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Psychological Contract and Knowledge Sharing among Academicians: Mediating Role of Relational Social Capital

Author(s): Nor Liza Abdullah | Noradiva Hamzah | Rasidah Arshad | Rosmah Mat Isa | Rohayu Abd. Ghani
Preserving the Privacy and Sharing the Data Using Classification on Perturbed Data

Author(s): B. V. HARITA | P.G.Chaitanya | R.L.Diwakar
A Wide Scale Survey on Botnet

Author(s): Amit Kumar Tyagi | G.Aghila
Enhanced Link based Congestion Control 'ELCC' in PeertoPeer 'P2P' based Video on Demand 'VoD' System

Author(s): Arockia Xavier Annie R. | Vanitha Sheba M. | Yogesh P.
A Comparison of Trojan Virus Behavior in Linux and Windows Operating System

Author(s): Ghossoon. M. W. Al-Saadoon | Hilal M.Y. Al-Bayatt
Creative Commons licenses and the non-commercial condition: Implications for the re-use of biodiversity information

Author(s): Gregor Hagedorn | Daniel Mietchen | Robert Morris | Donat Agosti | Lyubomir Penev | Walter Berendsohn | Donald Hobern
Register-Transfer Synthesis of Pipelined Data Paths

Author(s): Nohbyung Park | Fadi J. Kurdahi
Intrusion Detection System Inside Grid Computing Environment (IDS-IGCE)

Author(s): Basappa B. Kodada | Ramesh Nayak | Raghavendra Prabhu | Suresha D
Education for All: Issues and Challenges: The Case for Zimbabwe

Author(s): Bukaliya Richard and Mubika Augustine Kudakwashe
Investigating the Relationship Between Knowledge Sharing Strategies and Organizational Excellence Pillars

Author(s): Abeer Hmoud AL-Faouri | Subhasish Dasgupta | Mohammed Mufaddy Al-Kasasbeh
Smart Card Security; Technology and Adoption

Author(s): Hamed Taherdoost | Shamsul Sahibuddin | Neda Jalaliyoon
K-GATE Ontology Driven Knowledge Based System for Decision Support

Author(s): Ladislav Burita | Pavel Gardavsky | Tomas Vejlupek
Is There Rent Sharing in Italy? Evidence from Employer-Employee Data

Author(s): Alessia Matano | Paolo Naticchioni
Redetermination of kovdorskite, Mg2PO4(OH)·3H2O

Author(s): Shaunna M. Morrison | Robert T. Downs | Hexiong Yang
A Web Service-Based Framework Model for People-Centric Sensing Applications Applied to Social Networking

Author(s): David Nunes | Thanh-Dien Tran | Duarte Raposo | André Pinto | André Gomes | Jorge Sá Silva
Policy, Perception and Health Care Utilization in Myanmar

Author(s): Soe Moe | Daw Khin Saw Naing
Knowledge acquisition, semantic text mining, and security risks in health and biomedical informatics

Author(s): Jingshan Huang | Dejing Dou | Jiangbo Dang | J Harold Pardue | Xiao Qin | Jun Huan | William T Gerthoffer | Ming Tan

Author(s): Jahnvi Sen | A.M. Sen | K. Hemachandran

A revisited gravity equation in trade flow analysis: an application to the case of Tunisian olive oil exports

Author(s): A. M. Angulo | N. Mtimet | B. Dhehibi | M. Atwi | O. Ben Youssef | J. M. Gil | M. B. Sai
Dynamic Real Time Distributed Sensor Network Based Database Management System Using XML, JAVA and PHP Technologies

Author(s): D. Sudharsan | J. Adinarayana | S. Ninomiya | M. Hirafuji | T. Kiura
Efficient Approximate Query Processing In P2P Network

Author(s): Amol P. Bhagat | P. P. Pawade | V. T. Gaikwad
Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Using Data Reconstruction Based Approach

Author(s): Kshitij Pathak | Narendra S. Chaudhari | Aruna Tiwari
Sharing Integrated Spatial and Thematic Data: The CRISOLA Case for Malta and the European Project Plan4all Process

Author(s): Saviour Formosa | Vincent Magri | Julia Neuschmid | Manfred Schrenk
Inter-religious Cooperation for HIV Prevention in Uganda: A Study among Muslim and Christian Youth in Wakiso District

Author(s): Magid Kagimu | David Guwatudde | Charles Rwabukwali | Sarah Kaye | Yusuf Walakira | Dick Ainomugisha
An exploratory study on medications in Qatar homes

Author(s): Kheir N | El Hajj MS | Wilbur K | Kaissi RML | Yousif A
Chat para diagnóstico clínico

Author(s): Evandro Eduardo Ruiz Seron | Marcelo dos Santos
Supporting Teacher Reflection through Online Discussion

Author(s): Jiening Ruan | Priscilla L. Griffith
A Logical Approach to Supporting Professional Learning Communities

Author(s): Laurie F. Ruberg | Meri Cummings | Debra C. B. Piecka | Chris Ruckman | Ralph Seward
Six Years of Lessons Learned in Monitoring and Evaluating Online Discussion Forums

Author(s): Megan Avila | Kavitha Nallathambi | Catherine Richey | Lisa Mwaikambo
Relacionamentos interorganizacionais horizontais e formação de valor em redes de agronegócios: o caso de uma rede de floriculturas

Author(s): Heron Sergio Moreira Begnis | Rejane Maria Alievi | Vania de Fátima Barros Estivalete
Strategy approach for eLearning 2.0 deployment in Universities

Author(s): Oskar Casquero | Javier Portillo | Ramón Ovelar | Jesús Romo | Manuel Benito

Author(s): Liji Merlin Kurian | Saiju Punnoose
A Novel Approach for Cheating Prevention through Visual Cryptographic Analysis

Author(s): Morampudi Naresh kumar | Datrika Srinivas Rao | D.Sravanthi
Recurrent Postpartum Eosinophilic Pneumonia Presenting as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Author(s): Elif Yılmazel Ucar | Omer Araz | Nafiye Yılmaz | Metin Akgun
Redetermination of eveite, Mn2AsO4(OH), based on single-crystal X-ray diffraction data

Author(s): Yongbo W. Yang | Ryan A. Stevenson | Alesha M. Siegel | Gordon W. Downs
Lithiomarsturite, LiCa2Mn2Si5O14(OH)

Author(s): Hexiong Yang | Robert T. Downs | Yongbo W. Yang
Understandings and social practices of medications for Zimbabwean households in New Zealand

Author(s): Stanley Kamutingondo | Shiloh Groot | Darrin Hodgetts | Linda Waimarie Nikora
Review of e-Government Policy and Outcomes in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Mohammed Ateeq Alanezi | Ahmad Kamil Mahmood | Shuib Basri
Passwords Selected by Hospital Employees: An Investigative Study

Author(s): B. Dawn Medlin | Ken Corley | B. Adriana Romaniello
Iranian nurses' perception of spirituality and spiritual care: a qualitative content analysis study

Author(s): Gholamreza Mahmoodishan | Fatemeh Alhani | Fazlollah Ahmadi | Anoshirvan Kazemnejad
Hiding Sensitive XML Association Rules With Supervised Learning Technique

Author(s): Khalid Iqbal | Dr. Sohail Asghar | Dr. Abdulrehman Mirza
Elective surgical referral guidelines - background educational material or essential shared decision making tool? A survey of GPs' in England

Author(s): Blundell Naomi | Taylor-Phillips Sian | Spitzer David | Martin Steven | Forde Ian | Clarke Aileen
De-identifying a public use microdata file from the Canadian national discharge abstract database

Author(s): Emam Khaled El | Paton David | Dankar Fida | Koru Gunes
The public goods hypothesis for the evolution of life on Earth

Author(s): McInerney James | Pisani Davide | Bapteste Eric | O'Connell Mary
Agile parallel bioinformatics workflow management using Pwrake

Author(s): Mishima Hiroyuki | Sasaki Kensaku | Tanaka Masahiro | Tatebe Osamu | Yoshiura Koh-ichiro
The BrainMap strategy for standardization, sharing, and meta-analysis of neuroimaging data

Author(s): Laird Angela | Eickhoff Simon | Fox P Mickle | Uecker Angela | Ray Kimberly | Saenz Juan | McKay D Reese | Bzdok Danilo | Laird Robert | Robinson Jennifer | Turner Jessica | Turkeltaub Peter | Lancaster Jack | Fox Peter
Hierarchical Parallelization of Gene Differential Association Analysis

Author(s): Needham Mark | Hu Rui | Dwarkadas Sandhya | Qiu Xing
The RICORDO approach to semantic interoperability for biomedical data and models: strategy, standards and solutions

Author(s): de Bono Bernard | Hoehndorf Robert | Wimalaratne Sarala | Gkoutos George | Grenon Pierre
Low-Power Embedded DSP Core for Communication Systems

Author(s): Tsao Ya-Lan | Chen Wei-Hao | Tan Ming Hsuan | Lin Maw-Ching | Jou Shyh-Jye
Towards Scalable MAC Design for High-Speed Wireless LANs

Author(s): Yuan Yuan | Arbaugh William A | Lu Songwu
An Energy-Efficient Framework for Multirate Query in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Chen Yingwen | Xu Ming | Wang Huai-min | Leong HongVa | Cao Jiannong | Chan KeithCC | Chan AlvinTS
Double-strand break repair processes drive evolution of the mitochondrial genome in Arabidopsis

Author(s): Davila Jaime | Arrieta-Montiel Maria | Wamboldt Yashitola | Cao Jun | Hagmann Joerg | Shedge Vikas | Xu Ying-Zhi | Weigel Detlef | Mackenzie Sally
An integrated systems biology approach to the study of preterm birth using "-omic" technology - a guideline for research

Author(s): Gracie Sara | Pennell Craig | Ekman-Ordeberg Gunvor | Lye Stephen | McManaman James | Williams Scott | Palmer Lyle | Kelley Maureen | Menon Ram | Gravett Michael
Opportunistic P2P Communications in Delay-Tolerant Rural Scenarios

Author(s): Castro MarcelC | Galluccio Laura | Kassler Andreas | Rametta Corrado
Interference-Aware Radio Resource Management for Local Area Wireless Networks

Author(s): Jänis Pekka | Koivunen Visa | Ribeiro CássioB
Bridging consent: from toll bridges to lift bridges?

Author(s): Budin-Ljøsne Isabelle | Tassé Anne | Knoppers Bartha | Harris Jennifer
Cooperative Mobile Web Browsing

Author(s): Perrucci GP | Fitzek FHP | Zhang Q | Katz MD
Cross-Layer Design in Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Systems

Author(s): Shadmand A | Nehra K | Shikh-Bahaei M
Chipster: user-friendly analysis software for microarray and other high-throughput data

Author(s): Kallio M Aleksi | Tuimala Jarno | Hupponen Taavi | Klemelä Petri | Gentile Massimiliano | Scheinin Ilari | Koski Mikko | Käki Janne | Korpelainen Eija
Reverse Redistribution Management

Author(s): Veronika Vitkova, Petr Tulach | Tomas Hladik
A Framework of Information Technology for Water Resources Management

Author(s): P.S.V.S. Sridhar | T. N. Jowhar | Anant Bhaskar Garg | U. Kedareswarudu
A Review of Cooperative Caching Strategies in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): P. Kuppusamy | K. Thirunavukkarasu | B. Kalaavathi

Study of Organizational Culture and Structure for Implementation of Knowledge Managent in Universities of Medical Sciences

Author(s): M Naghipour | F Azadeh | H Dargahi | SDJ Ghazi Mir Saedi | M Hasanzadeh | J Khansari
Concept of Supervision and Supervisory Practices at Primary Level in Pakistan

Author(s): Malik Ghulam Behlol | Muhammad Imran Yousuf | Qaisara Parveen | Muhammad Munir Kayani
Evaluation of Periodicals Journals and Community of Medical Sciences in Iran

Author(s): A Najari | SJ M. Ghazisaid | NR Ghorbani | RN Heidari
Grid Database - Management, OGSA and Integration

Author(s): Florentina Ramona PAVEL (EL BAABOUA)
Invited Speech: Workstations: Software Issues

Author(s): Paolo Inchingolo & Andrea Poli

Author(s): Cătălin LUPU | Valeriu LUPU | Petru ARCAN
Ensuring the security and privacy of information in mobile health-care communication systems

Author(s): Ademola O. Adesina | Kehinde K. Agbele | Ronald Februarie | Ademola P. Abidoye | Henry O. Nyongesa
Bilayer Beams and Relay Sharing based OFDMA Cellular Architecture

Author(s): Yanxiong Pan | Hui Han | Sihai Zhang | Wuyang Zhou
Sensitive Data Protection Based on Intrusion Tolerance in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Jingyu Wang | xuefeng Zheng | Dengliang Luo
Initiating learning in physical therapy care for women with urinary incontinence: difficulties presented by academia and proposals to overcome

Author(s): Cilene Volkmer | Marisa Monticelli | Kenya Schmidt Reibnitz | Odaléa Maria Brüggemann | Fabiana Flores Sperandio
A model of patient participation with chronic disease in nursing care

Author(s): Forough Rafii | Mohsen Soleimani | Naiemeh Seyedfatemi
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