo Toppan
The Layer-Independent Descriptor Concept

Author(s): Attila Takács | Ákos Kovács | István Gódor | Franz Kalleitner | Hermann Brand | Marcus Ek | Tomas Stefansson | Frank Sjöberg
Essay on Semantics Definition in MDE - An Instrumented Approach for Model Verification

Author(s): Benoît Combemale | Xavier Crégut | Pierre-Loïc Garoche | Xavier Thirioux
An Evolutionary Algorithm for Improved Diversity in DSL Spectrum Balancing Solutions

Author(s): Johelden Bezerra | Aldebaro Klautau | Marcio Monteiro | Evaldo Pelaes | Eduardo Medeiros | Boris Dortschy
Complex behaviour and predictability of the European dry spell regimes

Author(s): X. Lana | M. D. Martínez | C. Serra | A. Burgueño
Detection of insulin-like growth factor binding proteins (IGFBPs) in porcine serum

Author(s): Masnikosa Romana | Baričević Ivona | Lagundžin Dragana | Nedić Olgica
Speech Quality Requirements over DSL Networks

Author(s): Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary
Studies on mechanisms of interferon-gamma action in pancreatic cancer using a data-driven and model-based approach

Author(s): Lange Falko | Rateitschak Katja | Fitzner Brit | Pöhland Ralf | Wolkenhauer Olaf | Jaster Robert
Partial Crosstalk Cancellation for Upstream VDSL

Author(s): Piet Vandaele | Tom Bostoen | Katleen Van Acker | George Ginis | Marc Moonen | Raphael Cendrillon
Integration of Application Business Logic and Business Rules with DSL and AOP

Author(s): Hnatkowska Bogumiła | Kasprzyk Krzysztof
Securing Bandwidth Request Messages in Wimax

Author(s): Kaushik Adhikary | Rajinder Kumar | Amit Kumar
Characterization of Porosity in a Laser Sintered MMCp Using X-Ray Synchrotron Phase Contrast Microtomography

Author(s): Emmanuelle Girardin | Chiara Renghini | Jack Dyson | Vittorio Calbucci | Francesca Moroncini | Gianni Albertini
Partial Crosstalk Cancellation for Upstream VDSL

Author(s): Cendrillon Raphael | Moonen Marc | Ginis George | Van Acker Katleen | Bostoen Tom | Vandaele Piet
ADSL Transceivers Applying DSM and Their Nonstationary Noise Robustness

Author(s): den Bogaert Etienne Van | Bostoen Tom | Verlinden Jan | Cendrillon Raphael | Moonen Marc
Spectrally Compatible Iterative Water Filling

Author(s): Verlinden Jan | Bogaert Etienne Vanden | Bostoen Tom | Zanier Francesca | Luise Marco | Cendrillon Raphael | Moonen Marc
The Normalized-Rate Iterative Algorithm: A Practical Dynamic Spectrum Management Method for DSL

Author(s): Statovci Driton | Nordström Tomas | Nilsson Rickard
Near-Capacity Coding for Discrete Multitone Systems with Impulse Noise

Author(s): Ardakani Masoud | Kschischang Frank R | Yu Wei
A Dual Decomposition Approach to Partial Crosstalk Cancelation in a Multiuser DMT-xDSL Environment

Author(s): Vangorp Jan | Tsiaflakis Paschalis | Moonen Marc | Verlinden Jan | Ysebaert Geert
Selective Iterative Waterfilling for Digital Subscriber Lines

Author(s): Xu Yang | Le-Ngoc Tho | Panigrahi Saswat
An Evolutionary Algorithm for Improved Diversity in DSL Spectrum Balancing Solutions

Author(s): Bezerra Johelden | Klautau Aldebaro | Monteiro Marcio | Pelaes Evaldo | Medeiros Eduardo | Dortschy Boris
Impact of Crosstalk Channel Estimation on the DSM Performance for DSL Networks

Author(s): Lindqvist Neiva | Lindqvist Fredrik | Monteiro Marcio | Dortschy Boris | Pelaes Evaldo | Klautau Aldebaro
Remote Reporting in Radiology: characteristics and problems

Author(s): Mehdi Yousefi | Ali Hekmatnia | Afshin Niakan
Molecular Characterization and Tandem Mass Spectrometry of the Lectin Extracted from the Seeds of Dioclea sclerocarpa Ducke

Author(s): Jorge Luis Almeida Correia | Antônia Sâmia Fernandes do Nascimento | João Batista Cajazeiras | Ana Cláudia Silva Gondim | Ronniery Ilario Pereira | Bruno Lopes de Sousa | André Luiz Coelho da Silva | Wanius Garcia | Edson Holanda Teixeira | Kyria Santiago do Nascimento | Bruno Anderson Matias da Rocha | Celso Shiniti Nagano | Alexandre Holanda Sampaio | Benildo Sousa Cavada
Modeling And Comparison Study Of Modules In Open Source Lms Platforms With Cmapstool

Author(s): Carlos E. Montenegro-Marin | Juan Manuel Cueva-Lovelle | Oscar Sanjuan | Paulo A. Gaona-Garcia
Applications for IP Video Surveillance over the ITRI MTWAL

Author(s): Rui-Yen Chang | Hsin-Ta Chiao | Chin-Lung Lee | Yu-Cheng Chen

Author(s): Rajinder Kumar | Kaushik Adhikary | Mr.Rohit Vaid
Adaptation-Based Programming in Haskell

Author(s): Tim Bauer | Martin Erwig | Alan Fern | Jervis Pinto
SAGA: A DSL for Story Management

Author(s): Lucas Beyak | Jacques Carette
Building-Blocks for Performance Oriented DSLs

Author(s): Tiark Rompf | Arvind K. Sujeeth | HyoukJoong Lee | Kevin J. Brown | Hassan Chafi | Martin Odersky | Kunle Olukotun
An Assessment of WiMax Security

Author(s): Sanjay P. Ahuja | Nicole Collier
Prototyping the Semantics of a DSL using ASF+SDF: Link to Formal Verification of DSL Models

Author(s): Suzana Andova | Mark van den Brand | Luc Engelen
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