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Author(s): Florentina MOISESCU | Oana MIHAI
From Sensor to Observation Web with Environmental Enablers in the Future Internet

Author(s): Denis Havlik | Sven Schade | Zoheir A. Sabeur | Paolo Mazzetti | Kym Watson | Arne J. Berre | Jose Lorenzo Mon
Technological properties of latex and natural rubber of Hevea brasiliensis clones

Author(s): Moreno Rogério Manoel Biagi | Ferreira Mariselma | Gonçalves Paulo de Souza | Mattoso Luiz Henrique Capparelli
MiMiR: a comprehensive solution for storage, annotation and exchange of microarray data

Author(s): Navarange Mahendra | Game Laurence | Fowler Derek | Wadekar Vihar | Banks Helen | Cooley Nicola | Rahman Fatimah | Hinshelwood Justin | Broderick Peter | Causton Helen
Development and standardization of multiplexed antibody microarrays for use in quantitative proteomics

Author(s): Perlee LT | Christiansen J | Dondero R | Grimwade B | Lejnine S | Mullenix M | Shao W | Sorette M | Tchernev VT | Patel DD | Kingsmore SF
Standards-Based Reform of Mathematics Education

Author(s): Howley. A. | Larson, W. | Andrianaivo, S. | Rhodes, M. | Marged Howley, M.
Using Metadata to Build Geographic Information Sharing Environment on Internet

Author(s): Chih-hong Sun | Shyang-woei Lin | Han-wen Shaw
Quality control standards for the roots of Three Plumbago species

Author(s): Ariyanathan S | Saraswathy A | Rajamanickam G
Sources for contamination of rapeseed with benzo(a)pyrene

Author(s): Tys J. | Rybacki R. | Malczyk P.
QuaDoSta - a freely configurable system which facilitates multi-centric data collection for healthcare and medical research

Author(s): Jeschke, Elke | Schad, Friedemann | Pissarek, Jörg | Matthes, Burkhard | Albrecht, Ulrike | Matthes, Harald
Quantification of Bacterial tmRNA using in vitro Transcribed RNA Standards and Two-Step qRT-PCR

Author(s): Barry Glynn | Katrina Lacey | Joanna Reilly | Thomas Barry | Terry J. Smith | Majella Maher
Archetype-based conversion of EHR content models: pilot experience with a regional EHR system

Author(s): Chen Rong | Klein Gunnar | Sundvall Erik | Karlsson Daniel | Åhlfeldt Hans
Characterization of Primary Standards for Use in the HPLC Analysis of the Procyanidin Content of Cocoa and Chocolate Containing Products

Author(s): William J. Hurst | Bruce Stanley | Jan A. Glinski | Matthew Davey | Mark J. Payne | David A. Stuart
The concept of care

Author(s): Styliani Kotrotsiou | Theodosios Paralikas | Ioanna Papathanasiou | Eleni Lachana | Georgia Kiparisi | Andreas Risoulis
Suivi de la percolation du nitrate en terres cultivées par la technique lysimétrique

Author(s): Fonder N. | Deneufbourg M. | Vandenberghe C. | Xanthoulis D. | Marcoen JM.
The nurse’s academic formation for SUS in the perception of learning and teaching of the faculty of nursing/UERN

Author(s): Roberta Kaliny de Souza Costa | Francisco Arnoldo Nunes de Miranda
A simplified approach to calculate slurry production of growing pigs at farm level

Author(s): Stefano Schiavon | Matteo Dal Maso | Mirko Cattani | Franco Tagliapietra
Midwifery tutors' capacity and willingness to teach contraception, post-abortion care, and legal pregnancy termination in Ghana

Author(s): Voetagbe Gertrude | Yellu Nathaniel | Mills Joseph | Mitchell Ellen | Adu-Amankwah Amanda | Jehu-Appiah Koma | Nyante Felix
Design and Evaluation of Guar Gum Based Controlled Release Matrix Tablets of Zidovudine

Author(s): Amit.S.Yadav | Ashok Kumar P | Vinod R | Someshwara Rao B | Suresh V Kulkarni
Fungicidal Effects of Some Derivatives of 2-Ferrocenyl-Benzimidazoles: A Possible Template for Antifungal Drug Design

Author(s): Khaled H. Abu-Elteen | Raid J. Abdel-Jalil | Mawieh A. Hamad | M. Ghaleb | Khalid M. Khan | W. Voelter
Profil métallique tissulaire par ICP-MS chez des sujets décédés ICP-MS metals distribution in tissues of deceased individuals

Author(s): Goullé Jean-Pierre | Mahieu Loïc | Anagnostides Jean-Georges | Bouige Daniel | Saussereau Elodie | Guerbet Michel | Lacroix Christian
The Development of a Biochemical Profile of Acacia Honey by Identifying Biochemical Determinants of its Quality

Author(s): Liviu Alexandru MARGHITAS | Daniel Severus DEZMIREAN | Cristina Bianca POCOL | Marioara ILEA | Otilia BOBIS | Iosif GERGEN

Author(s): Marija Vratarić | Aleksandra Sudarić | Rezica Sudar | Tomislav Duvnjak | Draženka Jurković | Zorica Jurković

Author(s): András Szabó | Hedvig Fébel | Róbert Romváry | Péter Bogner
Effort-reward imbalance and its association with health among permanent and fixed-term workers

Author(s): Inoue Mariko | Tsurugano Shinobu | Nishikitani Mariko | Yano Eiji
數位學習標準與SCORM的發展 | Learning Technology Standards and SCORM

Author(s): 徐文杰、林沛傑 Wen-Jye Hsu、Pe-Chieh Lin
A conceptual framework for interprofessional shared decision making in home care: Protocol for a feasibility study

Author(s): Légaré France | Stacey Dawn | Brière Nathalie | Desroches Sophie | Dumont Serge | Fraser Kimberley | Murray Mary-Anne | Sales Anne | Aubé Denise
Implementation of workflow engine technology to deliver basic clinical decision support functionality

Author(s): Huser Vojtech | Rasmussen Luke | Oberg Ryan | Starren Justin
Recent advances in standards for collaborative Digital Anatomic Pathology

Author(s): Daniel Christel | Macary François | García Rojo Marcial | Klossa Jacques | Laurinavičius Arvydas | Beckwith Bruce | Della Mea Vincenzo
Content validity of manual spinal palpatory exams - A systematic review

Author(s): Najm Wadie | Seffinger Michael | Mishra Shiraz | Dickerson Vivian | Adams Alan | Reinsch Sibylle | Murphy Linda | Goodman Arnold
Clinical undergraduate training and assessment in primary health care: Experiences gained from Crete, Greece

Author(s): Belos George | Lionis Christos | Fioretos Michael | Vlachonicolis John | Philalithis Anastas
The Canadian Natural Health Products (NHP) regulations: industry perceptions and compliance factors

Author(s): Laeeque Hina | Boon Heather | Kachan Natasha | Cohen Jillian | D'Cruz Joseph
CMD: a Cotton Microsatellite Database resource for Gossypium genomics

Author(s): Blenda Anna | Scheffler Jodi | Scheffler Brian | Palmer Michael | Lacape Jean-Marc | Yu John | Jesudurai Christopher | Jung Sook | Muthukumar Sriram | Yellambalase Preetham | Ficklin Stephen | Staton Margaret | Eshelman Robert | Ulloa Mauricio | Saha Sukumar | Burr Ben | Liu Shaolin | Zhang Tianzhen | Fang Deqiu | Pepper Alan | Kumpatla Siva | Jacobs John | Tomkins Jeff | Cantrell Roy | Main Dorrie
Organ procurement organizations Internet enrollment for organ donation: Abandoning informed consent

Author(s): Woien Sandra | Rady Mohamed | Verheijde Joseph | McGregor Joan
LinkHub: a Semantic Web system that facilitates cross-database queries and information retrieval in proteomics

Author(s): Smith Andrew | Cheung Kei-Hoi | Yip Kevin | Schultz Martin | Gerstein Mark
Combustion Analysis of a CI Engine Performance Using Waste Cooking Biodiesel Fuel with an Artificial Neural Network Aid

Author(s): Gholamhassan NAJAFI, Barat GHOBADIAN, Talal F YUSAF and Hadi RAHIMI
Sequencing of contents and learning objects

Author(s): Zapata Ros, Miguel
Sequencing of contents and learning objects - part II

Author(s): Miguel Zapata Ros | Nora Lizenberg
Impact of Climate Change on Water Supply of Winter Wheat in Bulgaria

Author(s): Vesna Georgieva | Milena Moteva | Valentin Kazandjiev
Encyclopedia of Information Ethics and Security

Author(s): Reviewed by Yavuz AKBULUT
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur demiray
Decentralized Data Sharing of Tissue Microarrays for Investigative Research in Oncology

Author(s): Wenjin Chen | Cristina Schmidt | Manish Parashar | Michael Reiss | David J. Foran
Identification and Quantitation of Flavanols and Proanthocyanidins in Foods: How Good are the Datas?

Author(s): Mark A. Kelm | John F. Hammerstone | Harold H. Schmitz
Progress in Establishing Common Standards for Exchanging Proteomics Data: The Second Meeting of the HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative

Author(s): Sandra Orchard | Paul Kersey | Weimin Zhu | Luisa Montecchi-Palazzi | Henning Hermjakob | Rolf Apweiler
Factor Analysis in Assessing the Research Methodology Quality of Systematic Reviews

Author(s): Andrada Elena URDA-CÎMPEAN | Tudor DRUGAN | Andrei ACHIMAŞ-CADARIU
Exploring levels of performance using the mixture Rasch model for standard setting

Author(s): Hong Jiao | Robert W. Lissitz | George Macready | Shudong Wang | Senfeng Liang
The social representation about handicapped students in inclusive education: the view of children

Author(s): Karina Mendonça Vasconcellos | Maria de Fátima Souza Santos | Angela Maria Oliveira Almeida
Perception of consent among dental professionals

Author(s): Shaila Tahir | Farkhanda Ghafoor | Shaheena Nusarat | Amanullah Khan
Evaluating the Microbial Content of the Drinking Water in Rural Areas of Tehran Province

Author(s): R Nabizadeh | K Naddafi | M Mohebbi | M Yonesian | A.M Mirsepasi | S Oktaie

Author(s): Viorica Popescu | Alina Soceanu | Simona Dobrinas | Danut Tiberiu Epure
Effectiveness of the GAEC standard of cross compliance Crop rotations in maintaining organic matter levels in soils

Author(s): Lamberto Borrelli | Salvatore Colecchia | Antonio Troccoli | Sarah Caradonna | Rossella Papini | Domenico Ventrella | Maria Teresa Dell'Abate | Carlo Galeffi | Cesare Tomasoni | Roberta Farina
Effectiveness of the GAEC cross-compliance standard Ploughing in good soil moisture conditions in soil structure protection

Author(s): Maria Teresa Dell'Abate | Paolo Bazzoffi | Arianna Ciancaglini | Rosa Francaviglia | Carlo Galeffi | Rosario Napoli | Ulderico Neri | Bruno Pennelli
Influence of Freezing Upon Spruce Wood Properties

Author(s): Maria Bernadett SZMUTKU | Wilhelm LAURENZI | Codrin CODREAN

Author(s): Farshid Sarrafzadeh-Rezaei
Efficient 1H-NMR Quantitation and Investigation of N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine (GlcNAc) and N,N'-Diacetylchitobiose (GlcNAc)2 from Chitin

Author(s): Fu-Chien Liu | Chung-Ren Su | Tzi-Yi Wu | Shyh-Gang Su | Huey-Lang Yang | John Han-You Lin | Tian-Shung Wu
Analysis of the construct of dignity and content validity of the patient dignity inventory

Author(s): Albers Gwenda | Pasman H Roeline | Rurup Mette | de Vet Henrica | Onwuteaka-Philipsen Bregje
Perspectives of Semantic Web in E Commerce

Author(s): B. VijayaLakshmi | A. GauthamiLatha | Y. Srinivas | K. Rajesh
Metadata Extended Model Based On Geological Domain Ontology

Author(s): Ying HUANG | Mingqiang GUO | Xiangang LUO | Zhong XIE
Electronic records long term authenticity and integrity demonstration

Author(s): Helena Halas | Jerman Blažič, Aljoša
Towards An XML-Based Normalization for Healthcare Data Exchanges

Author(s): I. E. Azami | M. M.O. Cherkaoui | C. Tahon
Combustion Analysis of a CI Engine Performance Using Waste Cooking Biodiesel Fuel with an Artificial Neural Network Aid

Author(s): Gholamhassan NAJAFI | Barat GHOBADIAN | Talal F. YUSAF | Hadi RAHIMI
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