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High Throughput Multipliers Using Delay Equalization

Author(s): Alka Raj | N.Kayalvizhi
Perl module and PISE wrappers for the integrated analysis of sequence data and SNP features

Author(s): Jayashree B | BhanuPrakash A | Jami Anusha | Reddy P Srinivasa | Nayak Spurthi | Varshney Rajeev
Partitioning and Scheduling DSP Applications with Maximal Memory Access Hiding

Author(s): Yuke Wang | Edwin Hsing-Mean Sha | Zhong Wang
Pipelining Architecture of AES Encryption and Key Generation with Search Based Memory

Author(s): Subashri T | Arunachalam R | Gokul Vinoth Kumar B | Vaidehi V
Parallel Test Task Scheduling on Multi Core Platform

Author(s): A.A.Deshmukh | S.A.Kulkarni
Database Management Systems

Author(s): Aparajitha.R.S.V | Kavitha M.K | Monisha T.R.P | Pavithra T.S.B | Vinoth Raja P
Design and implementation of an Asynchronous Controller for FPGA Based Asynchronous Systems

Author(s): T.N.Prabakar | G. Lakshminarayanan | K.K.Anilkumar
SADI, SHARE, and the in silico scientific method

Author(s): Wilkinson Mark | McCarthy Luke | Vandervalk Benjamin | Withers David | Kawas Edward | Samadian Soroush
A Biomimetic Haptic Sensor

Author(s): Martin J. Pearson | Ian Gilhespy | Chris Melhuish | Ben Mitchinson | Mokhtar Nibouche | Anthony G. Pipe | Tony J. Prescott
Computation acceleration on SGI RASC: FPGA based reconfigurable computing hardware

Author(s): Ernest Jamro | Marcin Janiszewski | Krzysztof Machaczek | Pawel Russek | Kazimierz Wiatr | Maciej Wielgosz
BioMoby extensions to the Taverna workflow management and enactment software

Author(s): Kawas Edward | Senger Martin | Wilkinson Mark
High-Performance Long NoC Link Using Delay-Insensitive Current-Mode Signaling

Author(s): Ethiopia Nigussie | Teijo Lehtonen | Sampo Tuuna | Juha Plosila | Jouni Isoaho
Wave Pipelining Using Self Reset Logic

Author(s): Miguel E. Litvin | Samiha Mourad
Partitioning and Scheduling DSP Applications with Maximal Memory Access Hiding

Author(s): Wang Zhong | Sha Edwin Hsing-Mean | Wang Yuke
Analysis of WavePipelined Architecture of ARALDPC Codes

Author(s): M. Anbuselvi | S.Salivahanan | P. Saravanan
Analyzing and Comparing the Parsing Techniques of Asynchronous Message

Author(s): P. Krishna Sankar | N. P. Shangaranarayanee
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